Top 3 Best Mini Multi Tools

1Convenient for daily carry and use, mini multi tools will get you prepared for any unexpected problem and inconvenience that needs repair. Multi tools are very popular nowadays.

Aside from the standard size multi tool, mini multi tools has been invented. Mini multi tools measures approximately 1/3 size of the well-known standard multi tool. Lightweight and compact, mini multi tools provide extra ordinary help in your everyday life.

Before buying a mini multi tool, it is best to know how to choose one. Here are some of the considerations you may want to know in buying the best mini multi tool.

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Top 3 Best Mini Multi Tools Comparison

Let’s take a look on the top mini multi tools in the market today.

Leatherman – Squirt Ps4

Leatherman - Squirt

One of the best mini multi tool is the Squirt Ps4 made by Leatherman. This mini multi tool is made of an enhanced form of high carbon (HC) 420 stainless steel that functions in good form with high construction tooling. By the use of treatment, Leatherman optimized the 420 HC strength. Squirt Ps4 is also made of a solid anodized Aluminum 6061-T6. To reduce the weight, Leatherman makes use of this 6061-T6.

Squirt Ps4 is very handy yet it features 9 tools that are very good in helping you in times of need. This mini multi tools is consist of a medium screwdriver, wood and metal file, bottle opener, bottle opener, flat/Philips screwdriver and spring-action scissors. It also features a 420HC knife, spring-action wire cutters, spring-action regular pliers and spring-action needle nose pliers.

Leatherman takes extra ordinary measures in all its product so you can be assured that Squirt Ps4 will provide you many years of reliable service. In case it will not work well, Leatherman will either repair or replace the product. With 25 year warranty, Leatherman Squirt Ps4 is of great value.


Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool

Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool

This multi is a collaboration between The Gerber and Bear Grylls which are both expert in creating survival equipment.

Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool features a weather-resistant components and 10 stainless steel.

It contains 2 blades that are in full size, but it is still small which is suitable on your pocket or on a keychain. This mini multi tool was constructed as rugged type and its external features make it a dependable multi-tasker.

Weighing 3 ounce body, with a closed length of 2-1/2 inches and open length of 4-3/10 inches, this Compact multi tool will give you a total advantage of numerous functions. It includes tweezers, bottle opener, lanyard ring, small and medium flat drivers, Phillips driver, fine and serrated knives, wire cutters and not but not the least a needle nose pliers. Not just that, it also comes with useful priorities of survival mini guide which is loaded with surviving techniques.


SOG Specialty Knives & Tools CC51-CP

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools CC51-CP Cross Cut Multi-Tool

Specialty Knives & Tools CC51-CP made by SOG is one of the best mini multi tool you can find in 2016.

It is an accurate 10-tool device for the unexpected, personal care, clutching and cutting. You can bring this mini multi tools anywhere since it is compact and lightweight. This mini tool has an appealing satin appearance which is made of a 420 stainless steel.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools CC51-CP features 10 tools. This multi tool contains a ruler, pick, bottle opener, nail file and cleaner, tweezers, small and medium flat screwdrivers, a straight edge knife blade, and a spring-loaded scissors.

It also has a line hole and a protected clip add-on with loop closure and hook for additional compactness. With a closed length of 2.5-inches, SOG CC51-CP only weighs 1.7-ounces and a total length of 4 inches. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools CC51-CP offers a regulated for life warranty.

All SOG tools are created with the assistance of Spencer Frazer- the founder and chief engineer of SOG. Well-known for their flexible design and functioning, these tools and knives showcase modernization, reliability and only one of its kind, innovative design that has acquired recognition and awards globally.


What to look for?

  • Purpose

Multi tools can be used in string trimming, cutting, and removing old paint, smoothing and many more. Depending on the purpose and the type of activities you may need to use a mini multi tool, choose the best one that will fit and suit your need. Every manufacturer of multi tool offers a wide array of multi tool features. Always identify the possible scenarios you may need the help of a multi tool.

  • Quality

Several mini multi tools on the market today offers the best and one of a kind features. Look for a product which is made of a great material. A multi tools must be made of the best stainless steel which provides a reliable compact and light mini multi tool.

  • Size

Small but mighty. Compact and light which does not compromise the use of the features it offers to the user.

  • Simplicity to use

Always identify the most user friendly mini multi tool by checking and trying the features before buying it.

  • Mini multi tool reviews

Every reviews you will see in line with the product you may want to buy is very important. Reviewers on web already experienced the functions of the tools and it is very important to read them for guidance before buying the tool.


Mini multi tool is a great replacement for a standard multi tool. Although mini multi tool cannot exceed the use of a standard size multi tool, its construction is still in the best quality. You will still get the satisfaction on the most trusted brand multi tools as long as you pick the right and the best mini multi tool that suits your needs!

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