What is the Best Motorcycle Tent in 2021?

1Being on a motorcycle is like a bird, free and wild. Motorcycling is one of my dream hobbies where I can ride anywhere and just camp out at night when I need to.

If you have the same dream as mine, then know that among the things you need to prepare for your motorcycle camping is the top motorcycle tent.

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The Top 3 Best Motorcycle Tent Comparison

Here are some of the top motorcycle tents that you can bring on your next motorcycle camping activity.

Coleman Hooligan Tent

Coleman Hooligan Tent

What is the best motorcycle tent from Coleman? Being a known manufacturer and maker of quality and great tents, Coleman is also a great choice if you are looking for a motorcycle tent.

The Hooligan Tent from Coleman is a lightweight tent that is good for two people hence if you are on a motorcycle adventure with a friend; this tent is a great one to have.

Taking this with you on a motorcycle ride is also easy because it only have one pole. It features Coleman’s Weather Tec technology that promises to keep you dry with its full-length rain fly and large vestibule. This is a dual walled tent with the second wall made in mesh for optimum ventilation. For a price of less than $50 (click here for the price), you can now have a tent for your motorcycle camping needs.


High Peak Outdoors Hiker/Biker Tent

High Peak Outdoors Hiker/Biker Tent

Since touring different cities in motorcycles is very convenient and cheap, I always opt to travel with my motorcycle buddies. After hours of day driving, we always set up our motorcycle tents near beaches so we can rest and enjoy the silence of the night. Since we often don’t know where we will be staying for the night, having the best motorcycle tent is very important.

When I was still looking for a tent to buy, reading different motorcycle tent reviews was my guide and I found High Peak Outdoors’ Hiker/Biker Tent. This tent looks like a rain cover and functions as a rain cover too aside from being a tent. It can cover your bike including you and it is made of mesh inside for added ventilation.

This tent has a size of 84inches long x 36 inches wide x 42 inches tall. The generous space that it can cover includes your motorcycle’s cover hence you won’t have to worry about it getting wet at night. High Peak Outdoors’ Hiker/Biker Tent is easy to set up and just weighs 5 pounds. This can be yours for only $ (click here for the price).


Stansport “Scout” Backpack Tent

Stansport "Scout" Backpack Tent

The last best motorcycle tent that we have for you is the “Scout” Backpack Tent from Stansport. This greenish looking tent looks like a military tent. It has a price tag of $ (click here for the price) and although it has a classic tent look with it, it actually comes with a lot of features that motorcycle campers can take advantage of.

This motorcycle tent from Stansport is a three season tent and can fit two people. It comes with aluminum poles, sturdy and soli d yet very lightweight. It also comes with ropes and stakes for better and sturdier set-up. The top part of this tent is made of 8,000-millimeter-rated, polyurethane-coated nylon while the tent floor is made of rugged polyethylene. This motorcycle tent has a dimension of 54 by 36 by 78 inches (W x H x D) and can cover up to 29 square feet of space. It only weighs 3.8 pounds so you can easily bring it with you on your motorcycle as you cruise down the road.

What to consider in choosing the best motorcycle tent?

The size – since you are alone (or probably you have someone special to bring along with you during your motorcycle trips), a small tent will do. A one or two person tent, light and compact is the best tent to have in this occasions.

The material – tent material is very important especially since you don’t know where you will be camping and the weather in that location. A four season tent is good for this or those survival tents, of course they cost more than a regular camping tent. Materials that are waterproof and windproof are very essential and highly recommended here.

What you need to bring to make your motorcycle camping a success?

Aside from bringing in the best motorcycle tent, you also need to bring a sleeping bag and a mattress. There are camping tents though that have good tent floor and if you are a real cowboy, a mattress might not be needed at all.

It is also wise to have a map with you all the time so you can check where you are and the best place to camp at night. A gps is what I used to have when going camping alone. Having a full tank gas is also a must because we don’t know where we will end up so it is best to be prepared all the time. Lastly, don’t forget your food and some packs of beers to cheer you up at night!


Going on a motorcycle camping trip is not all about choosing the best motorcycle tent. It also includes choosing the best sleeping bag, best carry bag to bring and the stuff that you will have to take with you. motorcycle camping trip is one great way of giving the body some of the rest it needs from our busy day to day life activities hence if there is a chance to go on a motorcycle trip, take it and bring the best gear and luggage with you.

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