Top 4 Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks in 2021

Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing aspects amongst fishermen due to kayaks being cheaper than motorboats; they are much easier to store and transport. A best ocean fishing kayak provides the angler with a means to stealthily approach wary populations of fish that would otherwise be frightened by a larger fishing boat.

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It is important t note that the salt water environment is divided into protected waters such as sounds and estuaries, offshore water where pelagic blue species live, inshore waters located within sight of the coastline, and each ecosystem has different properties. Because each ecosystem presents different challenges, different kayaks are required to fish them effectively.

When fishing estuaries, mangrove swamps or salt marsh creeks, maneuverability is more important than speed. When in the offshore or inshore, seaworthiness and speed are very essential. This means that, the type of best ocean kayak for fishing will always vary depending on the type of ecosystem that you will be fishing in. So, what is the best ocean fishing kayak?

Top Ocean Fishing Kayaks Comparison

Let us try to write ocean fishing kayak reviews basing on maneuverability, speed, standing room, sitting room and outfitting.

Wilderness System Thresher 155

Wilderness System Thresher 155

This is a sit on top kayak which is specifically designed for fishing in open water. It is an excellent choice for fishing both inshore and offshore water because it has a combination of initial stability and excellent speed due to its suede hull design. With a weight of 80 lbs, it might be too heavy for those anglers who are small to load and unload without assistance.

Why Go For Wilderness System Thresher 155

It features wilderness system Phase 3 Airpro kayak seat which combined with adjustable foot braces enables an angler to sit comfortably in the kayak all day long.

It has wilderness system, removable flex pod OS center console, which also doubles as a hatch cover to provide for water access to the amidships storage compartment.

There are slide track equipment rails which are installed on either gunwale forward and aft of the seat

It has paddle park grooves molded into the gunwales just forward of the seat to provide a place to temporarily park your paddle without rolling around.

It has two molded storage compartments located just forward of the seat with mesh cover, though the center console does limit standing room to two narrow tacks on either side and the storage compartment place these tracks well forward of center.

It has a bow storage hood and the molded tank well in the stern is specifically designed to contain a cooler or live bait well and yet, still provide plenty of extra wet storage space though it does lack both a paddle keeper and an anchor trolley.

Features of the Wilderness System Thresher 155

  • Has phase 3 AirPro Sit On Top seat
  • It has an extra large keeper Foot Brace System
  • Bow Storage Hood
  • FlexPod OS Removable Console
  • Rectangular Center Hatch with Bungee and SlideTrax
  • Self Bailing Scupper Holes
  • SlideTrax
  • Gear Storage Pockets
  • It comes with two gear security strap and a tank well
  • SlideTrax Accessory System
  • Reflective static perimeter safety line
  • Rudder ready
  • Rigid carry handles
  • Paddle groove with bungee and bow cover strap

Specifications Wilderness System Thresher 155

  • The length is 15 feet 6 inches
  • The width is 30 inches
  • It is a sit on top ocean kayak
  • It has a capacity of 450 lbs


This is a high performance sit on top best ocean fishing kayak that every angler should go for. Its hull is efficient, and quick yet stable and predictable to handle the ever changing open water conditions. It has a deck which is modern and sleek with a thoughtful layout for the maximum gear, capacity, storage and specialty. According to the ocean fishing kayak reviews on Amazon, this is one of the best kayak.


Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5

Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5

This is a shorter kayak so if you want a shorter kayak, lets go and review it. It is good for both fishing offshore and inshore. At 14.5 feet, it is long enough to provide excellent speed and yet, with a beam of 30 inches, it has plenty of initial stability as well. In addition, with a weight of 70 lbs it is a bit lighter than most of the other kayaks. It features native watercraft’s extremely comfortable high – low kayak seat which incorporates a rigid, aluminium, frames that enables the angler to choose the lowest position for increased stability when paddling to their fishing destination and then switch to the high position for increased visibility once they arrive. In addition, it features a center console with plenty of room for mounting fishing electronics, but the center console does limit standing room for two narrow tracks on either side.

This kayak is one of the best ocean fishing kayak as it incorporates more pre-installed outfitting options. It has six groove tack equipment mounting rails mounted on both gunwales. In the stern, amidships and in the bow along with two recesses on either side of the seat for Plano tackle boxes as well as molded indents fore and aft of the seat and in the center console and a molded tank well in stern which is designed to contain a fishing crate or bait buckets as well as an open well as an open well in the bow for wet storage which can be covered with an optional hatch cover to create dry storage space. It also comes with cam lock paddle holders to complete the outfitting.

Specifications of Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5

  • It has a width of 30 feet 76 cm
  • It weighs 75 lbs 34 kg
  • It has a depth of 12 inches 30 cm
  • Capacity of 450 lbs
  • It is a sit on top ocean kayak

Features of Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5

  • Grooves
  • High low first class seat
  • Electronic console
  • Open bow hatch with optional hatch cover and scuppers
  • Quiet stable hull
  • Tag along wheel


This ocean kayak features an uncluttered deck perfect for fly fisherman with a multitude of customization options for anglers and recreational paddlers. This is the best ocean kayak for fishing.


Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7

Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7 amazon

It is one of the best ocean kayak for fishing both offshore and inshore waters. It has a Powler hull design which increases the volume in the bow for a drier ride and moderate amount of rocker combined with a built in skeg and a rudder system to aid in tracking. At 87 lbs, it may be too heavy for anglers with smaller bodies to lift onto and off a vehicle roof. Its length vs width makes it a fast kayak and yet moderately its wide beam provides plenty of initial stability. It has an ocean kayak comfort hybrid seat and adjustable foot braces for a day of comfort.

Standing in this kayak is limited to two narrow tracks on either side of the center console hatch cover. The ultra center console hatch cover does provide plenty of options for mounting fishing electronics and it also provides access to the in hull rod storage compartment. There is a storage compartment located behind the seat that can be used for storing an anchor or as a live bait well and the molded tank well is designed to accommodate the ocean kayak ice box storage pod. There are four rod holders, flush mounted, rod holders mounted on either gunwale forward and aft of the seat and there is a large hatch located in the bow for dry storage.

Specifications of Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7

  • Length is 15 feet 7 inches
  • Width is at 29.1 feet
  • Weight is at 87 lbs
  • It is a sit on top ocean kayak
  • It has a capacity of 450 lbs

Features of Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7

  • It is transducer compatible
  • Comfortable zone seat back
  • Ultra center hatch cover
  • Live bait well
  • 4 flush mounted rod holder
  • Molded in cup and bottle holders
  • Capacity 500 – 550 lbs
  • Weight is 77 lbs
  • Width 29.1 inches


Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7 is one of the best kayak for ocean fishing in the market. It has an efficient design which makes covering longer distances very fast as it has the speed too. It is loaded with several features which include a flush mount rod holder, a rudder, a deluxe seat. It also has an extra long tank well, which can be used to store catch or gear. Get one today.


Wilderness System Tarpon Angler 120

Wilderness System Tarpon Angler 120

This kayak has a relatively narrow beam that makes it a reasonable fast kayak that offers unsurpassed performance on lakes, oceans, rivers and seas. It adds comfort and is easy to adjust. It has a very large bungee tank well that allows for storage of the gear. This is important, especially during long hauls. It has two hatches for provision of dry storage below the deck. This is one of the best kayak for ocean fishing as it offers maneuverability and excellent glide which has great versatility for a kayak its size.

Why Go For the Wilderness System Tarpon Angler 120

  • It has tank well with bungee
  • It has orbix bow and midship hatches
  • It has keepers foot brace system
  • It has drain plug
  • It has self bailing scupper holes
  • Feel Free Moken 14

Specifications of Wilderness System Tarpon Angler 120

  • Its cockpit length is 52 inches
  • Its cockpit width is 20 inches
  • Its width is 30 inches
  • It has a maximum capacity of 350 lbs
  • It has a deck height of 13.75 inches
  • It weighs 63 lbs


It is worth the cost pegged on it. The only drawback it has is it lacks unobstructed standing room and does not have a paddle keeper and an anchor trolley. Otherwise the rest of the features for a best kayak for ocean fishing are in place.


What To Look For in A Best Ocean Kayak

First of all, before you choose a best ocean fishing kayak, decide on whether you want a sit on top or a sit in kayak. While it is true that sit in kayaks provide the angler with some protection from some elements and have a lower center of gravity and thus have greater secondary stability, sit on top kayaks are the favorite of most anglers due to them having a high degree of initial stability and they enable the paddler to easily come in and out in the event of capsizing.

It should also be good to note that, before deciding on the best ocean kayak for fishing, shorter kayaks are easier to maneuver as compared to long ones but then, they have the disadvantage of being slower. On the other hand, wide kayaks have greater initial stability than narrow ones, but when it comes to secondary stability, they are less stable thus making them to be less stable in rough seas and steep swells. Narrow kayaks have greater secondary stability thus making them to have less tendency to roll and pitch in heavy seas but are more difficult to keep upright due to their lesser degree of initial stability.

Comfortability of the seat is very important. You need to be very comfortable on the seat and be able to have plenty of foot room for standing up while fishing. Look for a kayak that has a good outfitting with plenty or pre-installed equipment mounts and both an anchor trolley to enable you to deploy a kayak anchor for the times you are stationary and a paddle keeper to keep your paddle contained when fishing.

Hatches are very important. Look for hatches or center console that provide in-hull rod storage as well as dry storage for extra clothing, food and water. Consider the physical weight of the kayak and determine whether or not you will be able to fit it onto and off the roof of your vehicle or if you will need a trailer to haul it to and from your destination.

Get an ocean kayak for fishing that you know will work well for you. Read the ocean fishing kayak reviews and get one that has the features you are looking or and is worth the cost.

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