Top 3 Best Propane Camp Stoves

Propane Campng StoveThe best propane camp stove that you can bring is something that is light, easy to use and leaves no trace after using it.

One small mistake in a camping area involving fire can lead to disasters like wild fire and forest fires hence it is very important to bring the safest and reliable camp stove only.

What to consider when choosing a camp stove?

There are two types of stoves, one that is canister fueled and one that is liquid fueled. There are other stoves available in the market today that offers alternative fuel options as well but the price can be a bit higher. Other considerations that campers have to think of are the type of cooking they are planning to do.

Is it mainly for boiling and heating water or they need something for gourmet cooking? Any of the propane camp stove that we have in the market today can do these things for you and if you are looking to purchase one, here are some of the options that you can have.

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The 3 Best propane camp stove reviews

Here are some of the 3 top propane camping stoves that you can find in the market today.

Coleman Classic Propane Stove

Coleman Classic Propane Stove

The Coleman Classic Propane Stove is one of the highest rated propane camping stoves from Coleman so far. Coleman has a lot of camp stoves to offer but if you are looking for a propane stove, this classic propane powered stove is worth checking out.

The Coleman Classic Propane Stove has a tag price of $ (click here for the price). This camp stove comes with wind block system that keeps the burners from firing even if the wind around is strongly blowing. This wind block system is adjustable to accommodate the size of the pan you are using for cooking. This  camp stove from Coleman also features PerfectFlow technology that keeps the fire even and consistent regardless of the weather condition where you are cooking.

Coleman also employed its PerfectHeat(TM) technology in making this camp stove to make sure that you can cook your food efficiently and with less fuel needed. This camp stove consumes 20,000 total BTUs of cooking power and can fit both 12 and 10 inches pan at the same time. This is a two-burner propane camp stove so if you are in a hurry of preparing the gang’s lunch, this is what you need! The two burners are independent of each other. The camp stove itself is made of chrome plated grate that is removable and highly durable. With the Coleman Classic Propane Stove, there is no reason for you now to eat cold packed lunches when having outdoor activities.


GasOne Portable Gas Stove

GasOne GS-3000 Portable Gas Stove

GasOne  is a known  seller of outdoor products and if you want to know what is the best propane camping stove from GasOne, that would be the Portable Gas Stove they sell for only $ (click here for the price).

GasOne Portable Gas Stove is the top rated propane camp stove for me and the safest as it passed both the US & Canadian Standards Association of being a safe camp stove.

This is CSA approved, easy to use and easy to carry because of its portable design. GasOne Portable Gas Stove is a piezo type electric starter hence starting it is very easy. It is very safe to use because of its auto shut off system. This camp stove can produce 9,000 BTU/Hr.


GkGk Camping Stove

GkGk Camping Stove

The last item on our propane camping stove reviews list is the Camping Stove from GkGk. This camping stove from GkGk is very affordable at $ (click here for the price).

This camp stove is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. It can stand and survive extreme heat and it comes in very practical design to make packing it easier.

This camp stove is collapsible and you can pack it with GkGk pans and pot so you can bring it all at one, compact and practical. The GkGk Camping Stove package comes with two pots hence you don’t have to worry about where to cook once you got your camping stove.

This camp stove also honors the ‘leave no trace’ policy among mountaineers and hikers hence for its performance, use and price, I can say that GkGk Camping Stove is the best propane camp stove in the market that you can find today. This product has dimension of 5.3 x 0 x 0 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds only.



Different propane camp stove reviews always warn campers of responsible cooking and usage of their camp stove. It is best to cook outside or in the middle of the camp and not inside your tent because of strong winds outside. Most camp stoves are windproof now days or designed with protection against strong winds. Before lighting up your camp stove, check for any gas leaks as well and if possible, always use lids when cooking. If you are using a fuel powered camp stove, do not fill it to the brim. Give the fuel some space to breathe to avoid building pressure inside the canister.

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