What is the Best Scope for SCAR 17?

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There’s no denying that the semi-auto civilian version of the SCAR-H is a good gun. It has a short-stroke recoil system which means cleaner operation and less carbon emission than the AR-15, and it feels much lighter. For the special operations marksman, the SCAR 17 is a robust weapon that combines the ergonomics of an assault rifle with long-range capabilities when paired with a quality optic.

When it comes to optics for firearms, it’s essential to ensure they can withstand recoil to maintain their calibration. Additionally, they should be versatile enough to accommodate the gun’s transitions between close-quarters combat and long-range shooting. Here’s our guide on the 4 best scopes for SCAR 17.

4 Best SCAR 17 Scope Reviews

Aimpoint Micro

Aimpoint Micro for Scar 17

The Aimpoint Micro is an excellent choice for those seeking a compact, lightweight red dot sight to pair with their SCAR 17. Its durable aluminum housing offers protection against impact, weather, and recoil. 

The red dot reticle with adjustable brightness settings allows for quick and precise aiming in any lighting condition, with unlimited eye relief and parallax-free design aiding in rapid target acquisition. 

The Aimpoint Micro is fully waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof, ensuring reliable performance in adverse conditions. The impressive battery life of up to 50,000 hours makes it an excellent choice for long shooting sessions and deployments. 

With versatile mounting options compatible with the SCAR 17, it provides optimal cheek weld and co-witnessing flexibility with backup iron sights. However, the Aimpoint Micro is on the higher end of the price scale and has limited reticle options, with a battery dependency.

Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35

Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35, one of the best SCAR 17 scopes

This optic has a battery-free reticle illuminated through tritium and fiber optics. It does have a weighty feel and measures 9 inches in length. Trijicon is a reputable brand in producing high-quality optics, and this is no exception. It has been a popular choice for combat scopes for the past 30 years. Despite its quality, the cost is generally reasonable and is mainly based on the production cost of the optics.

  • 3.5x
  •  35mm lens
  •  shockproof, waterproof, fog proof


This product is built to withstand even the most challenging combat environments. It is highly durable and can be considered almost bulletproof. The product comes with a choice of a red or green reticule. The glass is exceptionally clear, and the tritium lasts up to 14 years before needing replacement.


The fiber optics can be too bright in full sun, making them hard to see and causing a glowing halo. Additionally, the tritium could be brighter since it does not perform well in low-light conditions. The eye relief is limited to about 2 inches, which requires you to keep your face fairly close.

Vortex Viper PST Gen II

Vortex Viper PST Gen II for Scar 17

This optic is perfect for long-range shooting when at its maximum power. It has high-range optics and a 50mm lens similar to the Bushnell, allowing a good amount of light into the scope. The TMCQ MOA illuminated reticule has several illuminated settings, which can be turned off without cycling through them. The turret is conveniently placed to the left of the rear lens, allowing for easy adjustments without looking away.

  • CRS Zero Stop
  • Illumination Control
  • Parallax, Elevation, and Windage adjustments
  • Waterproof, shockproof & argon filled
  • First Focal Plane


This particular scope has an impressive range of options comparable to those much more expensive than $1000. The adjustments click firmly and are highly accurate. The glass provides exceptional clarity, and the illumination is easy on the eyes, although not quite as good as those from NF or S&B. Vortex may be a newer company. Still, this product is reasonably priced and comes with a solid warranty. The turrets provide good feedback and are very sturdy, with a built-in stop to prevent you from losing your zero by rotating more than once.


The illumination feature has little impact during daylight and can be challenging to see in bright sunlight. Additionally, the scope only functions when the illumination is turned on, which can be misleading. As a result, this scope is most useful during nighttime use. Unfortunately, the waterproofing feature isn’t as effective as advertised, and it can take considerable time for condensation and fog to clear.

Nikon P-Tactical .223 3-9×40

Nikon P-Tactical .223 for Scar 17

If you’re considering purchasing the Nikon optics at a lower price point than the Trijicon, you may wonder about its quality. Rest assured, Nikon produces high-quality glass, and this scope is equipped with fully coated lenses that offer excellent clarity and accuracy even at long ranges. The slightly oversized lens enhances magnification for heavier caliber firearms without compromising performance, despite the scope’s 14″ size. Additionally, the scope features a BCD reticule. Nikon offers a SpotON tool on their website to help calibrate the scope to match your factory ammo for even more precise accuracy.

  • Fog proof, waterproof, shockproof
  • Flip lens covers
  • 1/4 MOA (see full specs)


This scope lives up to its advertised reputation with its quick-focusing eyepiece, making it easy to acquire targets instantly. Despite its long length, it has a slim profile and is highly accurate. The well-made construction and convenient SpotOn app make it a great choice. Additionally, the price is very affordable compared to other top scopes for the SCAR 17.


The tube of this best scope for scar 17 is only 25mm, making it less bright compared to the Vortex. However, the glass and overall construction are shockproof. The turrets are flimsy and not shockproof. They can stop working even with a slight bump, so handling them with care is essential since they are uncapped. This may not be ideal for some users.


When choosing an optic for a SCAR 17, there are four options to consider: the Trijicon, Aimpoint, Nikon, and Vortex. The Trijicon is a high-end scope designed for precision engagement favored by the military. It’s the top choice if budget is not an issue. However, the Nikon is an excellent option if you’re looking for a quality scope at an affordable price. Despite minor turret issues, the glass quality is good and performs well. The Aimpoint is an excellent option for a compact red dot. The Vortex is also a good option, especially if you need a scope for night shooting. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and budget.

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