Top 7 Best Scout Scopes in 2021

Aiming for your target can be easier by making use of a scout scope. With plenty of scout scopes available in the market nowadays, choosing one that fits your needs will surely require time.

Out of the 7 scopes reviewed below, the Top 3 best scout scopes are:

  1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II
  2. Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm
  3. Nikon PROSTAFF P3

You have to make your research to identify the best scout scope that is perfect for your rifle with all the features that you are looking for without emptying your pocket. A scout scope provides you convenience in viewing and aiming for your target because it improves the accuracy of your rifle especially if you are training for long distance shooting.

So to help you come up with the right decision of what scout scope you should use, here are the top 10 best scout scopes for you to choose from. 

Top 7 Best Scout Scopes Comparison

1. Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm

The VX-2 1.5-4×28 IER Scout Scope from Leupold can be considered an optical sight rather than a real scope because of its 1.5 up to 4 power magnification.

This is a perfect scope for scout rifle application or if ever that you are creating a custom rifle. You will have to set it up forward of the rifle’s receiver. It features a quantum optical system and an index matched lens system. It is lightweight so it will not affect the weight of the rifle.

The Leupold VX Scout Scope has an excellent eye relief. You can easily pick up the sight picture that can provide a clear image.

However, you might experience a short eye relief when used for maximum magnification. Overall, this can be a powerful scout scope that you can use for your rifle that you can have at a reasonable cost.

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2. Burris Fullfield 2-7×32 Scope

Another great manufacturer of scout scope is Burris so you don’t have to doubt purchasing their 2-7 x 32 Ballistic Plex Scout Scope. The reasons why this product can be considered as one of the best scout scopes that you can find in the market is that it is made up of quality materials and completely reliable.

It has 9.2 up to 12 inches eye relief and resistant to shock, fog, and water. It only means that you can use this scope for various weather conditions.

The scope is multi-coated so that it can provide the users with maximum clarity and make it resistant to glare. You can instantly use the scout scope at a low power and zoom the image if ever that you are shooting from afar.

However, you might experience issues with the glass of the scope because it might create reflection if ever there is a bright or colored light behind you. It can be quite expensive compared to other scopes yet, with the features that you can get from it, you will never regret paying for the product.

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3. Aim Sports 2-7×42 8.5-10.5″

If you are searching for the best scout rifle scope at a cheaper cost then you can have the Aim Sports 2-7×42 8.5-10.5″. This scope has 2X up to 7X magnification with 8.5-10.5″ eye relief.

The diameter of the tube of this scope is 30MM which is bigger than other scopes. It provides a clear image and it is easy for you to focus your target. You can easily mount the scope and hold to zero. 

It can be quite difficult for you to adjust the scope because you will need to use a flat tip screwdriver.

It also has very small Mil dots that are hard for you to see which is why some users find them useless. Aside from that, the Mil dots are also too tight.  Rings are included in the scope which is an added bonus that you can get.

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4. UTG 2-7X44 Scout Scope

The UTG 2-7X44 can be an ideal scope if you want a long eye relief optic. It has an 11 inches eye relief that you can mount forward of your rifle. The objective lens is 42mm that makes it ideal for transmitting and capturing light.

It can also deliver a clean and bright sight image. You can easily adjust the turrets with your fingertips that can be reset to zero.

This scout scope prevents too much glare that is coming from the sun with its forward sunshade. This will keep away the shooters from having difficulties of viewing the image because the light will not enter the optic.

The glass reticle of the scope also has six mil dots that are suitable for range holdovers. The dual color mode of the UTG 2-7X44 allows the reticle to illuminate in all light conditions. It is no doubt that UTG 2-7X44 can be the best scout scope that you can use for your rifle. 

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5. Leupold FX-I Rimfire 4x28mm

The Leupold FX-I is known by shooters as the “best all-around scope”. It is a compact size scope with a low profile and adaptable magnification which is why you can use it anywhere.

The lens system is multicoated that provides an excellent transmission of light and prevents glare. The matte finish of the scope has a duplex reticle while the silver finish has a wider duplex reticle. This scope works accurately and is also durable because of its matte finish.

The adjustments of the scope are readable and this is very suitable for small rifles. The optics are clear and bright and this can also be one of the lightest scopes that you can have. The adjustments for windage and elevation are consistent.

It can maintain zero even after firing continuously. So if you want to have a scout scope that you can use anytime and anywhere you go, then this might be the right choice for you.

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6. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Scout Scope

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II is the best scout rifle scope that you should not miss. It doesn’t only provide great features but it is also durable because it is made up of Aircraft Grade Aluminum that makes it resistant to fog, shock, and water.

As a result, you can be able to use the scope in different kinds of weather conditions while providing you with a clear sight. This scope is lightweight and has a long eye relief for forward mounting. 

It is fully multi-coated and also has multiple anti-reflective coatings on its surfaces that enhance the transmission of light. It is capable of maintaining the same size appearance because of the scale of the reticle with a 2 to 7 zoom range.

It can easily hold zero when mounted on the rifle. The adjustments are accurate and it is also easy to sight in. You don’t have to catch the scope in your face even with heavy recoil. However, the scope is quite heavy for some users and it also has plenty of parallax at 2x.  

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7. Nikon ProStaff 2-7×32

The Nikon ProStaff is a compact scope that has a 2 to 7 magnification with 3.8 inches eye relief. The objective lens of the scope is 32mm and has a multicoated optical system that is capable of transmitting up to 98 percent of light. The turret of the scope has a zero-reset and the adjustment knob is loaded with spring. It is also waterproof and fogproof because the rifle has an O-ring sealed housing and Nitrogen filled. 

This model of the scope is suitable for compact rifles because of its size. However, you cannot deny that with all the features that this scope has, you can easily say that it is better than the bigger scopes. It has a Nikoplex reticle and with a quick-focus eyepiece. You don’t even have to worry if ever that you have some issues with the scope because it carries with it a lifetime warranty. 

Users can easily control the zoom ring as well as the parallax. This is an all-purpose scope because it works accurately and can help you aim your target quickly. You can consider this as a must-have if you will go hunting because of its clarity even if your target is from a distance.

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With plenty of scout scopes that you can find in the market nowadays, searching for the best one might be very tricky especially if you have not yet tried using a scope. It is important that you know the factors that you have to look for in order to come up with the best scope that will fit your rifle. Searching for scout scope reviews is necessary if you want to narrow down your options and determine the best scopes available in the market. Here are several factors that can help you in choosing the right scout scope.

  • The size of the objective lens.
  • Its ability to adapt it different kinds of weather conditions.
  • The magnification of the eyepiece.
  • The durability of the scope.
  • The adjustments that you can do with the scope.
  • Easy maintenance and its price.
  • The weight of the scope.
  • The eye relief of the scout scope.

Being aware of these factors will make it easier for you to identify what is the best scout scope that you should buy for your rifle. This will enhance your performance in shooting and can help you aim your target fast so take time before you decide what particular scout scope you should have. 

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