What is the Best Spinning Rod in 2021?

Spinning RodIf you are looking for the best spinning rod, then I assume you are into spin fishing. Spin fishing is a technique in angling in freshwater and marine water areas. Spin fishing is a type of fishing along with fly fishing and bait cast fishing. The difference in these three types of fishing is the rod used and for spin fishing, we have the spinning rod.

How to do spinning rod fishing?

With the use of the best spinning rod, the line is being cast upstream to keep the spinner sink faster in the water. Another way of casting a spinning rod is by casting the rod from the shore of the river, allowing it to bounce until it hits the bottom of the river then goes downstream. This way, it can attract fishes from the bottom, a technique often used in fishing trout. Most anglers today are using spinning rod and reels in fishing because it offers less backlashes and is easy to use.

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The Top 8 Best Spinning Rods Comparison

Let us take a look at some of the top spinning rods that you can find in the market today.

Lew’s Fishing Spinning Rod

AHT3066M-1,Tourna Spd Spin Spinning Combo

Lew’s Fishing Spinning Rod is one of the best spinning rods that most anglers are using in their fishing activities today. Lew’s Fishing Spinning Rod has three sizes spinning reels, all with 10-ball bearing system.

This is enclosed in a graphite body. It has gear boxes that are thin and compact. This spinning rod also features zero reverse capability, aluminum bail that is anodized for added durability and thick bail. It is also finished with speed lube for unparalleled smoothness regardless of the weather condition or where you are using it. If you are left handed, this spinning rod works for you because it is adjustable to meet the needs of both right and left handed anglers.

Lew’s Fishing Spinning Rod also comes with one piece IM6 graphite blanks and a steel guide frame with stainless steel guide inserts. It features the patented Lew’s graphite reel seat and the handle is EVA foam with split grip design. This spinning rod from Lew’s has 6’6 rod with medium power. The bearing is 9+1 and the line capacity is 210/8. The gear ration is 6:2:1 and if you are looking for a good investment because you think you will be doing more fishing activities in the future, this Lew’s spinning rod is a good way to start your investment. This can be yours for only $ (click here for the price).


St. Croix Legend Elite Spinning Rod

St. Croix Legend Elite Spinning Rod, ES60MF

What is the best spinning rod from a known rod maker like St. Croix?

The Legend Elite Spinning Rod of St. Croix is no doubt one of the best spinning rods that an angler can have.

This spinning rod has a length of 6’ and medium power. The action is under the ‘fast’ category and features a line of 6-12. If you are looking for a durable spinning rod that you can trust even in waters where the wave or surf is extreme, this almost $400 spinning rod is what you can trust (click here for the price).


Okuma Spinning Rod

Okuma Spinning Rods

Okuma Spinning Rod is one popular brand that you can see in different best spinning rod reviews. This is not surprising because Okuma has been known for its rods and reels among other fishing accessory products.

The Okuma Spinning Rod has Scott Martin designs on it that makes it a great spinning rod for fishing and angling competitions. There are different kinds and types of Okuma rod and they are designed base on the type of fishing competition it will be used.

The Okuma Spinning Rod Scott Martin Concept is made of 30-ton carbon with ultra-sensitive blank construction. It also feature a C-40X carbon reel seats plus a guide inserts made of aluminum oxides. These guide inserts are recommended for braided lines use.

The principle of the Okuma Spinning Rod Scott Martin Concept is simple, the design of the spinning rod allows user to feel every move that a fish makes once they took the lure. Once the user understands the movement of their capture, they can easily haul it and fish it. Okuma Spinning Rod has a price tag of $ (click here for the price).


Andoer Spinning Lure Rod

Andoer Fishing Rod

The next item on our best spinning rod reviews list is the Spinning Lure Rod from Andoer.

This rod from Andoer is made of carbon fiber to keep it light and easy to carry. This is a telescopic spinning rod that most anglers love to bring because of its compactness.

This spinning rod has a ceramic ring on its tip to prevent breaking the fishing line.

A ceramic ring at the tip of the rod also helps in dissipating heat. This fishing rod is very affordable and if you have a friend who is trying to get into fishing, this is a great gift to show your support. This spinning rod costs $ (click here for the price).


Quantum Teton Trout Spinning Rod

Quantum Spinning Combo

If you are looking for the best spinning rod with an average price, check the Teton Trout Spinning Rod from Quantum Fishing.

This spinning rod has a price tag of $ (click here for the price). The Quantum Teton Trout Spinning Rod has three bearing ultralight reel. It features a 4’6″ ultralight action.

It is made of lightweight graphite rod with natural cork handle and is a single piece rod. The reel is made of graphite and the spool is aluminum.


Pflueger Spinning Rod

Pflueger Spinning Rod

One of the best spinning rods that you can find in the market for less than $100 is a Pflueger Spinning Rod (click here for the price).

This rod is made of graphite and is a spinning combo reel with 3 stainless steel ball. This feature instant anti reverses bearings. Because it is made of graphite hence it is so light that carrying it for a long day of fishing is just okay.

The spool is made of machined aluminum material as well as the handle. The handle also comes with an anti-twist line roller that is soft to touch and turn. The Pflueger Spinning Rod is indeed one of the best spinning rods that you can use today in fishing because of its custom size cork and graphite reel seat.

The Pflueger Spinning Rod is not just about look, it also promises great performance that lasts in fishing with its stainless steel double foot hook keeper and stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts.


Mitchell Spinning Rod

Mitchell Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

One of the best spinning rods from Mitchell is its 300 Spinning Rod and Reel Combo. Mitchell has been known as great maker of rods and reels and the 300 Spinning Rod is of no exception.

This Mitchell Spinning Rod has 8 bearings. It also has anti reverse for smoother operation when cast. The strength of this spinning rod is incredible with its innovative bail halo technology.

This spinning rod has a tag price of $$ (click here for the price) and with the said price comes a spinning rod made of strong advanced polymeric material. The handle and the spool of this spinning rod is made of aluminum and to give user a consistent drag pressure, Mitchell incorporated multi-disk system in making this spinning rod. If you want the best spinning rod for the money, the Mitchell Spinning Rod is worth checking for.


KINGDE Spinning Rod

Sunshine Spinning Rod

What is the best spinning rod that is below $50? If you are looking for an affordable spinning rod that sill has quality and offers great performance, the Spinning Rod from KINGDE is worth checking for.

This spinning rod is not just for anglers, it is also for individuals who happen to love someone who is into fishing. If you are looking for a gift for fishing enthusiast friend or boyfriend, this is worth giving. The KINGDE Spinning Rod has a smooth Digigear precision geared reel. It promises fast retrieve with its full graphite composite body. This spinning rod is very compact and portable, allowing user to carry it around easily.

If you are planning to do kayak fishing or boat fishing, this spinning rod from Kingde will do. For a price that is less than $50 (click here for the price); you can now try to start catching your own fish. The best thing about Kingde is that they guarantee international shipping so wherever you are, you can order this fishing rod.


What to consider when buying a spinning rod?

Rod handle – the handle to have must be slip free and this is provided by EVA and Cork foam handles. Cork handles and EVA foam handles are comfortable to hold hence fishing for a period of time is not troublesome especially for anglers who are a bit with age. Newer versions of spinning rods from known manufacturers even have ergonomically designed spinning rod handles making fishing a lot easier.

Reel seat – there are rods with reel seat that works fine but once it caught something big, it suddenly malfunctions. This is the reason having a quality reel seat is important, a seat that can hold a fighting fish. A good reel seat is also compatible with any brand of reel.

The line guides – you should have a descending size line guide towards the bottom of the rod blank. A good line guide should be made of metal or ceramics, something hard and solid and durable.

The action of the spinning rod – action is categorized as fast, medium and slow or medium/slow and medium/fast. Action refers to the way the rod bends and as it bends, it affects the way the rod is being cast and on how far the lure reach. Action is different from power of the fishing rod which is often classified as ultra-light, light, medium and heavy.


Most rods today are made of graphite and this is because graphite has been considered as a durable material that suits fishing rods. Graphite is flexible and strong and when flexed, it can resist pressure. There are fiberglass rods as well that you can buy but fiberglass rods are less sensitive hence heavier as compared to graphite blanks. If you want the best spinning rod that you can use for more years to come, a graphite fishing rod is all you need. With a good rod at hand, there is always a bigger chance for anglers to get bigger fish. A poor rod on the other hand will only cause waste of money and waste of time.

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