Best Spotlight for Hunting: 5 Picks for Hunters in 2021

spotlight for huntingHunting in the daytime is a pleasant pastime, which will bring an ocean of pleasure to any hunter. A nighttime hunting is filled with a peculiar charm of experience, which is different from the daytime hunting. The nighttime hunting can be more efficient if you are hunting a predator or birds that are more active at night. In this regard, a spotlight is a necessary tool for hunting in the dark.

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But what is the top spotlight for hunting? Which features are the most important? What type of beam is the best for hunting at night? What light output is appropriate? What is the average price for the best hunting spotlight? Almost every hunter who is hunting for the first time has the similar questions. It’s nice if you have an experienced comrade who can give you an advice, but what to do if you don’t have one?

The Top 5 Best Spotlights for Hunting Comparison

This article considers the basic characteristics and the nuances in the selection of the most popular spotlights for hunting.  We have tested lots of spotlights available on the market and considered hundreds of hunting spotlight reviews to make our top picks. So here is the list that we offer.

Orion Predator H30

Orion Predator H30

The Orion Predator H30 is a premium long range hunting spotlight that makes hunting easier at night with red light since most of the varmints, fox or coyotes are not sensitive to it. Or you can choose green light for hunting wild hogs. So you can find your aim with a breeze, and the red or green reflections from animal eyes will help you to target. The Orion Predator H30 is made of a tough, anodized aluminum, a strong, scratch-resistant, aviation-grade material. It is quite a lightweight spotlight weighing less than 5 ounces. Let’s take a look at the features of the Orion Predator H30:

  • Weight: 4.76 oz;
  • Maximum brightness: 300 lumens;
  • Max beam distance: 273 yards (250 m);
  • Cree XP-E2 LED to emit green or red light;
  • 4 brightness modes;
  • Smooth reflector;
  • Military grade: impact proof and waterproof;
  • Compatible batteries: 2 x CR123A, 2 x RCR123, 1 x 18650 (included);
  • Runtime: 4 hours (300 lm), 5 hours (150 lm), 17 hours (50 lm), 120 hours (6 lm)
  • Watertightness: IPX 8 rating (water-resistant);
  • In the box: Orion H30 Predator hunting flashlight x1, Holster x1, 1×18650 batteries, charger x1, Lanyard x1, Silicone O-ringsx2, Rubber button x1. Barrel adapter x1; 30mm scope mount x1; 1 inch scope insert x1 (for 1″ scope mount), Rail mount x1, Pressure Switch x1

The Orion Predator H30 has a very bright and focused beam with the light output of 300 lumens. The spotlight reaches a distance up to 273 yards (250 meters). It’s quite enough to see the wild hog or any other animal at night.

This hunting spotlight has 4 brightness settings. You can choose the best one for your needs and at the same time to control the battery life. The battery lasts from 4 to 120 hours depending on the mode.

The Orion Predator H30 has a military grade (waterproof, impact proof) featuring the IPX 8 rating. Furthermore, this spotlight comes with lots of useful accessories like scope mounting rings, barrel adapter and much more.

So the Orion Predator H30 will be the best hunting spotlight for you if you need a stealthy, secure and intelligent light for your hunting needs. As for the price, this spotlight is not a cheap one, but it’s worth the money and you can always find good deals on Amazon.


Streamlight 44902 Waypoint Spotlight with 12V DC Power Cord

Streamlight 44902 Waypoint Spotlight with 12V DC Power Cord

The Streamlight 44902 Waypoint is one of the best handheld spotlights for hunting featuring high and low-intensity modes, emergency signal mode, and the latest in power LED technology. This spotlight has an ergonomic pistol-style handle that comfortably fits in the hand and eliminates hand fatigue. The housing is made of lightweight and durable polycarbonate. It is sealed with O-rings to offer water resistance. Furthermore, its housing and polycarbonate lens were tested for a 1-meter impact resistance. In addition, an adjustable and removable lanyard is included. Let’s take a look at the features of the Streamlight 44902 Waypoint:

  • Weight: 1.8 pounds;
  • Maximum brightness: 210 lumens;
  • Max beam distance: 678 m;
  • Deep-dish parabolic reflector;
  • C4 LED technology;
  • 2 lighting modes: high and low;
  • Intensity: 115,000 cd (high mode), 10,000 cd (low mode);
  • Battery: 4C alkaline batteries (not included);
  • Runtime: from 8.5 hours (high mode) to 120 hours (low mode);
  • 12V DC power cord included;
  • Watertightness: IPX4 rating (water-resistant).

Thanks to the deep-dish parabolic reflector, the spotlight produces a long range targeting beam with a less bright peripheral cone of light. The optimized electronics provides regulated intensity. The light output is 210 lumens and it seems to be not too much for spotlights, but the Streamlight 44902 Waypoint features C4 LED technology that ensures a brighter and more powerful light than most of the LEDs. You can choose between high and low modes depending on your needs. Using the spotlight in the high mode you can illuminate a distance up to 678 meters and the runtime of the spotlight will be up to 8.5 hours. In low mode, the maximum beam distance is 245 meters with the runtime of up to 120 hours.

The Streamlight 44902 Waypoint is powered by 4C alkaline batteries or you can also use the 12-volt DC power cord for endless runtime.

With the IPX4 rating, this spotlight is water-resistant, so you can take it for hunting in any weather.

All in all, the Streamlight 44902 Waypoint is a great choice for hunters. The price is quite reasonable for what you get. You may also consider the Streamlight 44910 Waypoint spotlight, which has some advanced features in comparison with the Streamlight 44902, but we think that the price for it is a bit elevated. So the Streamlight 44902 will be the best option.


Sirius 500 Lumen Handheld Spotlight w/6 LED Lights

Sirius 500 Lumen Handheld Spotlight w/6 LED Lights

The Sirius 500 from Cyclops is a super powerful spotlight for hunting. This spotlight weighs just 1.5 pounds, so it’s pretty lightweight to carry and it comfortably stays in the hand thanks to the rubberized grip. So what you get at glance:

  • Weight: 1.5 pounds;
  • Maximum brightness: 500 lumens;
  • Ergonomically designed rubberized grip with trigger pulse switch;
  • 3 Cree Hi-Power LEDs for spot and 6 LEDs for flood;
  • Detachable red lens included;
  • Always ON lock switch;
  • Battery: 6-volt 2.5Ah SLA rechargeable battery (included);
  • Dual recharge, AC/DC adapter or 12V DC car adapter (both included);
  • Runtime: 3 hours (Cree Watt) and 12 hours (6 LED).

With its 6 LEDs, the Sirius 500 provides a bright and even beam. This spotlight has 2 lighting options. In high mode, 3 Cree LEDS deliver a very bright hot spot that illuminates the area. The low mode with 6 smaller LEDs provides a soft light that is perfect for navigating. The spotlight runs about 3 hours in high mode and up to 12 hours in low mode. To recharge the Sirius 500, you can choose either AC/DC adapter or car charger.

When you don’t need much light you can use a detachable red lens. Red light will be nice for example for varmint hunt or to preserve your night vision. A lock ON switch will be also appreciated by hunters when they need hands-free for shooting.

The Sirius 500 ensures stable and reliable performance, so it’s certainly worth your consideration as one of the best spotlights for hunting.


Gerber Myth Spotlight

Gerber Myth Spotlight

The Gerber Myth is another spotlight specifically designed to meet the needs of hunters. Weighing just 1.4 pounds, this lightweight spotlight is packed with a set of heavy features that put it in the category of the best hunting spotlights. Here are the features of the Gerber Myth:

  • Weight: 1.4 pounds;
  • Maximum brightness: 600 lumens;
  • 2 brightness modes: high (600 lm) and low (100 lm);
  • Red and green lens covers;
  • Battery: 4 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (included);
  • AC/DC adapters;
  • Runtime: 10 hours;
  • Watertightness: IPX2 rating (water-resistant).

The Gerber Myth Spotlight is rather compact and sturdy for hunting adventures. It can be handheld or mounted to a belt clip or boat using the universal 1/4-20 UNC mount (used for any tripod). This spotlight projects a powerful beam of up to 600 lumens to track and flush wild game. You can switch between two modes to get the desired illumination and save energy. Thus, in high mode (600 lumens) the spotlight runs up to 3 hours and in low mode (100 lumens) you can use it for 10 hours.

The Gerber Myth Spotlight comes with red and green lens covers that allow you to use the light for multiple purposes and these lights are less visible to wild game. We have measured that the red lens throws a beam to about 40 yards and the green lens to 150 yards.

This spotlight is powered by 4 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and includes both AC and DC adapters for charging at home or in the car.

Featuring the IPX2 rating, the Gerber Myth is water-resistant, so you can take it in any weather, but it’s not allowed to submerge it.

In a nutshell, this spotlight deserves your attention as one of the best spotlights for hunting.


Journey’s Edge Pistol Grip Waterproof Rechargeable LED Spotlight Flashlight

Journey’s Edge Pistol Grip Waterproof Rechargeable LED Spotlight Flashlight

The Journey’s Edge LED Spotlight is a very affordable solution for hunters. We’ve included it in the list of the best hunting spotlights for its performance, durability, and reliability. The spotlight is comfortable to handle and easy to operate. It has a wrist strap for carrying or hanging and a handy attached stand for hands-free use. The pistol grip is very convenient and if you want, you can grip the top and hold it as a regular flashlight. And here are the features and specs of the Journey’s Edge LED Spotlight:

  • Weight: 1.5 pounds;
  • Maximum brightness: 350 lumens;
  • 3 light options: wide angle continuous shot, the pinpoint accuracy shot, and the SOS emergency signal;
  • Convenient foldable stand for hands-free use;
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion battery;
  • Runtime: 2.5 hours for wide angle, 7 hours for the accuracy shot, and 8 hours for the SOS signal;
  • 12V AC/DC charging adapters;
  • Watertightness: IPX7 rating (water-resistant).

We were impressed how well this spotlight performs taking into account its price. With the maximum light output of 350 lumens, it provides very bright and even light. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t claim the beam distance, but we tested this spotlight and it shines up to 100 yards. The Journey’s Edge Spotlight has 3 modes: a wide beam, a more focused and narrow beam, and the SOS mode for signaling. To switch the mode, you need to press the trigger. The spotlight can run from 2.5 hours for the wide angle to 8 hours for the SOS signal. It can be seen from over 900 feet away.

The Journey’s Edge Spotlight comes with AC car adapter and DC wall outlet adapter, so you have an option how to charge its rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The IPX7 rating allows you to use this spotlight in bad weather as it can withstand rain, snow, splash, and even a quick deep up to 1 meter. But it’s not recommended to submerge it for a long period.

To sum up, the Journey’s Edge Pistol Grip Spotlight is a very decent spotlight for hunting at a very reasonable price. Moreover, you can always find great deals on Amazon.


The Bottom Line

We did our best to give you this unbiased review of the best spotlights for hunting. Our top 5 picks include different spotlights. Some of them are specifically designed for hunting, while others are versatile spotlights that can be used for any purpose. The spotlights with red and green light options are more expensive but this feature is worth the money. So it will be a good investment if you are an ardent hunter. However, the reviewed spotlights with a regular white LED are also great concerning their performance and they are cheaper. So think carefully what kind of spotlight you need.

We have also considered some marketplaces where you can get the spotlight for hunting and found out that the widest range is on Amazon. You can also purchase the spotlight there at a lower price. So happy shopping!

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