What is the Best Spotting Scope for 100 yards?

Most people tend to go for spotting scopes that suitable for long range use. Often, the long range spotting scopes are not suitable for short distances as they pose some challenges in their use.

They are also quite expensive, making them out of reach for people with small budgets. Short distance spotting scopes are suitable for use with pistols and for hunting.

Out of the 5 scopes reviewed below, the top 3 best spotting scopes for 100 yards are:

  1. Celestron Landscout 52320 Spotting Scope
  2. Tasco Spotting Scope 20-60×60
  3. Bushnell Sentry 18-36×50 Compact

They are more powerful than binoculars but less than the long range spotting scopes. They usually use tabletop tripods as the distance in question is not long.

Apart from the budget, one has to consider the magnification power, weight and objective lens of a short range spotting scope. These factors help to choose a suitable scope for the desired use. One also needs to consider whether they would prefer an angular or a straight scope.

Top 5 Best Spotting Scopes for 100 Yards Comparison

Some of the best spotting scopes for 100 yards include:

Celestron Landscout 52320 Spotting Scope

This spotting scope is suitable for use in shorter distances. It has fully multi-coated optics that produce images that have sharp edges.

It also has a 50 mm objective lens which lets in enough light to produce clear images. The spotting scope has a 10-30x magnification power which is small enough for use in the 100 yard distance.

While the Celestron Landscout 52320 is modestly priced, it does not offer the durability that is present in longer range scopes.

However, it comes with a tripod for tabletop mounting which works well but which is also not suitable for outdoor use. This spotting scope is light enough for easy portability.

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Bushnell Sentry 18-36×50 Compact

The Bushnell Sentry 789332 model is a great spotting scope for 100 yards as it offers crystal clear images up to 300 yards. It has multi-coated optics that serve to increase the amount of light transmitted.

This paired up with the 50 mm objective lens provides clear images. The 18-36x power magnification works well in shorter distances and the spotting scope if suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

The Bushnell Sentry is relatively cheap as it is more expensive than some short range spotting scope but not as expensive and long range ones.  It is best used for backup or even as a beginner spotting scope.

It is housed in rubber armor which makes it durable and protected from different accidents. One of the best features about this spotting scope is the lifetime warranty which helps to save money on repairs in case of any damages.

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Sightmark SM11027K Spotting Scope

The Sightmark SM11027K measures about one pound which is light enough to carry around.

This spotting scope has multi-coated optics which provide crystal clear images alongside the 60 mm objective lens which lets in enough light.

It is the perfect spotting scope for small distances because of the15-45x power magnification which is sufficient for clear images in short distances.

This spotting scope has a built sunshade and is nitrogen purged. It can weather different conditions without getting damaged and is available at a modest price.

It comes along with some accessories such as a hard carrying case and a tripod for tabletop mounting.

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Tasco Spotting Scope 20-60×60

Weighing 1.8 pounds, the Tasco World Class spotting scope is easy to carry around and does not add too much bulk onto your gadgets or in your range bag.

One of the factors one considers when buying a 100 yard spotting scope is how much weight it will add to the travelling gear. Short range scopes should be as light as possible as they are smaller than the long range ones.

This scope also has fully coated lenses and anti-glare features. The 60 mm objective lens coupled with the high quality optics in this spotting scope provides high definition clarity for shorter distances. To top it all off, the scope has a 20-60x power magnification which is suitable for 100 yards.

The Tasco World Class best spotting scope for 100 yards comes with a tripod which can be mounted on the table or on a car in an upright position. Such tripods come in handy when being out in the wild is too dangerous so you can just mount it on the car.

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Konus 7120 Spotting Scope

This spotting scope has an 80 mm objective lens which lets in enough light for provision of clear images.

It comes with a 20-60x power magnification which is sufficient for both short and long range objects.

This scope delivers high quality images and is rainproof, fog-proof and anti-shock. Such protection ensures the durability of the spotting scope.

For the moderate price, the Konus 7120 spotting scope is fit for use by birdwatchers, photographers as well as hunters. The scope comes with a tabletop tripod and a case upon purchase.

The scope weighs about 3 ounces which meets the desired feature of easy portability in a scope.

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At the end of the day, someone can still choose to use binoculars over a short range spotting scope. This may not work well if one is considering longer distances than that which binoculars cover comfortably. The availability of forums on the internet has made purchase of such gadgets easier because one is able to find adequate information about a scope before buying it. Reading through user reviews is also a great way of ascertaining the functioning of a scope before buying it. Once you have established what you would like to use the spotting scope for, then the information from such forums and reviews will come in handy.

While there are extremely cheap best 100 yard spotting scopes in the market, you do not want to buy one that I not from a reputable manufacturer. Cheap short range spotting scopes may prove to be expensive in the long run. They often break down after a short period of usage and do not have a warranty which means that the owner either has to use more money to try and fix the scope or opt to replace it altogether. It is more advisable to buy the more expensive scopes if they are from a reputable manufacturer.

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