Top 4 Best Spotting Scopes for 300 yards

It is relatively easy to find long range and short range spotting scopes. For a distance, such as, 300 yards, which is on neither end of the spectrum, the true mettle of a spotting scope is tested. That is where one gets to discover how well the optical prowess of the scope is. Like purchasing spotting scopes that fall on either end of the spectrum, the objective lens, magnification power range and the quality of optics are important in choosing a 300 yard spotting scope as well. These factors act as guidelines, helping to narrow down the spotting scopes that one considers buying.

Out of the 4 scopes reviewed below, the top 3 best spotting scopes for 300 yards are:

  1. Celestron – Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope
  2. Vortex Optics Razor HD Spotting Scope
  3. Barska Colorado Straight Spotting Scope

Many people also greatly consider the weight of a spotting scope as they do not want to endure the torture of having to haul a heavy scope for outdoor activities such as hunting, which is actually supposed to be fun. Whatever the case, the type of scope that one goes for largely depends on what they will use the scope for. It is a well-known fact that the resource endowment also guides the decision on which scope to buy.

Top 4 Spotting Scopes for 300 Yards Comparison

Out of the many options in the market, the spotting scopes that are favorable for 300 yards include:

Vortex Optics Razor HD Angles Spotting Scope

This 300 yard spotting scope is relatively pricey for a 300 yard scope. However, the features it provides are worth the amount as it provides value.

It has premium proprietary coatings which increase light transmission and anti-glare properties.

It has both high density and extra low dispersion glass which delivers high resolution on the images, making it one of the best scopes for the 300 yard distance.

It also uses an objective lens of 65 mm and has a magnification range of 16 to 48x which makes the objects in sight very clear and in focus.

The purchase of the Vortex Optics Razor HD angled spotting scope is bundled up with an eyepiece cap, a view-through carrying case and a lens cover in addition to the spotting scope itself. This is good value for money as these accessories help to protect the spotting scope from scratches and any other damage.

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Celestron – Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope

Weighing 3.6 pounds, the Celestron Ultima spotting scope is easy to carry around. It does not add bulk to other gear although it can be considered to be one of the larger spotting scopes in the best spotting scope for 300 yard category.

For the features that one receives from the Celestron spotting scope, it is unlikely that the relatively heavier weight would be a problem. A tradeoff between lighter weight and better features has the latter winning.

This fog-proof and waterproof spotting scope makes use of multicoated optics to achieve high levels of light transmissions. It also has BAK4 prisms and an 80mm objective lens to go with that.

These provide for high quality images that make different activities such as hunting or photography more fun because of the clarity of the images. The spotting scope also has a 20 to 60 power magnification range.

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Barska Colorado Straight Spotting Scope Model C011218

This spotting scope is a lightweight, weighing just 3 pounds. It is four and a half by five by twenty one inches in size, which is compact enough for easy carrying and comes with a carry case.

The Barska Colorado C0218 model has stunning clarity owing to the 90 mm size of the objective lens. It gathers a lot of light while the images are brought into focus by the wide range of magnification power of 30-90x.

The scope is nitrogen purged, making it fog-proof and waterproof. Resistance to precipitation makes it suitable for use in rainy or foggy conditions without the risk of damaging the spotting scope.

This spotting scope is fit for use in 300 yards, but also works up to 500 yards without the images appearing all iffy. It requires the use of a sturdy tripod. a strong tripod supports the Barska Colorado while a weaker one would wobble.

Even though the spotting scope has a tough exterior, it does not give one the license to use a wobbly tripod which could lead to falls and probably damage to the scope eventually.

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Konus Spotting Scope Model 7122

This spotting scope is high end and provides even better features than one would expect to get for the price. The optics are so great that it is unlikely that any ordinary Joe would go for this spotting scope if they do not use it for some serious spotting.

It has an 86 mm objective lens whose primary function is to let in the light in order to provide clear and bright images. It has both extra low dispersion and high density glass with UBX multicoated optics which work to make the images clearer and crisper.

It is fit for use in low light conditions as it heightens light transmission to give high quality images. The spotting scope boasts of a wide magnification range of 25 to 75x power. This makes it usable for the long, medium and short range distances.

The Konus best spotting scope for 300 yards comes with a lifetime warranty which is a great way to save on money that could have been used for repair or replacement in the case of any damage. It also has a sturdy body which comes in handy for protection and gives the user the opportunity to carry along the spotting scope in different expeditions. It is relatively light, making it mobile.

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Finding a spotting scope to cover 300 yards has become easier because of the world of information and reviews available on the internet. Anyone is able to navigate through the options available in the market to purchase a 300 yard spotting scope that will serve their needs.

The rule of thumb is to consider popular manufacturers first because they have been around longer. Once in a while, however, you will have the pleasure of getting a high quality spotting scope from a manufacturer that is barely known for a reasonable bargain. Such a scope may even blow the rest of the popular spotting scopes out of the water in terms of functioning. However, stick to the time proven scopes until you get the hang of things first.

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