What is the Best Spotting Scope for Backpack Hunting?

The spotting scope to buy for photography is not the same one for bird watching. In general, different spotting scopes are best suited for different tasks depending on their features: the objective lens, magnification power, angular or straight body, accessories and function among others.

The best spotting scopes for backpack hunting are therefore distinguished by dominant features as well. The important aspect of these scopes is their compatibility with shooting rifles. A spotting scope might look like a standard tool, but there are those that are too heavy to carry around, blurry on images beyond certain distances and the likes. Finding the perfect backpacking spotting scope is therefore not a walk in the park, but neither is it a myth.

The first step is to identify the dominant features that you would like to have then move on to see what is in the market that lies within your budget. After identifying the spotting scope that you would like to have, the next step is to do some research by participating in forums, reading buyer reviews and reading through the host of questions that other people have asked online, especially those that professional or avid backpacking hunters have responded to.

Top 3 Best Spotting Scopes for Backpack Hunting Comparison

Some of the best spotting scopes for backpack hunting include:

1. Swarovski Spotting Scope

The 20-60×65 mm model is a beauty. One has the option of going for the high density optics or the standard ones. The former, obviously, costs more than the latter, to a tune of up to $600 more. The amount is worth it if you genuinely need the HD feature for some advanced uses. Otherwise the standard optics suffice. The scope has a 20-60x magnification power which allows the user to get objects that are far away into focus. 

It has a65 mm objective lens which may not be the largest in backpack hunting scopes, but which is more than sufficient. It lets in enough light to yield high quality, clear images even in low light conditions. The model also has an 85 mm objective lens option which, is more powerful in clarity and crispness of the image.

The only downside to this spotting scope is that it is relatively pricy which makes it out of reach for many hunters working with lower budgets. However, for those who are able to afford it, this durable spotting scope is worth the buy as it gives value for money.

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2. Bushnell Trophy Spotting Scope

This spotting scope is light and compact. It is portable and can be carried in the bag or in the car without adding a lot of weight to your gear. It is convenient for use in hunting.

This 50 mm objective lens scope is more than sufficient for use in backpack hunting. It has a magnification power between 15 and 45x which is enough to bring images into sharp focus. The features of the spotting scope may not be the best in the market but they are definitely impressive, especially because the scope is available for a reasonable amount, up to five times cheaper than the Swarovski scope.

The Bushnell Trophy model spotting scope has a rubber armored outer casing which protects the scope from the rigorous outdoors. Since backpack hunting often happens in the woods, this is a necessary feature. To top it all off, the scope is waterproof which allows you to use it in wet weather conditions.

The Bushnell Trophy Spotting Scope uses a tripod which has been criticized as cheap and not sturdy. It also includes a hard and soft case which helps to provide more protection to the scope.

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3. Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope

Vortex has made a name providing spotting scopes that are affordable to the average buyer, but with features that are present in high end  spotting scopes.

This particular spotting scope is waterproof and has a very sturdy ArmorTrek body which makes it suitable for use in outdoor activities such as hunting. The great thing about such features is that you are assured that the spotting scope will serve you for a long time to come. 

It is not prone to damage, whether to the lens or the outer body because of the security features in place. The scope is quite light, weighing 2 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around and use. It can be used with a tripod to make viewing simpler as well.

The Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope has a dielectric prism and anti-reflective coatings making the transmission of light high, while eliminating anti-glare. It has a straight body, therefore users can spot prey fast.

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Finding a spotting scope that is suitable for backpack hunting is a moderately difficult task. One of the factors that hunters consider is the shape of the spotting scope. Most hunters tend to like an angular body for the scope. This is because it is easier to use as it requires minimal to no height adjustment. However, it poses the challenge of finding game for beginners because of the angular view. It is also hard to pack. The straight scope also has its advantages and disadvantages as well. It can be mounted on windows but when used on a tripod, it requires a lot of height adjustment. On the plus side, it provides for fast spotting of the game and is easy for packing.

Other factors such as resource endowment influence the type of spotting scope that one buys. There are extremely expensive scopes that will last a lifetime, but they are out of reach for non-professional hunters or rich people. There are cheap scopes as well, which succumb to damage within a short period of using them. Ideally, these are more expensive in the long run as you have to keep replacing or repairing them. It would be best if one could save up and buy a proper spotting scope from the get-go. However, if this is not possible, the trick is to find the in-between where one can find an affordable but high quality scope for backpack hunting. That is made possible through a lot of research and merging preference with what is available.

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