What is the Best Survival Multi Tool in 2021?

survival multi toolWhen out in the wilderness, camping, trekking or just simply fishing, having the best survival multi tool can be one of the best gears to bring.

A multi tool is something that you can use if anything comes up. When one thinks of a multi tool, the first thing that might come to mind is a heavy and bulky set of steel that is hard to open and use.

We don’t blame you because that is how the first multi tools were made. Today, that is how cheap multi tools are still made. The good news is there are a lot of companies that are now producing light, easy to use and compact multi tools that aim to help users to survive in a rough environment.

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How to choose your multi tool?

Should you go handy or go for something that will make you cool looking? A lot of multi tools today can pack up to 21 tools, but would you need all 21 tools? It is impressive to own a 21in1 multi tool for sure, but it is not practical to bring it when you only need three or four of them like the knife, the pliers and scissors.

These are the basic tools that campers often need in their backpacking activities, so why not take a 7in1 multi tool that have these things anyway?

Top 7 Best Survival Multi Tools Comparison

Let us take a look at some of the hottest survival multi tools that you can find in the market today:

Leatherman RAPTOR Emergency Medical Tool

Leatherman RAPTOR Emergency Medical Tool

What is the best survival multi tool that can keep you safe, alive and productive while in the jungle or in the wilderness?

Personally, I prefer to be outdoors with the Leatherman RAPTOR Emergency Medical Tool because this tool is not only a tactical multi tool, it also has emergency tools to keep someone alive in case of an emergency.

The Leatherman RAPTOR Emergency Medical Tool has a price tag of less than a hundred dollars (click here for the price) and is made of stainless steel. This comes with a pocket clip that is replaceable. It also has a nylon handle that is glass filled for added durability. There is a lanyard hole where you can connect a lanyard so you can carry it easily as well.

The Leatherman RAPTOR Emergency Medical Tool is a special tool that is being carried by most EMTs and fire professionals but with its affordability, even a regular camper can now have this tool in case of emergency. This medical tool comes with a folding medical shear, a tool needed to make a strong grip and when cutting something.

This medical multi tool also comes with a strap cutter with a locking safety liner and regardless if the shear is open or not, this can be accessed when needed.

What else is included in this multi tool? It has an oxygen wrench hence you can now use oxygen as needed even if the oxygen wrench is not available. If you are a respondent for emergency calls, you might find the ring cutter helpful as it can cut standard gold bands. The Leatherman RAPTOR Emergency Medical Tool also comes with a carbide-tip glass breaker that can break standard glasses like glass doors and glass windows.

In order for owners to carry it safely, this multi tool comes with a MOLLE sheath made durable by its glass filled nylon materials. There is also a clip that can be used to connect the sheath to a holster and the holster to a vest or belt for easier access. This best survival multi tool from Leatherman has a dimension of 9.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches and weighs 10.4 ounces.


Rose Kuli7 Portable Stainless Steel Multipurpose Tool

Rose Kuli 7" Portable Stainless Steel Multipurpose Tool

The second item for this survival multi tool reviews is the Rose Kuli7 Portable Stainless Steel Multipurpose Tool. This multi tool from Rose Kuli is a very cheap one at less than $15 (click here for the price). Although it is cheap, this tool comes with a freebie such as a canvas carrying bag. This multi tool is made of 2CR13 Stainless Steel with wood handle.

This features a lot of tools such as pliers, cross screwdriver, double-sided poking knife, saw, knife, slotted point screwdriver, bung puller, and bottle opener tool. The handle of this stainless multi tool is durable wood and it has a total length of 18cm and a width of 9cm. this multi tool from Rose Kuli can be your best buddy while alone in the wild. With this tool, you can simply do a lot of things including opening a fire hydrant, cutting, prying, twisting a screw, dissolution of a glass’ curtain wall, cut rope curtain or use it to aid you in escaping danger.

Believe it or not, with its size, this multi tool can do a lot of things lit cut, chop and hammer. This best survival multi tool from Rose Kuli has a dimension of 7.1 x 3.5 x 1 inches and weighs 13.8 ounces.


Hoffman Richter HR-100 13-in-1 Multitool

Hoffman Richter HR-100 13-in-1 Multitool

The Hoffman Richter HR-100 13-in-1 Multitool is the best survival multi tool that you can get if you have $50 for a budget. This mid-price multi tool can features 13 tools that you can use for survival, for usual outdoor activities and basic home jobs.

This Hoffman Richter HR-100 13-in-1 Multitool comes with a needle nose pliers, wire cutters, can opener, bottle opener, medium slotted screwdriver, small knife blade, metal file, and large slotted and screw driver with ultra-safe locking mechanism. There is also a saw, mini slotted screwdriver, Philips head screwdriver, and a large knife blade.

This survival multi tool kit comes with a very durable nylon case made from 1000D materials plus a belt case. In addition, a belt loop is also included so if you want to make your multi tool as accessible as possible, attach it in your belt while trekking. This Hoffman Richter multi tool is made from a very tough 40 stainless steel coated with titanium for added durability.

With its components, you can be sure that this multi tool is the only multi tool that you will need in your lifetime. With a Hoffman Richter HR-100 13-in-1 Multitool, you can now have the entire repair kit in your belt (or pocket) and with a lifetime guarantee from Hoffman Richter, you might end up giving this to your grandkids in the future.

Do not make a mistake of purchasing a junk multi tool for a hundred dollar when you can get the best survival multi tool from Hoffman Richter for only $ (click here for the price).


Leatherman 830678 Charge ALX with Leather Sheath

Leatherman 830678 Charge ALX with Leather Sheath

With so many great and awesome multi tools from Leatherman, one of their best survival multi tools that I can recommend if you have a $100 to spare is the Leatherman 830678 Charge ALX with Leather Sheath. This is an 18in1 multi tool hence you can have more options if you find yourself needing something in the jungle.

This multi tool comes with needlenose pliers, regular pliers, hard-wire cutters, wire cutters, crimper and wire stripper. It also has a 154CM knife, 420HC serrated knife, saw, cutting hook, ruler, can opener, bottle opener plus a wood/metal file. In addition to this, there is also a diamond-coated file, large bit driver and small bit driver. This multi tool is made of a 420 stainless steel and it promises durability and strength for a long period of time.

The same stainless steel compound is being used by Leatherman in making its knives and blades, specifically those that are included in its multi tools. Aside from the strong 420HC stainless steel, this multi tool was also developed with the help of 6061-T6 for added durability. This is the same compound used in making the ruffed sheath that comes with the 830678 Charge ALX. The 6061-T6 or heated aluminum alloy makes the multi tool stronger while maintaining its light weight. Other features of the Leatherman 830678 Charge ALX with Leather Sheath are its very light handle and the pliers that can withstand heavier squeezing load 9around 33% more).

This multi tool also has a mechanism that allows the tools to lock in its place better than other regular Leatherman multi tools. Leatherman also employed bronze brushing on this multi tool to allow easy opening of the tools. Lastly, the 154CM stainless steel blade of this multi tool can hold its sharpness longer than regular knife made of regular grade stainless steel. Leatherman believes in the quality of its products and for this one, a 25 year warranty follows it wherever it go.


Gerber MP800 Legend Multi-Plier

Gerber MP800 Legend Multi-Plier

Although most survival multi tool reviews comes with Leatherman multi tools as their top multi-purpose tool, Gerber is also a leader in the multi tool industry on its own rights. One of the top of the line multi tools that Gerber has is the MP800 Legend Multi-Plier. This multi purpose tool has a price tag of $ (click here for the price).

This comes with a very rugged design, great for survival needs and backpackers who always put their life on the line in order to achieve that great adventure in the wilds. This multi tool is highly recommended for hunting, survival games, tactical trainings and simple backpacking activities. The Gerber MP800 Legend Multi-Plier comes with an aluminum handle with rubber inserts for better grip.

The handle is contoured so you can hold it more comfortably as well. This best survival multi tool from Gerber comes with a tungsten carbide wire cutters and the company’s patented Saf.T.Plus. This multi tool comes with different tools such as needlenose pliers, replaceable carbide cutters, fine edge knife, and Fiskars scissors and cross point screwdriver. There are also small, medium and large flat blade screwdrivers plus bottle opener and file. Gerber MP800 Legend Multi-Plier has a dimension of 8 x 4.2 x 1.9 inches and it weighs 12 ounces.


Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ SOS Set Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ SOS Set Pocket Knife

If you are in the market trying to find the best survival multi tool, you can always check what Victorinox can offer. Victorinox has been known for providing great Swiss knives, quality and highly designed knives and their multi tools are of the same level indeed. The best survival multi tool that you can get from Victorinox is their Swiss Army Swiss Champ SOS Set Pocket Knife.

This multi tool can be yours for less than $200. It is very compact and sturdy and it features 14 useful tools that you can use to survive in the jungle. This Swiss multi tool comes with large and small blades can and bottle openers, small and large screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, fine and mini screwdrivers.it also has scissors, wire stripper, wire cutter, pliers and wood saw.

In addition to these, there is also a fish scaler with hook disgorger and ruler, metal saw with metal file and nail file, magnifying glass, reamer with sewing eye, corkscrew, hook, wood chisel, ball point pen, and straight pin.

With so many tools to use, what else can you not do when backpacking? The knife that comes with this multi tool is the SwissChamp Knife, a legend among all Swiss knives that Victorinox has introduced in the market.

A complete kit of this survival multi tool from Victorinox comes with sharpening stone, pressure pencil, writing paper, three bandage strips, and black and white sewing thread. Additional freebies include two sewing needles, five matches, two safety pins, nylon string, signal mirror, ruler, compass, and spirit level. When not in use, you can also put this multi tool in its leather storage pouch and just put it inside your bag.


Leatherman 830685 Charge TTi with Nylon Sheath

Leatherman 830685 Charge TTi with Nylon Sheath

Another best survival multi tool that Leatherman has produced is the 830685 Charge TTi with Nylon Sheath. This Leatherman multi tool has a price tag of $$ (click here for the price). This is one of the best Leatherman multi tools in the market today with its TTI clip-point blade.

This stainless blade is made from a S30V stainless steel known for edge retention and hardiness. S30V stainless steel is also known for its flexibility and strength. To keep this multi tool light, the handle that was attached to it was forged from premium alloyed titanium. This handle is corrosion resistant.

The Leatherman 830685 Charge TTi with Nylon Sheath also comes with a cutting hook that can slice seat belts and linoleum, something that you might need to do in emergency situations. There are different types of bit drivers as well that comes with this multi purpose tool.

The Leatherman 830685 Charge TTi with Nylon Sheath is .10 ounces lighter than other Leatherman multi tool; this is thanks to the titanium compounds used on it. Although it is lighter, this multi tool is still as durable and solid as other Leatherman multi tools are. With this best survival multi tool in your hand, you can be sure now that you can do anything even if you are alone in the jungle.


Types of survival multi tool

Keychain multi tool

Keychain multi tools are the most compact type of multi tools. It is small, light and very practical to bring when you already got a lot of things to carry for your backpacking adventure like food, tent and clothes. Keychain multi tools can be the best survival multi tool for some because it is something you don’t have to worry about until you need it.

Full size multi tool

Full size multi tools are bigger and a bit heavier as compared to keychain multi tools. The advantage of carrying a full size multi tool is that it comes with more tools that can be used for bigger tasks (because the size of the tool is bigger). Full size multi tools also vary in features and carry method as well as in price and construction. If you are planning on a long backpacking adventure, carrying the best survival multi tool from this category is advisable.

General purpose multi tool

A general purpose multi tool is a multi tool used by a specific group. For example, you will be needing pliers for most of your work hence a Gerber multi tool plier is what you need. There are multi tools with different types of drivers as well and different types of cutters. If you knew what you need, finding the best general purpose multi tool can be easy and the same goes for those who are looking for the best survival multi tool.


What is the best survival multi tool for someone who is always on the wilderness? I can say that a multi tool that comes with basic tools and feature is what an outdoor enthusiast needs. A multi tool with a large blade is one feature that you should be considering because large blade can help in food preparation. A multi tool with scissor is also important in case you need to some ropes or bags of chips.

If you need to fix some of your gears from time to time, a screwdriver might come handy as well as well as pliers. For this reason, a multi tool with these basic tools is all you have to find. The best survival tool that you can have is the one that comes with all the tools that you can use. Would you go for a 21in1 multi tool that has a lot of features or a 7in1 multi tool that has basic tools? With price, weight and design for consideration, it is now time to pick your best multi tool!

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