Best Tactical Knife For The Money

In today’s world, it seems everyone is looking for a tactical knife. This has made them to be available in various sizes and prices. Get a perfect knife which will meet your needs and at the same time, be good value for your money. A tactical knife is a knife designed to be used for multiple uses in a tactical way.

Tactical knives are designed for a broader range of uses. A.S.E.K. (Aircraft Survival Egress Knife) is a good example of tactical knives. This is an example of tactical knives. They can be used during emergency from a downed aircraft using the hook knife type multi tools and carbide glass breakers.

These same knives can still be used for S.E.R.E. Survival Escape Resistance Evasion tasks. This includes search and rescue for vehicle extractions and complex rescue tasks.The Ontario knife company offers this ASEK type of knives in the market which are even used by the U.S. military. The sheath of these knives have a multi carry system often M.O.L.L.E. , S.T.R.I.K.E., A.I.T.E.S., and A.L.I.C.E., compatible.

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The Top 6 Best Tactical Knives for the Money

Some of the tactical knives worth every dollar include:



This is a multi purpose knife which was designed in cooperation with 52d ordanance group. It comes with an attachable carrier for crimpers, pliers, flashlight. It goes for less than $200 and it is worth every dollar.

Product Specification

Blade material is 420 modified stainless steel , the blade length is 7 inches, the blade grind is flat level, the handle material is modified kraton, the lock type is fixed, overall length is 12.25 inches, blade color is black, blade hardness is 53-57 HRC, sheath material is glass reinforced nylon,and it is originally from the USA.


OKC Chimera

OKC Chimera

This is a tactical knife that has all the qualities of a great knife. It incorporates survival and egress capabilities which provides the knife with versatility in even the most extreme situations. This is the right knife, at the right place, at the right moment and it will make all the difference for you. It delivers unparalleled performance, versatility and durability. The blade is hardcore, dependable and built to make sure that you get your job done and done well indeed. That is why military personnel love it because it is one of the tool they use when their life is on the line.

OKC Chimera features a phosphate full tang blade which is built for ruggedness, long life and superior penetrating power. The blade is easy to sharpen as it is serrated. It has a high quality Kraton handle which provides the user with a comfortable grip which is secure to hold on all types of weather conditions. The butt cap is made of phosphate, thus can be used as a glass breaker when it comes to escapes or in non lethal enforcement and self defense operations.

The knife can be affixed to spear poles and other objects using cords, wires or vines; thanks to the cross guard, which has a set of machined holes which can come in handy. Its price is affordable and with the bundle of qualities it brings on board, the price of less than $200 is worth investing in.

Specification of OKC Chimera

The blade material is 1095 carbon steel; blade length is 8.25 inches; blade color is black; blade grind is flat bevel with secondary flat bevel; the hardness of the blade is 57-59 HCR; sheath material is Kraton and Polypropylene; overall length is 13.625 inches; blade thickness is 0.200 inches; blade finish is zinc phosphate; edge type is combo;handle material is Kraton; lock type is fixed; and it is proudly made in the USA.


SP-16 SPAX Orange

SP-16 SPAX Orange

This is a perfect tactical knife for breaking glasses when fire fighting, opening and closing hydrants /glass valves or emergency rescues. It has a razor sharp 1095 epoxy powder coated, carbon steel blade. It has a special hole that is sized for opening and closing fire hydrants or gas valves. The handle is made of spec plus ribbed orange material which comes in handy when it comes to location in emergencies and comfortability of use. It has a full tang construction which will assure you of durability. For less than $100, this tactical knife is the best tactical knife for the money.

Specification of the SP-16 SPAX Orange Tactical Knife

The blade material of this tactical knife is 1095 carbon steel; the blade length is 5.2 inches; the blade color is black; the blade grind is full flat taper with flat bevel ; the handle color is orange; the sheath color is black; the lock type is fixed; overall length is 13.1 inches; the blade thickness is 0.250 inches; the blade finish is powder coat; the blade hardness is 57-59 HRC; the handle material is Kraton; the sheath material is leather cordura; the sheath type is belt loop; and the country of origin is USA.


SP-5 Bowie Knife

SP-5 Bowie Knife

This is a great knife that goes for less than $100. It has comfortable handles which are manufactured with a Kraton polymer material. The blade is made of 1095 epoxy powder coated steel and it is constructed with a full tang, has a wide razor sharp edges and a Kydex lined nylon sheath. It has a sharpened back swedge for improved tactical performance and proudly made in the USA.

SP-5 Bowie Knife Specifications

The blade is made of 1095 carbon steel; the blade length is 10.0 inches; the blade color is black; the blade grind is full flat taper; the blade hardness is 57-59 HCR; the handle color is black; the sheath color is black; the lock type is fixed; the overall length is 15.1 inches; the blade thickness is 0.250 inches; the blade finish is powder-coat; the edge type is plain; the handle material is made of Kraton material; the sheath is made of nylon material; the sheath type is belt loop; and the country of origin is the USA.


The Vulpine Blade

The Vulpine Blade

This is a lightweight tactical knife that is overbuilt, has no frills and it is a quality survival skeleton knife. It is a great knife when it comes to survival situations of all sorts. Being a lightweight, it will fit in the backpack without weighing you down. Though it is lightweight, this is a strong knife whose Prommel is designed to dig and hammer into ropes and other obstacles. The 5160 carbon steel blade of this knife is easy to sharpen. Its handle can be gripped comfortably, but still, there is an added 12 feet of Paracord to handle-wrapping. For less than $100, this is a good price for this wonderful knife.

Specification of the Vulpine Blade

The blade length of 4.77 inches; handle length of 5.25 inches; overall length of 10.33 inches; blade is made of 5160 carbon steel; the blade shape is drop point; the blade finish is black phosphate; the blade thickness is 0.20 inches; the handle is made of steel with optional Paracord wrap material; the handle thickness is 0.21 inches; the sheath material is nylon; it weighs 6.9 oz; and it is proudly made in the USA.


Ontario Asek

Ontario Asek

For less than $100, this is a great tactical knife which is adored by the American army soldiers. It is a survival egress knife with sturdy 5 inch carbon steel blade. It is the only knife which is included in the the USA Air Warrior Equipment System. It is tested and approved by PM soldier and Matik Research labs to meet the criteria defined by the US Army. It has a Plexiglas breaker, hammer, saw teeth, serrations, spear holes, lanyard hole and insulated guard. It is a fire proof knife which can be fixed on vests, load bearing equipment, web belt, or can be worn on the calf as designed for Air Warrior. It comes with an anodized aluminium strap cutter to cut webbings cord or cloth.

Specifications of an Ontario ASEK

The blade is made of 1095 carbon steel material; the blade is 0.1875 thick; the overall length is 10.25 inches; the blade is 5 inch long; the blade hardness is 50-54 RC; the zinc phosphate finish inhibits rust; it has serrated edge and sawteeth on spine; it has one piece molded handle with spear holes; it has an insulated handle molded over guard; the butt cap can be used as a hammer; the lanyard hole and glass breaker on butt cap is cool; it is flame retardant nylon sheath with Kydex insert, two leg protectors and straps; it has an anodized aluminium strap cutter, honing rod; lanyard and a replaceable blade; and it is proudly made in the USA.


Tactical knives are multi mission. Rambo survival knives are an older version of the current tactical knives. The Rambo knives used to be large, hollow handle; they had a structural weakness which was caused by the short tang needed to allow for the hollow handle. These type of knives are easy to collapse thus not good to be used in a tactical survival situation. Most of this Rambo knives tend to be heavy and awkward to handle. The modern tactical knives have worked this out and come up with tactical knives which are well designed.

What To Look For In A Tactical Knife Before Committing Your Money

Make sure you know why you are buying the knife before you go out there in the market. Are you buying it for use in the field or just as a piece of decoration in the house? Do you want it as a hunting or a survival knife? Will it be for self defense? Do you mind the weight of the knife or it doesn’t matter at all? Will you be using it in a surrounding where there is corrosion or salt water? Will you need a knife which will need sharpening while out there in the field? Get answers to these questions before you go out there to make any purchase. Otherwise, you might end up buying something which is not worth your money.

Differentiating a Fighting Knife From A Tactical Knife

A fighting knife has a spear point or elongated clip point pattern with a double blade or a sharpened false edge with a metal guard. The grip of a fighting knife is generally constructed out of non slip material and designed to enhance transition from standard to reverse grip. The handle of a fighting knife is a bit heavy to enhance speed. Serrated blades are not favored by hunters as they tend to hang on clothes and equipment.

What Is the Best Material for Tactical Knives

The material depends on the use of the knife. Steels like 1095 HC and D2 are good materials, but are prone to corrosion thus needing certain care and maintenance. Stainless steels can resist corrosion, but some steels can be tough to sharpen. For handles, you can use stacked leather, resin materials such as Micarta or G10. Each of the materials has a unique composition which will affect the performance of the knife. Do a little shopping around before purchasing in order to get value for your money.

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Features to Look For In Tactical Knife

Feature all depends on the intended use for the knife. If you intend to do a lot of rope cutting or line, then partial or full serration will do you good. Lashing holes in the guard and a lanyard hole in the pommel might be good if you want a survival spear. Weight is very essential with lighter being good for portability; but when it comes to things like chopping wood, then a heavier knife will just do. Go for a simple knife that can perform whatever you want to do.

What Is The Ideal Price For a Tactical Knife

Tactical knives vary in prices ranging from under $10.00 to over $500. It doesn’t always add up that, a cheaper knife is not quality. Folding tactical knives are more costly that fixed blades due to the manufacturing cost of the same. Some of the top quality knife manufacturers whose knives are worth every penny are TOPS, Ontario, Lan-Cay, Gerber, and Al Mar.


A tactical knife that is worth your money should be one which will meet all your expectation in a tactical knife. Go through the reviews and get one that fits what you are looking for.

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