The Top 8 Best Tactical Pocket Knives

Picking the right tactical pocket knife can be a hard task because there are several on the market and all seem relatively perfect for the job. You need to go into finer details in order to single out that model that will be worth every penny you spend.

There are clip point blades, Tanto blades and drop point blades just to name a few of the models you will encounter while shopping around. You will get serrated blades, carbon steel blades, stainless steel blades and non serrated blades. Available also are Swiss army knives. So what do you do when you are faced with such a dilemma?

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The Top 8 Best Tactical Pocket Knives

Kershaw Leek 1660 By Ken Onion

Kershaw Leek 1660 By Ken Onion

This is a knife with a distinctive design and features a SpeedSafe ambidextrous assisted opening system.

With SpeedSafe, the user can smoothly and easily deploy the blade with one hand either left or right.

This is an everyday carry knife which is available at an extremely affordable price.

It has an excellent finish and fit and above average cutting performance.

Specifications of the Kershaw Leek 1660 By Ken Onion

It has a 3.0 inch long blade; its overall length is at 7.0 inches long; closed length is 4.0 inches; weight is at 3.0 ounces; blade is made from Sandvick 14C28N material;handle is made of 410 stainless steel material; it has a frame lock; it is originally from the USA.


Spyderco Tenacious Tactical Pocket Knife

Spyderco Tenacious Tactical Pocket Knife

This is a tenacious knife which means it can hold fast; it is persistent and cohesive. It has a black G10 laminate handle, milled with prolonged fatigue free cutting in mind. The blade is made of 8Cr13Mov stainless steel and it is leaf shaped,ground flat from spine to cutting edge for cutting performance. The shape of the blade combined with the hole and textured spine allows you to open the blade and position your thumb on the spine in slip proof confidence ready for work. A four way pocket clip gives you variety of how to set your knife and draw preferences.

Specifications of the Tenacious Tactical Pocket Knife

Its overall length is 7.45 inches; the blade length is 3.15 inches; blade is made of 8CR13MoV steel; closed length is 113 mm; cutting edge is 86 mm; hole diameter is 13 mm; blade thickness is 3 mm; handle is made of G10 material; it weighs 4 oz;and it is made in China.


Spyderco Rubicon Tactical Pocket Knife

Spyderco Rubicon Tactical Pocket Knife

This is a labor of love knife. It is a modified drop point blade that is crafted from premium CPM S30V stainless steel which features a hollow grind and a flat ground upper wedge to handle the toughest tasks. It has a smooth bearing pivot for ease of opening whether through the trademark round hole or integral flipper mechanism. The handle is constructed from titanium liners that are covered with smooth 3D machined carbon fiber scales. It also has G10 inlays around the Tri-spoke pivot and a matching orange backspace. It comes with a pocket clip for single position tip up carry.

Specification of Spyderco Rubicon Tactical Pocket Knife

Overall length is 7.40 inches ; blade length is 3.04 inches; sharpened length is 2.75 inches; blade thickness is 0.14 inches; blade is made from CPM S30V material; the blade style is spear point; it has a hollow grind; the finish is satin; edge type is plain; handle length is 4.34 inches; handle is made from carbon fiber; its color is black; frame is made of titanium; it weighs 4.20 oz; it is for right hand users; pocket clip tip up; and it is originally from Taiwan.


Bocker Mokume Damascus Tactical Pocket Knife

Boker Mokume Damascus Tactical Pocket Knife

It is made from Thomas Damascus forge in combination with the exotic Imbuia wood which makes this knife a must have. The delicate forging process resulted in the 150 layered stainless knife with a fine structure. The bolsters are made from traditional Japanese Mokume which is a combination of different non ferrous metals forged together in a very complex process resulting in a pattern of various colors.

Specifications For Rocker Mokume Damascus Tactical Pocket Knife

Closed length is at 3.87 inches; blade length is 3.13 inches; blade is made of stainless steel (Damascus) material; the blade edge is plain; it has a drop point blade; the handle is made of wood; its total length is 7 inches; the blade color is silver/gray; it is a pocket knife; it weighs 4.3 oz; handle color is brown/tan; and it is originally from Germany.

Strider Model PT Tactical Pocket Knife

Strider Model PT Tactical Pocket Knife

Strider knives are great knives. It has an overall length of 6.5 inches, blade length of 2.75 inches and weighs 2.3 ounces. This is an everyday carry knife and was designed with fun of small pocket knives in mind. The blade is drop point complete with oval thumb hole and well spaced jimping. The grind leans towards hard use. The blade is made of S30V steel and features a gentle stonewashed with an even edge. The handle is classic strider with a G10 back spacer with a titanium frame lock and proprietary pivot. It has great ergonomics.

Specifications of a Strider Model PT Tactical Pocket Knife

The blade is 2.75 inches; it weighs 2.3 ounces; closed length is 3.75 inches, the blade material is stainless steel S30V; the handle is made of green G10 textured finish.


William Henry Mornach Sawtelle

William Henry Mornach Sawtelle

This is a mesmerizing hand engraved frame knife with 24k gold inlays. The blade is hand forged; the one hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with smokey quartz. This is a kind of a knife you will draw from our pocket just to show off to your friends. The hand forged raindrop style Damascus steel blade is paired with an intricately designed handle. The 24K gold frame, stunning desert ironwood handle scales and citrines precious stones for the button lock and thumb studs gives it heirloom artistry that is more suited to a gentlemanly suit.

Specifications of a William Henry Mornach Sawtelle

The blade length is 2.63 inches; the blade is made of hand forged Damascus material; it has a plain edge, drop point, flat grind blade; the handle is made of 24K gold, sterling silver, desert ironwood, citrine material.

Microtech Socom Delta Tactical Pocket Knife

Microtech Socom Delta Tactical Pocket Knife

This is a slender, tactical pocket knife with abilities beyond the needs of ordinary people. It is the best special forces knife for the USA Specs Ops in the field. The blade is powdered steel thus minimizing glare, and the tough as nails G10 handle has a titanium lock bar for strength and lightness. It has a unique ceramic bearing system for smooth operation even in the most critical moments.

Specifications of a Microtech Socom Delta Tactical Pocket Knife

It has an overall length of 9.00 inches; has a blade length of 4.00 inches; the cutting edge is 3.75 inches ; the blade is 0.16 inches thick; the blade is made from ATS-34 materials; the blade style is Tanto; the blade grind is flat; the finish is black; the edge type is plain; the handle length is 5.00 inches; the handle thickness is 0.55 inches; handle is made of aluminium; it weighs 4.95 oz; it is for right hand users; pocket clip tip up; it is originally from the USA.


Rockstead Tei DLC Tactical Pocket Knife

Rockstead Tei DLC Tactical Pocket Knife

This is a cool pocket knife which can act as a sword. It is so sharp and durable that when testing it, you use a heap of 1000 cuts of hemp rope. You can use it to cut dried bamboo without flinching. It is a double convex shaped blade knife that mimics the traditional Japanese sword and it is treated with diamond like carbon for extreme durability. The hard anodized aluminium handle is both light and artful.

Specification of Rockstead Tei DLC Tactical Pocket Knife

Overall length is 8.375 inches; blade length is 3.50 inches; blade thickness is 0.14 inches; blade is made of YXR-7 materials; the blade hardness is 65RC; the blade style clip point; the blade grind is convex; finish is mirror; edge type is plain; handle length is 4.875 inches; handle thickness is 0.62 inches; handle is made of aluminium; frame is stainless steel; it weighs 5.40 oz; it is for right hand users; and it is originally from Japan.


Number of Blades on The Pocket Knife

First, it is good to decide on the number of blades you would wish your pocket knife to have. So get it from the word go if you want a single blade pocket knife, multi blade pocket knife or a multi-tools/swiss army knife.

Single blade pocket knives are available in different shapes and sizes, but they are simple in design. The single blade knife focuses on the design of one larger blade. In most cases, they come with a locking mechanism that makes them stronger and sturdier for high demanding tasks. At times they are designed with a spring loaded opening mechanism which makes them to pop up instantly. The only disadvantage of this type of blades is, they lack variety, you have to condone to using the same blade all through your situation.

Multi blade pocket knives enables you to carry one knife with several in-house knives to do several jobs for you. In most cases, it has between 2 to 4 blades. This type of pocket knives will bail you out in various situations. You never know when you will need to carve a piece of wood in one instant and skin a game in the next. The disadvantage of this type of blades is, they are not as strong and durable as the single blade knives.

Swiss army or multi tool blade pocket knives are the type which comes with more than a blade. In one knife pack, you will get a toothpick, a tweezers, can opener, nail file, scissors, corkscrew and magnifying lenses. They come in various shapes and sizes ranging from three attachments on basic models to the 87 tool giant swiss army knife. It is the best pocket knife for someone who is out in the field, thus making him have a whole range of tools at his disposal while away from home or civilization.

Edges For Pocket Knives

They come in various forms; fully serrated, partially serrated, and plain. Before you decide to purchase a pocket knife that will be best for you, consider the type of edge you want it to have. Each edge has its on pros and cons and the type of edge to go for, will also be determined by what you want to use the tactical pocket knife for.

Plain edge is good for push cuts. It allows you to have better control, more accurate and cleaner cuts. They are also easy to sharpen and don’t require specialization, you can simply do the sharpening at home. The only limitation of this type of edge is it cannot do tough tasks or perform pull cuts. If you want to use the knife for push cuts, then a plain edge will do you justice. It is good for skinning and removing animal hides, but poor on cutting ropes and wood.

Fully serrated edge is good on tougher materials. This is due to the additional strength which comes from the higher pressure per area due to the serrations. They (serrations) tend to be thinner which allows them to cut better than plain edge blades. These edges are hard to sharpen and will always require special sharpening most likely from the manufacturers. If you want a knife for hard cutting and sawing, then this type of edge is the best to go for.

Partially serrated edge has both a plain edge and a serrated edge on the same blade. So you can do both push and pull cuts using this type of knife. The disadvantages of this knife is, it is hard to sharpen. This might be the best edge to go for as you are sorted for both what the plain and serrated blade performs.

The Blade Length

The size of your blade is very important. In the market, you will come across several types of blade length ranging from 2 inches to 7 inches long.

What is it on Small Blades

In most places, this small bladed knives are legal. Many state laws allow one to walk around with a knife of up to 2.75 blade length. Their size allows for easy carry in the pocket. The only cons they have is, they are not strong and versatile enough as compared to their larger counterparts. And in most cases, they are prone to fail in extreme use. They are good for indoor tasks.

What of Medium Blade Knives

Medium blades range between 2.75 – 4 inches. These types of blade size are small enough to fit in the pocket and strong enough to handle a wider range of tasks. They have a variety of locking mechanism thus secure enough to place in your pocket. The only disadvantage of this type is that, most laws ban walking around with knives with more than 2.75 inch blade length. It is good for small and heavy duty situations.

The Larger Blades – More than 4 inches Long

These are the best pocket knives for self defense. They tend to be heavier thus carrying them around is burdensome. The cons of this type of blade is, it cannot pass for an everyday carry device

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Types of Blades and Their Ideal Use

Different types of blade have different types of usage. In the market, you will encounter clip point blades, Tanto point blade, trailing point blade, straight back blade, Wharncliffe blade, pen blade, Spey blade, needle point blade, Sheepsfoot blade, Hawkbill blade, spear point blade, and drop point blade. All the aforementioned are good blades, but you have to get one that is ideal for your situation.

  1. Clip Point Blade

This is a blade whose back (the un-sharpened) edge, has a concave shape, which makes the tip sharper. Most of the blades in the market are of this nature. It creates a cut out area that can be straight or curved. This type of blades are good for everyday use and hunting. The narrow point makes it good for piercing and the deep belly makes it wonderful for slicing.

  1. Tanto Point Blade

Sometimes known as the chisel point, this type of blade has a resemblance to a chisel. It has a high point with a flat grind, but no belly. This is not an all purpose blade and it is specifically designed for push cuts and piercing tougher materials.

  1. Trailing Point Blade

This type of blade has a back that curves upwards to make a deep belly, which makes it perfect for slicing. It is fairly lightweight but its point is weak. It is ideal for skinning and slicing.

  1. Straight Back Blade

This is at times referred to as a normal blade. The front has a curved edge while the back has a straight dull shape that allows for additional pressure. This is an all purpose blade which is great for chopping and slicing.

  1. Wharncliffe Blade

It is back starts to curve closer to the handle for gradual curve. It is significantly thicker than and perfect for carving wood and cutting ability. It is a great all round blade.

  1. Pen Blade

This is mostly found on Swiss Army knives. It has a dull and sharp side and the blade slopes at the same degree making it appear similar to a spear point. Previously used to sharpen quill for writing. It is perfect for small tasks.

  1. Spey Blade

Was once used to spey livestocks. The blade has a straight edge that curves upwards and a straight back with a short flat edge that runs to the tip. It is mostly found on knives with multiple blades and is great for skinning fur bearing animals.

  1. Needle Point Blade

This is a blade that is symmetric and sharply tapers into point. Its thin point is superb for object piercing. It is not durable as it breaks easily. This type of blades have two sharp edges without a belly thus making it difficult to be used as a slicing blade. Not common of folding knives but stiletto knives

  1. Sheepsfoot Blade

This knife is good for those who are normally clumsy with knives because of its dull point that makes it difficult to injure self. It is ideal for cutting and slicing due to its flat cutting edge. They are ideal for emergency responders as they will be able to cut the seatbelt without injuring the victim. They were originally made for trimming the sheep’s foot.

  1. Hawkbill Blade

This blade resembles the curved shape of a hawk’s bill. It has a concave cutting edge and the spine of the blade is typically dull. It isn’t great as a daily carry but it is good for opening boxes, stripping wires and cutting cords.

  1. Speer Point Blade

Both edges rise and fall equally to create a point that lines up perfectly with the centre of the blade. They have extremely sharp points which makes it a good fit for piercing. They come in both single and double edge. It is best for piercing and it has a belly that allows for some slicing.

  1. Drop Point Blade

This is an all purpose blade. The dull end of the drop point runs from the handle, sloping down gentle to meet the sharpened edge and forming the point. It is common on hunting or survival knives. Good for skinning and piercing.


A pocket knife says a lot about you. Check the build quality such as ergonomics , exacting action on the pocket knife blade, tight tolerance between the liner and handle, handle quality. Best tactical pocket knives are a must have for any caring person. They are among the most useful tool to carry around. They are known for having helped people cut food, save others from burning vehicles, defend against crime, during hunting, slice open gift boxes, and do several other tasks. Go through the tactical pocket knife reviews and get one for yourself.

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