Best Trekking Pole Reviews: Top 10 Picks in 2021

1Hiking or trekking poles are intended to make it less difficult for you to appreciate the joy of walking, trekking and hiking especially if you have the best trekking pole in hand.

However, lots of walking poles in the market nowadays can actually make difficulties in walking due to quality.

Some of these poles do not last for long period of time or don’t survive in challenging terrains after extended period of use.

They do not give the best support on all kinds of terrains and they are too difficult to adjust to the correct length for ideal steadiness.

There are poles that weigh too much which will slow you down in walking and lastly, they are hard to pack or store in between uses into a device bag.

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The Top 10 Best Trekking Poles

Here are some of the highest rated trekking poles that you can find in the market today based on price, performance and customer reviews.

Best pole for trekking under $100

Can you possibly find a reliable and durable trekking pole below the $100 mark? Let us find out!

OXA 50% Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Anti Shock Walking Trekking Hiking Poles Walking Trekking Hiking Sticks

OXA 50% Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Anti Shock WalkingTrekking Hiking Poles

In trekking, poles provide a greater stability and balance on irregular paths and it help lessen the force on your knees. This OXA 50% Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles will surely decrease the pressure on your joints, will add power on difficult hikes and improve your balance.

This pole is made of a fine quality 50% carbon fiber material which is lighter than those poles made of aluminum.

It is one of the best lightweight trekking poles. Its quick lock system makes it easier for a trekker to adjust the height of the pole. It has a shock absorbing capability which can intensely lessen injury from the impact of harsh contact.

The handles are made of EVA foam with straps which is comfortable and soft, very stress-free to hold and most importantly, it absorbs wetness from wet hands.


Trekking Poles for Hiking & Walking from Catskills Outdoor

Trekking Poles for Hiking & Walking from Catskills Outdoor

Catskills Outdoor Trekking Poles for Hiking & Walking is one of the toptrekking poles you can find in the market today. This pole can reduce the difficulties and you will enjoy your hiking and walking activities even more.

Catskills Outdoor made this pole stronger than any other pole in the market today. The shaft of Catskills Outdoor Trekking Poles is made of an aircraft grade high tensile 7075 aluminum for consistency and durability. This pole is also more supportive. It can assist trekker with at least 200 pounds of weight on any kind of land or terrain.

With the use of a quick lock system, this pole is easier to adjust in all types of conditions. It can be adjusted even if you are wearing gloves in trekking. It is also considered as one of the best trekking poles for women as each pole only weighs 8 ounces. Lastly, the poles can be retracted to 25 inches for easier storage and packing.


Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles

Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles

Black Diamond offers the most modern features for a very great hiking or trekking experience. These features are available in Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles.

Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Pole is one of the best trekking poles you can find in the market today. This pole is made of an ultralight, 3 piece and tight diameter aluminum shafts which lessen the weight without giving up the strength.

For a very simple adjustment on the length of the pole and enhanced strength and holding force, Black Diamond used a Dual FlickLock Pro pole locking mechanisms. For advanced four stage shock absorption, the poles also present the Control Shock Technology (CST) (patent pending). For additional comfort, Black Diamond trekking pole has a flexible 360 degree Padded Wrist Straps.

The straps are right and left hand specific. Depending on the terrain you trekking, the tip of the pole can be easily changed from carbide to a rubber one because of the switchable tech tips with the WaveLock technology.

This pole has a working length 68 to 140 cm or 27 to 55 inches. The smallest possible storage length of this pole is 66.5 cm or 26 inches. It weighs 568 grams per pair or 1 lb. 4 oz. per pair. In addition, this pole is available in color fire red and grey. For its price and performance in the field, this is indeed the most recommended trekking pole that you can get from Black Diamond.


Olympus Outdoor Aegis Carbon Fiber Folding Trekking Poles

Olympus Outdoor Aegis Carbon Fiber Folding Trekking Poles- Pair

Aegis Carbon Fiber Folding Trekking Poles by Olympus Outdoor are made of a Carbon Fiber. Carbon Fiber is the lightest and strongest material well matched for trekking poles. The poles are available in white and sleek black patter. Both poles can be elongated from 45 to 53 inches.

To extend the pole, just simply hold on the handle using one hand (allow the pole to freely hang) and using the other hand, pull the bottom shaft from the held section until it ticks.

The pole has a press release button which locks in place. Each pole stretch out with a flip lock up system and have assessed patterns for simple adjustment.

The pole’s tip is made of tungsten which guarantees a strong grip on the most challenging of surfaces. For a year round of satisfaction, Olympus Outdoor Aegis Carbon Fiber Folding Trekking Poles also features an additional snow casket.

Not just that, you can also trek or hike with assurance recognizing that the pole’s flip lock connector will not cause to be useless as the adjustment of the connector’s cam contains a locked up nut.

The poles have also a secure smooth foam grips with connected simple to regulate wrist straps. Each of the poles Kevlar tension cord can also be adjusted with ease to one’s sought after setting. These poles are exceptionally manageable to equip on your on the go lifestyle.


Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles is truly one of the trekking poles that are being offered in the market today. Hiker Hunger made this solid pole to be the lightest pole and strongest pole available.

Made of a 100% carbon fiber, this trekking pole is made to last. It is not built with a cheap mixture of aluminum and carbon fiber, but with a carbon fiber only. Carbon fiber is thin, long strand of material which is a pure anti-shock material.

Hiker Hunger poles are ultra-light. Weighing 7.6 ounces for each pole, the pair only weighs 15.2 ounces which is only less than 1 pound.

This pole is also collapsible. The Quick Flip Lock feature of this pole can quickly extend the device from 24 up to 54 inches. It is also very easy to collapse and can be put in safekeeping within your bag when not in use.

This best trekking pole from Hiker Hunger comes with an ergonomic cover grip that is very comfortable to hold, giving user the most excellent promising experience.

The grip can fit in to the shape of the hand and is also moisture wicking. Your grip matched like a glove which minimizes the uneasiness that can be produced by neoprene grips.


Best poles for trekking under $50

For budget conscious hikers and backpackers, here are some of the highest rated trekking poles that you can consider for as low as $50.

Hiking Poles – Collapsible Walking / Trekking Stick by Sendero Outdoors

Sendero Outdoors Collapsible Hiking Poles

This collapsible walking and trekking stick by Sendero Outdoors is absolutely good for kids, men and women. It has a 3 section telescoping pole with a twist to lock system. It can be simply adjusted by tall and short individuals that are around 4.10 inches to 6.5 inches tall. The pole’s handle grip are made of an ergonomic plastic, flexible wrist strap and an EVA foam handle which provides a certainly easy and non-slip hand support.

Each pole has rubberized tips for walkway, trail or any other hard path. It has also a steel tips for rock, ice and gravel or snow.

You can trek, trail run, walk and hike at the pace and rate you choose because Sendero Outdoor poles will give you the best assistance and grip. The sticks are also comprised with spikes which aids in improving your endurance, balance, safety and durability. Not just that, the pole has an anti-shock system which helps in absorbing the pressure on your hips and knees. It helps in decreasing the stress on your joints and aiding to sustain your strength and increasing your conviction to attain your destination goal.

This best trekking pole from Sendero Outdoors is great for outdoor, travel and urban conditions in any type of weather. The pole is also perfect for children, youth and most especially to seniors.


Ultralight Shock Absorber Trekking Pole

Ultralight Shock Absorber Trekking Pole

Ultralight Shock Absorber Trekking Pole by Pamase is one of the best trekking poles under $50.

This pole provides ultimate security as it is built with an ultralight shock absorber E-64K multi direction air carbon fiber.

This provides an efficient aid in reducing the pressure on the knee joint of not more than 75%. Its quick lock system guarantees that the pole joint will not lose with every move you will make. This pole weighs 148 grams and length which can be adjusted from 25 to 53 inches. Keeping the hands dry all throughout the trail is very important.

Ultralight Shock Absorber Trekking Pole by Pamase provides a very comfortable handle made of EVA foam. It also features wide wristbands with wool lining which is very soft. Its grip is very strong as it is made of a tungsten steel rod.


Hiking / Walking / Trekking Poles by Montem

Montem Outdoor Gear Trekking Poles

With Montem ultra strong trekking/hiking poles, you can be assuring that you will get the support you need in your journey. As one of the best trekking poles, it is made of Tungsten which has hardness and a significant partner for steels.

This pole is made to last a long period of time. The handles are made of the famous EVA foam. Not just that, Montem trekking pole is also constructed out of Aluminum 7075. This material is being used to construct airplanes. Montem guarantees the toughest trekking encounter which is perfect for your trekking activities.

Montem ultra strong trekking/hiking pole has adjustable bolts. This allows any trekker of any height to extend the poles faster. It can be lengthen from 24 to 53 inches. With this pole, you will get the perfect length you need. It also comes with a strap made of nylon. The strap will help you avoid dropping the poles. Montem built this pole ultralight. Weighing 9.6 ounces, you will not feel that you are being weighed down.


Voli Trekking Pole

Voli Trekking Pole

Voli Trekking Pole is great device choice in trekking. With a price of less than $500, this pole is considered as one of the top trekking pole you can find in the market this year. Voli Trekking Pole is built of a high carbon fiber material which allows it to be lightweight while keeping its durability.

This pole is adaptable. It comes with a basket, attachments that permit you to modify your poles for any conditions of terrain and a variety of tips. You can use Voli trekking pole in rainy or wet conditions, grass, cement, rock, mud and snowy terrain.

Built with an anti-shock method, Voli Trekking Pole is very easy and very comfortable to use. It helps guard against harm or injury. Since this pole is made of a telescopic mechanism, it permits you to control the adjustment of your trekking pole to your desired perfect height. The ergonomically invented handle is a mixture of cork and foam that make the most of the gripping comfort.


Pinnacle Trekking Hiking Poles

Pinnacle Hiking Poles

Pinnacle Trekking Hiking Poles are made and built from an exceptionally durable, lightweight aluminum.

Each pole only weighs 11 grams which is lighter compared to the stick you are using that you found in the wood. Pinnacle poles can be stretched to several lengths from 25.5 up to 53 inches. It is perfect for person whose height ranges from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 4 inches tall. The poles are extended with the use of a protected twist locking mechanism.

The most excellent part about Pinnacle poles is that they decrease the pressure on your hips and knees by up to 10 percent. It includes an anti-shock technology to lessen the tension on your body as well. Every pair contains a rubber tips for road surface and a Tungsten tips for smoother ground like snow, brush or dirt.

Each pole has also a very relaxing soft plastic grip with a wrist strap. Each set also comes with 2 replacement tips. That is for a total of 4 tips. For its very affordable price, this is the best trekking pole that I can recommend to beginners who are planning to do a level 3 or 4 climb.


Features of a Trekking Pole


Poles made of ultralight materials give the benefit of a smaller amount of swing weight. This causes a simpler and faster to move on track. This also means you will get less fatigue over the track of a long trek. Not just that, Ultralight poles are also less difficult to pack in the bag. The most significant factor of the overall weight of the pole is its shaft’s material. Ultralight poles are classified by REI as those poles that weigh lesser than 1 pound per set. Remember that the best trekking pole that you can use is something that doesn’t even feel like it is there; it should weigh next to nothing.


Majority of trekking poles can be adjusted in their length to heighten the strength on different land. Normally, poles can be adjusted from about 24 inches to 55 inches long. Normally, you will require reducing the length of the poles when traveling uphill and extend them when walking down the hill.

Standard Type

Standard poles are less expensive and are a non-shock absorbing type of pole. Unlike the ultralight poles, this type of pole does not absorb as much force when walking down the hill. On the other hand, standard poles deliver the same level of steadiness and assistance like the shock-absorbing type of poles.

Shock-absorbing Type

This feature of pole provides inner springs that drain off shock when you are walking down the hill. This feature when not needed, however, can be turned off- just like when you are pacing uphill. Shock absorption is suggested if your knees, hips or ankles are already weak and at present damaged. Since shock absorbing pole provides more sturdiness, poles with this type of feature cost more than the other type of pole.

Camera Mounted Pole

Nowadays, some hiking staffs and trekking poles are included with a built-in camera. The camera is mounted under the handle. This feature makes possible the pole to be expended as a monopod.

As a trekking enthusiast, we deeply know how upsetting these problems can cause during the activity. Below are some of the criteria you may also want to consider when buying a trekking pole.

The Tip of the Pole

Steel tips or inorganic or carbide (an inorganic compound) are normally used to deliver grip on any kind of surface and it even provide grip on ice. The life of the tips is being protected by a rubber tip. It extends the life of the pole tips plus it also guards your device when your poles are packed in your backpack. They are helpful as well for usage in delicate areas to lessen the force to the ground. There is also slanted rubber walking tips which is being sold separately. These are being used for hard surfaces like on asphalt.

Pole Baskets

Trekking poles normally consist of a tiny, detachable trekking basket. This can be found at the end of the pole’s tip. There are also large baskets which can be taking the place of small baskets for use in muddy or snowy ground.

Wrist Straps

Most of the poles will let you make adjustments on the length of each strap. This will provide comfortable fit you need during the trek. To avoid resistance or rubbing, straps nowadays are padded and lined.

Reviews and feedbacks from users 

Look for trekking poles reviews. Consumer’s evaluation is one of the most important considerations in buying a great trekking pole. Consumer reviews provide unbiased ratings for the products as their views are based on their experiences.


Nowadays, it is rare to see hikers without using poles in their adventure. Having the best trekking poles are one of the things that an outdoor fanatics need to get ready before getting on their outdoor activities in addition to their backpacks, tent and cooking materials for camping. The name of a popular brand, however, is not an assurance that you will get the best pole.

If you are searching for the best hiking poles to depend on, it is also very important to look and read some of the best hiking poles reviews from consumers. Asking people who are specialists in this area is also a great consideration in buying a trekking pole.

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