What is the Best Tripod for Spotting Scopes?

1Is there a need for the best tripod for spotting scopes when doing your spotting activities? A tripod is an optical equipment accessory that most photographers and spotting scope users can’t do without.  Tripods are not just used for supporting optical devices like cameras and telescopes, it is also used to steady equipment and to support heavy and large optical equipment.

A basic tripod comes with the head that holds and supports the optical equipment. It also comes with a leg to make it stand and to balance. Tripods that are less than $100 or those affordable tripods come in one. The head and the legs attached together.

As for more expensive tripods, the head and the legs are sold separately and the head is removable and interchangeable with a different head for different use and angle.

The most expensive tripod kits come with a head and a leg part and if customers just order a tripod’, they only get the leg. The complete tripod set is sold as ‘tripod kit’ and most brands selling tripod offer it as a kit. When choosing the best tripod for spotting scope, go for the one that is complete and just buy different heads or mount heads as you need in the future.

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The Top 5 Tripods for Spotting Scopes Comparison

Let us take a look at some of the highest rated tripod for spotting scopes that you can find in the market today.

Vortex Optics SKY-1 Skyline Tripod Kit

Vortex Optics SKY-1 Skyline Tripod Kit

If your spotting scope is a Vortex spotting scope then the best tripod for spotting scope that you can buy is also a Vortex. The Vortex Optics SKY-1 Skyline Tripod Kit is the best spotting scope tripod for hunting that we can recommend and it costs less than $300. This tripod features a very durable aluminum body and has micro-fluid head.

This is one of the few selected products from Vortex that comes with a VIP warranty, it means that you can just bring it at any Vortex store in case you need some help. This tripod from Vortex has a dimension of 12 x 6 x 6 inches and weighs 7.3 pounds. The Vortex Optics SKY-1 Skyline Tripod Kit is compatible with other tactical accessories like binoculars, you just have to purchase a separate adapter for it.

In doing so, you have to remove the current head and put in your new adapter for your binocular. The set-up of this tripod is easy to do hence changing heads for different scopes shouldn’t be hard at all.


Swarovski Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

Swarovski Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

For seasoned hunters and spotting scope users, buying one of the best spotting scope tripods is like buying their spotting scope, it is an investment.

Besides, if you have an expensive spotting scope, would you entrust it to a low quality tripod?

For your peace of mind, you can get the Swarovski Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod and trust that your top of the line spotting scope is in good hands.

The Swarovski Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod has a price tag of less than a thousand dollar and this is for a lot of reasons.

For one, the Swarovski Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod is made of carbon fiber hence it is big and durable but is so light.

This tripod is made of fiber-reinforced synthetic components hence you can be sure of its stability and dependability regardless of the terrain it will be standing on.

It has three legs that can be adjusted especially when in an uneven ground.

The shoulder pad is made of neoprene, soft with ergonomic quick-release fastenings.


The size of this tripod when set up is 19.7 inches but can be adjusted to a full length of 66.9 inches.

The total weighs of this tripod from Swarovski is less than 5 pounds.

For its component, performance and the way it was designed, the use of this tripod indeed outweighs the price hence this is the best tripod for spotting scope if you have the money to buy it.

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Leupold Compact Tripod

Leupold Compact Tripod 56446

What is the most popular tripod for spotting scope that you can if your budget is just about $100? Most spotting scopes comes with their own tripod but if your spotting scope doesn’t come with one, you can easily purchase a separate tripod like the Compact Tripod from Leupold.

This Compact Tripod has only costs less than $100 and it is compatible with most Leupold viewing equipment and with other brands. For viewing versatility, you can make some adjustments with this tripod from 15 to 31.5 inches.

The good thing about this tripod is that it can stand without toppling in any surface with the use of its four section legs. The ball head of this tripod is also adjustable and has a quick release base.

If you have a full size spotting scope but you cannot bring your full size tripod because of its weight, you can trust the Leupold Compact Tripod to do the job for you. This tripod has a dimension of 17 x 9 x 5.2 inches and weighs 2.9 pounds.


Bushnell Tripod Window Mount

Bushnell Tripod Window Mount

So you are on a ride to the country and you noticed a lot of great things around you. You want to use your spotting scope to check out the surroundings, so what will you use?

One of the favorite items in most tripod for spotting scope reviews is the car window tripod from Bushnell – the Tripod Window Mount. This Tripod Window Mount from Bushnell is a convertible tripod hence it can be used as a tripod on a flat surface or can be mounted in cars.

It is a freestanding tripod and it has a height of 8 inches. This is a very light tripod yet it can accommodate regular size spotting scopes.

This also comes with a lifetime warranty from Bushnell. This convertible tripod has a dimension of 4.8 x 1.8 x 7.2 inches and weighs 8 ounces. With its weight and design, this is one of the best tripod for spotting scope that you can find in the market today, easy to carry and to use.

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Konus 3-Pod 3 Tripod for Spotting Scope

Konus 3-Pod 3 Tripod for Spotting Scope

The Konus 3-Pod 3 Tripod for Spotting Scope is the best spotting scope tripod that you can find for less than $20.

This tripod is cheap but it can offer a lot of things that most expensive tripods offer.

For one, this tripod has 91 degree movement allowing user to change sight without the need to move around.

This tripod also feature a height of 106cm or 3.4 feet on a max.

This only weighs 13 ounces so what more can you ask for?

The Konus 3-Pod 3 Tripod for Spotting Scope has a dimension of 9 x 9 x 47.2 inches.

For regular hikers and trekkers who do so because they enjoy nature watching, this tripod is all you need to make your walk as light as possible.

For its price and use, this can be the best tripod for spotting scope for people in a tight budget.

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How to choose a tripod?

In choosing the top tripod for spotting scope, you need to consider the weight of the scope you are using. If you are using a heavy scope, you will need a tripod with heavy head. For a compact spotting scope, a regular tripod will do (the one that costs less than $100). If you can spend some money on a tripod, do not buy tripods with plastic heads because these are prone to cracking. In addition, if you are using a compact spotting scope, there is a compact tripod that might suit your scope. The best way to choose the most popular tripod for your scope is to always ask questions.

Types of tripods

Shooter’s tripod

Shooter’s tripod are tripods that are used on top of a table. These are called table top tripods as well and are normally between 8 inches to 18 inches tall. These tripods don’t come with tripod legs. This is also recommended for light spotting scopes only.

Compact Tripod

Compact tripods are smaller than a regular sized tripod and can be used even when sitting down. Backpackers and mountain climbers often bring this type of tripod because of the ease of transporting them and mostly because backpackers always use compact spotting scope and binoculars.

Full Size Tripod

For full size spotting scope, a full size tripod is highly recommended because it can be used even if the user is in the standing position. Full size tripods also comes in sizes and weight so before choosing a full size tripod, make sure that it is compatible with your spotting scope, not too big but not too small and too light.


Although there are a lot of best tripod for spotting scopes that you can find in the market today, you only have to remember two things, support and durability. As for the durability, it is knowing how durable the tripod can be.

Will it survive the harsh condition outdoors and will it survive the usual wear and tear? When it comes to support, it means the weight that the tripod can support. Is it good enough to support your spotting scope? The best tripod for spotting scope is the one that can suit your need and your spotting scope regardless of where you are.

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