Top 3 Best Whitewater Kayaks in 2021

Whitewater KayakWhitewater kayaking is a water sports that involves kayaks. It is a battle against a moving body of water like rivers.

Since you will be fighting against the current, you need to have the best whitewater kayak to enjoy the ride.

It is also important that you have a durable and stable kayak to begin with.

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Top 3 best white water Kayaks

Here are the top 3 whitewater kayak that you can check in the market today.

Zydeco 9.0 Kayak from Dagger

Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 9.0 Kayak

For the first best whitewater kayaks list we have, we are featuring the Zydeco 9.0 Kayak from Dagger. The one size Zydeco whitewater kayak is a great kayak for only $$$$ (click here for price).

The Zydeco 9.0 Kayak from Dagger features CFS-R Seating System and bungee deck rigging. It has a paddle park and a slide lock foot braces system to keep you in your seat and in your kayak even when facing the strongest rapids.

This whitewater kayak from Dagger offer s more maneuverability while going faster. This kayak has a dimension of 109 x 28.5 x 14.2 inches and weighs 36.5 pounds. It is made of polyethylene. For the ultimate whitewater kayak, this is one of the most affordable ones you can get without sacrificing durability and stability while on rapids.


Thunder 65 Whitewater River Running Kayak

Riot Kayaks Thunder 65 Whitewater River Running Kayak

What is the best whitewater kayaks from Riot Kayaks? The second item in our whitewater kayak list is the Thunder 65 Whitewater River Running Kayak. This is a river running kayak as well. Most whitewater kayaks will only keep you on track while you use your energy in maneuvering but with the Thunder 65 Whitewater River Running Kayak, you can take advantage of its design to keep you on course.

This kayak from Riot Kayaks has a flat, fast hull and a unity seating system with floating backrest. The contour of the kayak follows your body and fits your torso for better and easier movement. For a price of $8 (click here for price), you got a  kayak that measures 7.66 feet by 25.5 inches and weighs 44 pounds. This kayak is made of polyethylene.


Emotion Glide Sport Kayaks

Emotion Glide Sport Kayaks

The last item on our whitewater kayak reviews is the Emotion Glide Sport Kayaks. This kayak is made of High Density Polyethylene, a material that is needed to make sure that your kayak can survive high rapids levels. How sure you are with the quality of this kayak? Lifetime offers 5-year warranty to assure you that this is durable enough to last every day action.

For a price of $$$$ (click here for price), you can get a kayak that can survive any water condition, can do speed and tracking and can maneuver regardless of how strong the rapids are. The ST Performance Hull of this kayak gives it all. For your comfort as you stay on top of your kayak, the Comfort Rest System Seat that comes with this kayak will make sure that your bottom is comfortable while your torso makes the fight for you. If you want to have a drink ready all the time – use the drink holder near your seat.

This best whitewater kayak from Lifetime has an available rig design for bow and stem. Fear the rapids no more with this kayak that is made of Ultra-Durable UV Protected High-Density Polyethylene Plastic.


Types of whitewater kayaking

  • Riverrunning is one of most popular form of kayaking. This is about surviving the wild water of a river and its rushing flow. There are specific riverrunning kayaks too that you can choose from if you will be focusing on this type.
  • Creeking is under riverrunning but it is more difficult. Creeking is like running in a small body of water that is full of rapids of different levels including waterfalls.
  • Slalom is a whitewater event that you can see in the Olympics. In Slalom, the competitors will have to go through a series of gates or levels of rivers with the fastest time possible.
  • Playboating is about the artistic style of kayaking while facing rapids and flowing water. It is about maneuvering and going through the rapids.
  • Squirtboating is like playboating but this time, the kayakers are using smaller boats.


The best whitewater kayak alone won’t make your whitewater adventure a success. You should have a great paddle as well. During whitewater kayaking, it is also important to wear a buoyancy aid or a floating device like life jackets, helmet, spray skirt and a whistle.

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