How to Dress for Summer Camping

summer camping

To make the most of a few days at camp the right clothing is essential. You probably already have everything you need, but I have put together a few tips to help you plan even if camping is something that is a new experience for you.  Some basic principles are your guide: layers, the right … Read more

How to Pack a Backpack for Camping

If you think you can just “stuff” a pack willy-nilly like a suitcase, you will regret it. There really are few things worse than having to unpack mid-trail and spend your valuable outdoor time fussing with gear.  Do it right before your trip and you’re going to get more enjoyment out of your camping experience. … Read more

Camping Gear List: Things to bring in 2021

camping gear and german shepherd

Making a camping gear list is an important part of planning for an enjoyable camping trip.  Think of your camping gear list is a living document. Instead of just making a list and checking it off for the upcoming trip, plan on keeping the list. When you get home and unpack, make note of the … Read more

How to Set Up a Camping Hammock

Why hammocks? What is the big deal about hammocks you say? Is this just a gimmick that those people that just have to stand out are into, or are there real advantages? Comfort – Hammocks can be great, once you learn what hang works for you. It is an art not a science, and some people … Read more

How to Start a Campfire the Easy Way

There are a million ways to start a fire. Some are faster than others, some are more efficient than others. Some are even cheaper than others. No matter the method, If you put the right amount of heat on a combustible object you will eventually start a fire. I say eventually because the whole turning … Read more