42 Must-Know Deer Hunting Tips

Deer hunting to some is not just a means of getting venison for their family. To some deer hunting is seen as a sport, and the trophy is the mounted head of the kill. For a new hunter, the skill can be a challenge to develop, especially if there isn’t a mentor to teach it … Read more

What is the Best Clover for Deer?

deer clover

When you start doing your research on clover there are many varieties out there. Nevertheless, what is the best clover for deer? You need a clover seed with nutritional qualities and needs to be flexible in food plots. When you look at the different forage types for deer clover still stands out as the favorite treat.  … Read more

How to field dress a deer

Field dressing an animal in the field means you aren’t going to process and bag up all the separate cuts of meat right there in the field. Although you certainly could completely process the deer right there in the field, it is not common practice, and not recommended. If you live and hunt in the … Read more

Top 3 Best Deer Feeders For The Money

There are different deer feeders which are best deer feeders for the money. There are automatic feeders, bucket and barrel type deer feeders, trough type deer feeders and PVC deer feeders. When it comes to PVC deer feeders, they are made of between 6 and 10 inch PVC. Bucket or barrel deer feeders are made from 5 … Read more