6 Tips & Tricks to Catch More Fish in Saltwater

Relatively new to saltwater fishing or preparing for a big saltwater fishing trip with your buddies? Aside from talking to experienced fishermen and reading on some books, you’re doing the right thing by stocking up on some knowledge before you literally test the waters!  Truth is, there is really no one right way to fish, … Read more

How to find the Best Rod and Reel Combo

When I bought my first brand new fishing rod & reel set I think I only had two criteria: one, it had to cost less than my saved allowance and two, it had to look cool tied to my BMX bike. Of course I was probably 10 or 12 years old so I really didn’t … Read more

Fly Fishing is Not Just for Trout Anymore

When most anglers think of fly fishing, their first thought is of big skies and big water with fellows in waders battling huge trout in a western trout stream or anglers catching giant steelhead and salmon in northern streams as they start their journey upstream to spawn. However, let me paint you a very different … Read more

10 lures you can’t afford to not have in your tackle box

The key to catching fish is not have your tackle box full of the latest and greatest lures; it is making sure you have the best “go to” lures in your tackle box. These “go to” lures are not the ones you saw on latest week’s sponsored fishing show or being thrown by your favorite … Read more

What is Fly Fishing?

The first written references to fishermen fishing with something resembling a fly comes from as far back as Greek and Roman times. However, fly fishing as we know it today actually started on the chalk streams of England where people would observe wily Brown Trout casually rising to hatching May Flies while ignoring any other … Read more