What is the Best Airsoft M4?

M4 is among the most popular military rifle today. In the US military, M4 is the most used carbine rifle. M4 is the shorter version of M16. It is also lighter. Since it is the most popular combat weapon in the military, it is also the most popular type of airsoft rifle that you can … Read more

The Top 3 Airsoft Gas Pistols

There are different types of airsoft pistols – we have electric airsoft pistols, spring airsoft pistols and gas airsoft pistols. Spring airsoft is the most common airsoft type in the market and it is widely available. This airsoft uses spring to release the plastic pellet or ammo from the airsoft gun’s barrel. Spring airsoft pistols … Read more

Top 3 Best Airsoft GBB Pistols

As the world and technology evolves, so is the way that airsoft guns are being developed and manufactured. We have seen how gbb or gas blow back airsoft rifles and pistols were introduced as well as the electro-pneumatic gearbox rifles. The main reason for these changes according to seasoned airsoft users is that it gives … Read more