Top 5 Best Depth Finders

Depth finders are invaluable tools for anybody who would want to have success in fishing. This tool will help and increase your chances of finding fish in those waters. It is considered as a secret weapon for successful fishing. This depth finders come in different shapes, sizes and styles. But if you know what you … Read more

What is the Best Fish Finder? (ANSWERED)

The first question you need to ask yourself before choosing a fish finder is, “Will whatever am buying help me to catch the most fish?”  If the answer to this question is yes, then go ahead and buy it. Don’t look for the flashers, transducers, echoes, sonars,and transom mounts. The main things one needs to … Read more

Top 5 Fish Finders Under 300 in 2021

When going out to fish, a fish finder is an important gadget which should never be left behind. At times it is hard to find the fish by merely looking at the waters. Let technology do the search for you while you just enjoy yourself in the boat. Buying a fish finder doesn’t have to … Read more

Top 3 Best Lowrance Fish Finders in 2021

Lowrance is one of the leading manufacturers of fish finders. It started with its first recreational sonar way back in 1957. As of now, they have several great fish finders to their credit, which have the most current technology of DownScan Imaging and broadband sounder technology. Click here for the Best Lowrance Fish Finder available … Read more

The 3 Best Fish Finder GPS Combos

To combine a fish finder which has a GPS is a good idea instead of buying them separately as it offers the fishermen and anglers more advantages. This combination gives one the advantages that you need for your fishing and navigational needs. When you get a combo, you only pay for a single screen, single … Read more

What is the Best Fish Finder under $200?

If your budget for a fish finder is under $200, then it is best to shop around for a fish finder that is within your budget and at the same time, meets your fishing requirements. The best fish finder for under $200 should have a nice full color screen in sizes from 3.5 inches to 5 inches … Read more

Top 2 Best Sonar Fish Finders

Sonar is an acronym for sound navigation and ranging. The best sonar fish finder makes great use of the echo. When a machine or an animal makes noise, sound waves are formed in the surrounding environment which bounce back off to the nearby object and some are reflected back to the object that made the noise. The … Read more

What is the Best Fish Finder For The Money?

There are several factors to consider before making the conclusion that whatever you are buying is the best fish finder for the money. If you are new in this field of buying fish finders, you might be overwhelmed by the many fish finders available in the market as they come in different sizes, shapes and different … Read more

What is the Best Ice Fishing Finder?

Ice fishing in winter can be fast and furious and fun, even with the lakes sealed with ice. Before going out for ice fishing, there are several tips you need to know in order to have a fruitful day out at the lake, ocean or sea. Click here for the Best Ice Fishing Finder available … Read more

Top 11 Best Portable Fish Finders

When you want to fish, you need to rely on a good boat and a good portable fish finder. It is a known fact that fish finders that are portable are usually cheaper, but that doesn’t mean that more expensive ones are always the best option. Though they are considered cheap in terms of cost, … Read more