How to Buy a Gun in New York City

Buying a gun, especially a handgun, in NYC is a very complex and long process. Expect to devote some serious effort into assembling all of the required documentation. Allow for at least 6 months for the process to be complete.  In this article I will detail the process for buying both handguns and rifles/shotguns in … Read more

How to Buy a Gun in New Jersey

If you are looking to buy a gun in New Jersey, this article with explain the process including permitting, age requirements, waiting periods and background checks.   Permits: There are two different permits relevant to buying a gun in New Jersey: Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (FPIC): This permit is required for the purchase of long guns … Read more

Top 3 Best Kydex Holster Reviews in 2021

When it comes to holsters, there are just two choices, you can go for the best kydex holster or go for any type of holster. I am kidding! Actually, you can consider a nylon holster and a leather holster as well but when it comes to advantages and benefits, a kydex holster will surely kick … Read more

What is the Best CO2 Pellet Pistol in 2021?

Why would shooters and pellet pistol owners prefer the best co2 pellet pistol over other type of pistols such as spring or pneumatic powered pistols? There are basically four methods to make an airsoft pistol work, through the power of C02, the power of compressed air, with the help of mechanical spring or being a … Read more

What is the Best IWB Holster for Glock 26?

For shooters with a Glock 26, having a gun belt is not enough and having the best IWB holster for Glock 26 is mostly what they need. IWB or inside the waistband holster is a popular choice among pistol owners because it allows them to carry their guns while concealing it perfectly. Click here for … Read more

What is the Best 22 Pellet Rifle?

Finding the best 22 pellet rifle to use in hunting and target shooting games can be exhausting especially if you have to choose from a wide array of options. This is even worse if you have no idea at all on what to check when looking for a pellet rifle. My first advice to beginners … Read more

What is the Best Single Stage Reloading Press?

With ammunition price continuing to increase year after year, reloading has become more popular hence more individuals are into getting the best single stage reloading press they can find. Aside from increasing price, there are ammos that are running out of supply (commercially). Knowing that having a press can save gun owners some money in … Read more

Top 5 Best Reloading Kits in 2021

If you want a steady supply of ammo, get the best reloading kit that you can use. Having a reloading kit will not only give you unlimited ammunition for your target shooting practices, it will also keep you from spending more for the said hobby. The question is what is the top reloading kit that … Read more

Top 5 Best Progressive Reloading Presses in 2021

If you are planning on saving on buying bullets, reloading is one of the best alternatives there is. You can be successful in doing this if you have the best progressive reloading press. A progressive reloading press is a type of press that can provide and reload ammos fast and accurately. This is recommended for shooters who are joining … Read more

Best Turret Reloading Presses: Top 3 in 2021

Finding the best turret reloading press is just like finding a good reloading press. A turret press is basically a type of a reloading press. It works like a single press but can do more like a progressive press. For beginners, having a turret reloading press is highly recommended because it is easier to use. … Read more