Top 5 Best Turret Presses in 2020

If you are trying to find your first turret press, understanding about turret presses should be your first assignment. Turret press, also known as a turret punch is a machine used to form a metal by pressing or punching it. A turret press is often used by firearm and gun owners in reshaping and recycling … Read more

What is the best .308 assault rifle in 2021?

Whether the 5.56 is better than the 7.62 is an age-old question that continues to spark heated debate. But all that needs to be said is that the military chose the 5.56 due to the ability to carry more ammunition, shoot more accurately, and wound the enemy more effectively (wound ballistics). The fact remains that … Read more

What is the Best Gun Oil in 2021?

Part of maintaining a gun’s performance is having the best gun oil to clean it all the time. Gun oil is not just used to clean a gun, it is also used to keep them smooth and to maintain optimum performance especially if not used often. Gun oil is used by most firearm enthusiasts and … Read more