Top 5 Best Tactical Tomahawks

During the Native American war, the best tactical tomahawk was being used for battle. Today, tomahawks are being used as a gear to face battle in the wilderness. Today, there are at least two common types of tomahawks invading the market, those replica tomahawks and survival tomahawks. Replica tomahawks are constructed mirroring the same tomahawk … Read more

What is the Best Multi Tool for Backpacking in 2021?

One of the best inventions of all time, multi tool is really perfect for everything especially in an outdoor activity like backpacking. Aside from your backpack, foods, and communication gadgets, you may also need  the best multi tool for backpacking. Multitool is very important thing to bring whenever you are in a backpacking activity as … Read more

What is the Best Survival Tent in 2021?

Mountain hikers and campers always prepare thing that they need in case emergency arises such as food, water and the best survival tent for their shelter. Other survivalist might question this list but personally, these are the things that I always have in mind whenever preparing for a long outdoor journey. Since food and water … Read more