Top 5 Best Throwing Tomahawks in 2021

Finding the best throwing tomahawk is important if you are taking up hobby in this awesome sport. A throwing tomahawk is not a common sport in the world but there are certain countries and places where this is considered as the sport of their ancestors and play it in remembrance of their great ancestors who … Read more

Top 5 Best Tactical Tomahawks

During the Native American war, the best tactical tomahawk was being used for battle. Today, tomahawks are being used as a gear to face battle in the wilderness. Today, there are at least two common types of tomahawks invading the market, those replica tomahawks and survival tomahawks. Replica tomahawks are constructed mirroring the same tomahawk … Read more

Top 15 Best Tomahawks in 2021

With the best tomahawk in your hand, you can definitely achieve more while in the wilderness as compared to a survival knife or a neck knife. While out in the wilderness, you might need to get some wood, chop it up so you can have a bonfire all night long and the best tool to … Read more