How to Choose Hiking Clothes

Hiking clothes can be categorized into several different categories – base layers, insulating layers and hard-shells or wind-breakers. By combining these layers, you will be able to fine-tune your clothing performance for any activity, weather conditions and duration of the trip. In this article I will be discussing some of the most essential types of … Read more

What is mountain running?

I am a mountain runner and there is nothing I would be more proud to say about myself. I have become a part of this world fairly recently, but it has become one of the deepest, core parts of me as an outdoors person and a human in general. What is mountain running? Well, it … Read more

10 Essential Items for Mountain Hiking

Once, while hiking through the stunning New Zealand mountains, I met a man dragging two packs – a massive 85L one on his back and another smaller 40-50L – on his chest. When I met him again later that evening in a backcountry hut, I couldn’t not ask him about his burden – “what are … Read more

5 Things to Avoid When Buying Gear for Your First Thru Hike

Planning for your first thru hike can be an adventure all of its own. Food preparation, weather considerations, gear jargon, and itineraries all add up to what seems to be impossible. As a backpacking guide I know what it’s like to get started and I’ve helped hundreds of others get started sorting through the massive … Read more

10 Things you need to know about hiking

Hiking is a beautiful, liberating experience, accessible to everyone; it is an amazing way to explore, relax and experience the best the area can offer. Hiking trips vary in duration, difficulty and can be anything from an hour walk to a scenic lake to a challenging multi-day mountain traverse. Outdoors knowledge and skills come with … Read more