How to Choose Hiking Clothes

Hiking clothes can be categorized into several different categories – base layers, insulating layers and hard-shells or wind-breakers. By combining these layers, you will be able to fine-tune your clothing performance for any activity, weather conditions and duration of the trip. In this article I will be discussing some of the most essential types of … Read more

What is mountain running?

I am a mountain runner and there is nothing I would be more proud to say about myself. I have become a part of this world fairly recently, but it has become one of the deepest, core parts of me as an outdoors person and a human in general. What is mountain running? Well, it … Read more

10 Essential Items for Mountain Hiking

Once, while hiking through the stunning New Zealand mountains, I met a man dragging two packs – a massive 85L one on his back and another smaller 40-50L – on his chest. When I met him again later that evening in a backcountry hut, I couldn’t not ask him about his burden – “what are … Read more

10 Things you need to know about hiking

Hiking is a beautiful, liberating experience, accessible to everyone; it is an amazing way to explore, relax and experience the best the area can offer. Hiking trips vary in duration, difficulty and can be anything from an hour walk to a scenic lake to a challenging multi-day mountain traverse. Outdoors knowledge and skills come with … Read more