Ten Tips to Make Your Next Deer Hunt More Successful

Any hunter that has ever hunted Whitetail Deer will tell you that they are very wary animals and that hunting them is a lot more challenging than most people would believe. Thus, while there is definitely a certain amount of luck involved, simply walking out into the woods, finding a likely place to set up … Read more

What to Look for When Purchasing a Hunting Knife

Many hunters spend years developing their skills in pursuing their chosen game species in order to be able to successfully harvest the animals that they choose to hunt. In addition, they also often spend numerous hours studying firearms and ballistic charts, various brands and types of archery equipment, and even different types and patterns of … Read more

Turkey Decoys: Help or Hazard?

In the Spring, the countryside starts to wake up from its long Winter’s nap and hunters who have long since put away their bows and guns start to get the itch to go hunting even though deer season has long since come and gone. Thus, it’s during this time of year that you are likely … Read more

How to Sight-in a Rifle Scope

Let’s face it, sighting-in a rifle scope can be an arduous process unless you are one of those people that is a master of Yoga such that you can control both your breathing and your heart rate in addition to every muscle in your body at will. Otherwise, just like everyone else, you struggle to … Read more