How to Keep Dry in the Outdoors

Staying dry and keeping your gear dry is one of survival strategies, when in the backcountry, especially in cold months, high exposure or mountains. Wet clothes rarely provide any insulation and often even drain your body’s heat, depending on the materials. In this article I will discuss the main strategies how to keep yourself and … Read more

Essential Backpacking Gear List: The Gear You Need in 2021

backpacking gear

Even seasoned hikers use a checklist to make sure they have everything that they need on the trail. Whether you are new or old-hat, these backpacking gear lists are designed to help you make sure you have not forgotten something important before you set off on your next backpacking adventure.  I encourage you to keep … Read more

10 Things you need to know about hiking

Hiking is a beautiful, liberating experience, accessible to everyone; it is an amazing way to explore, relax and experience the best the area can offer. Hiking trips vary in duration, difficulty and can be anything from an hour walk to a scenic lake to a challenging multi-day mountain traverse. Outdoors knowledge and skills come with … Read more

10 lures you can’t afford to not have in your tackle box

The key to catching fish is not have your tackle box full of the latest and greatest lures; it is making sure you have the best “go to” lures in your tackle box. These “go to” lures are not the ones you saw on latest week’s sponsored fishing show or being thrown by your favorite … Read more

The Economics of Hunting and Conservation

Because hunters are required to gain an intimate understanding of both the game species they are hunting as well as the environment and how the two interact with each other, hunting provides an introduction to the outdoors in a way that no other sport can equal. Consequently, it’s no wonder that hunter’s are our country’s … Read more

What is Fly Fishing?

The first written references to fishermen fishing with something resembling a fly comes from as far back as Greek and Roman times. However, fly fishing as we know it today actually started on the chalk streams of England where people would observe wily Brown Trout casually rising to hatching May Flies while ignoring any other … Read more

What to Look for When Purchasing a Hunting Knife

Many hunters spend years developing their skills in pursuing their chosen game species in order to be able to successfully harvest the animals that they choose to hunt. In addition, they also often spend numerous hours studying firearms and ballistic charts, various brands and types of archery equipment, and even different types and patterns of … Read more

Turkey Decoys: Help or Hazard?

In the Spring, the countryside starts to wake up from its long Winter’s nap and hunters who have long since put away their bows and guns start to get the itch to go hunting even though deer season has long since come and gone. Thus, it’s during this time of year that you are likely … Read more

How to Sight-in a Rifle Scope

Let’s face it, sighting-in a rifle scope can be an arduous process unless you are one of those people that is a master of Yoga such that you can control both your breathing and your heart rate in addition to every muscle in your body at will. Otherwise, just like everyone else, you struggle to … Read more