How to Keep Dry in the Outdoors

Staying dry and keeping your gear dry is one of survival strategies, when in the backcountry, especially in cold months, high exposure or mountains. Wet clothes rarely provide any insulation and often even drain your body’s heat, depending on the materials. In this article I will discuss the main strategies how to keep yourself and … Read more

What is the Best Clover for Deer?

deer clover

When you start doing your research on clover there are many varieties out there. Nevertheless, what is the best clover for deer? You need a clover seed with nutritional qualities and needs to be flexible in food plots. When you look at the different forage types for deer clover still stands out as the favorite treat.  … Read more

Top 5 Places for the Best RV Camping in Oregon

oregon camping

There are so many different landscapes and natural treasures in Oregon that planning a trip can be daunting. This article explores 5 top destinations for RV camping, each in a different part of this large and sprawling state: Whalers Rest RV & Camping Resort: Newport, OR Mazama Village Campground: Crater Lake, OR Mallard Creek Golf … Read more

How to Plan a Camping Trip: 3 easy tips

camping tents

Camping is a great way to unplug from the hectic modern world and reconnect with nature and our friends and loved ones. Good planning will help you be prepared for your trip so you can spend your down time having fun rather than agonizing over what you forgot to pack.  This article is a start … Read more

The Best Rangefinder Under $200

Rangefinders are considered to be part of the basic essentials any hunter should have. A rangefinder is a device that will help in measuring how far a target is, from the observer. The gadget is commonly used with cameras or guns and will help you in achieving accuracy.  There are different types of rangefinders, which … Read more

What is the Best Spotting Scope Under $1000?

When you want to view objects that are farther away from you, the power of a quality spotting scope will help you get clear pictures. They are perfect for use especially when you want to achieve long range viewing. Now spotting scopes are available in different brands as well as prices. With less than 1000 … Read more

How to Keep Food Cold While Camping

One of my favorite parts about camping is celebrating with great food and cold drinks. I like to have everything I need for a few great meals for the whole crew, cooked over the fire, cowboy style.  Over the years I have refined my system to make the most of limited cooler space and limited … Read more

Tools Needed to Self-Process Game Meat

For many years we had the fear of processing our own game. Would we waste it trying to get the right cuts? Would we take too long trying to figure it out, and the meat would go bad? Yes, those fears are legitimate if you have never seen anyone process an animal. Although, when we … Read more

The Economics of Hunting and Conservation

Because hunters are required to gain an intimate understanding of both the game species they are hunting as well as the environment and how the two interact with each other, hunting provides an introduction to the outdoors in a way that no other sport can equal. Consequently, it’s no wonder that hunter’s are our country’s … Read more