5 Basic Survival Skills for the Wilderness

Survival tips for the wilderness

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced adventurer, always appreciate the dangers of the great outdoors. Being in the wild can put you in a compromising position that can cause fear and panic. While you can’t predict when unexpected events will occur, the good news is that you can always prepare yourself for any situation … Read more

How to Sight In a Rifle Scope

Sighting in a rifle scope can be challenging, even for experienced shooters who can control their breathing and heart rate. It requires holding the body steady and controlling the breath, but other factors like air temperature, barometric pressure, and wind can affect accuracy. There are two ways to sight-in a rifle scope: using a laser … Read more

What to Bring to an Airsoft War

Here’s a short and simple list of what you’ll need to pack for an Airsoft battle. Everyone has their preferred play style, so your list may evolve as you adjust and improve. Keep a written list that you update as you unpack. This way, you can have a reliable reference to remember everything when packing … Read more

How To Field Dress a Deer

Field dressing an animal in the field means you aren’t going to process and bag up all the different cuts of meat right there. Although you certainly could completely process the deer right there in the field, it is not common practice and not recommended. That is a different story if you live and hunt … Read more

117 Essential Survival Tips and Tricks in 2023

Survival in an emergency situation is primarily based on common sense. That being said, knowing a few survival tips can be beneficial. Here are some ideas that might save your life. Survival strategies are divided into four categories: food, water, fire, and shelter. I will first cover tips for acquiring food. Acquiring Food Trapping is … Read more

What to Look for When Purchasing a Rifle Scope

Are you looking for an accurate rifle scope to help you hit your targets? If so, you may be wondering about the specs that come with a scope. Here is a brief guide on the parts of a scope, their effects, and what you should look for when purchasing a scope. The invention of the … Read more

Ten Tips to Make Your Next Deer Hunt More Successful

Any hunter that has ever hunted Whitetail Deer will tell you that they are very wary animals. Hunting them is a lot more challenging than most people would believe. While there is a certain amount of luck involved, simply walking out into the woods, finding a place to set up your stand or ground blind, … Read more