How to Keep Dry in the Outdoors

Staying dry and keeping your gear dry is one of survival strategies, when in the backcountry, especially in cold months, high exposure or mountains. Wet clothes rarely provide any insulation and often even drain your body’s heat, depending on the materials. In this article I will discuss the main strategies how to keep yourself and … Read more

What is the Best Clover for Deer?

deer clover

When you start doing your research on clover there are many varieties out there. Nevertheless, what is the best clover for deer? You need a clover seed with nutritional qualities and needs to be flexible in food plots. When you look at the different forage types for deer clover still stands out as the favorite treat.  … Read more

Top 3 Best Pistol Night Sights in 2021

Personalizing a pistol wasn’t heard of until sights for pistols were introduced and everyone started looking for the best pistol night sight to have. Why have night sights became so popular for pistol users? The thing is most pistol users own a handgun for their protection. They bought a pistol, applied for a license and … Read more

How to Pack a Backpack for Camping

If you think you can just “stuff” a pack willy-nilly like a suitcase, you will regret it. There really are few things worse than having to unpack mid-trail and spend your valuable outdoor time fussing with gear.  Do it right before your trip and you’re going to get more enjoyment out of your camping experience. … Read more

Camping Gear List: Things to bring in 2021

camping gear and german shepherd

Making a camping gear list is an important part of planning for an enjoyable camping trip.  Think of your camping gear list is a living document. Instead of just making a list and checking it off for the upcoming trip, plan on keeping the list. When you get home and unpack, make note of the … Read more