Unlocking the Mystery: What size spotting scope for hunting?

If you’re looking to purchase a spotting scope for hunting, you may wonder what size and magnification is best.

Size is important, but there’s a delicate balance with spotting scopes. A larger objective lens, such as 95mm or 115mm, can provide a bright and clear image, but it also adds weight to your equipment. Imagine carrying a heavy 76oz angled scope all day!

On the other hand, a smaller objective lens, like a 40-50mm, reduces the overall weight and makes it easier to pack. However, remember that a smaller lens may not gather as much light, especially in low-light conditions.

what size spotting scope for hunting

Regarding magnification, the sweet spot for hunting is typically between 15-45x or 20-60x. This range offers a wide field of view at lower magnifications, allowing for swift scanning of vast landscapes. Once you spot something interesting, you can crank up the magnification for a closer look.

What size spotting scope for hunting?

So, choose a spotting scope with 20-60x magnification and a 60-80mm objective lens for a good hunting experience. Don’t risk missing your shot with a subpar scope. 20-60x80mm is the best spotting scope magnification for hunting.

What size spotting scope for deer hunting/white tail/mule deer?

For deer hunting, either whitetail deer or mule deer, a spotting scope with an objective lens of around 60-80mm and a magnification range of 15-45x or 20-60x is the ideal balance of clarity and portability. This makes it the perfect size spotting scope to use.

What size spotting scope for elk hunting?

Ready to level up your elk hunting game? A spotting scope with a magnification range of 20-60x and an objective lens size of 80-100mm is the best size spotting scope for elk hunting, delivering crystal clear images while still being portable enough for those long elk hunting treks!

Spotting Scope Size for Moose Hunting

Like deer and elk, you’ll want a spotting scope with a magnification range of 20-60x and an objective lens size of 80-100mm. 

What power spotting scope for sheep hunting?

Regarding sheep hunting, a spotting scope with a magnification range of 15-45x and an objective lens size of 60-80mm is the best option. This size offers breathtaking views while still being lightweight enough to carry on the rugged mountain trails easily.

What power spotting scope for backpack hunting?

If you’re a backpack hunter who values agility and adaptability, you’ll want a spotting scope that keeps you up. Look for one that has a magnification range of 12-40x and an objective lens size of 50-60mm, as this is the ideal size for a spotting scope in this situation.

Angled or Straight Spotting Scope for Hunting

Personally, I like angled spotting scopes. However, deciding between an angled or straight spotting scope for hunting ultimately depends on your preferences and the specific circumstances of your hunting trip.

angled spotting scope
Image source: CoastSky Adventures

If you need to look upward, such as when you’re on the ground or sharing the scope with people of different heights, an angled spotting scope is easier to use. Additionally, angled scopes can be more comfortable for extended periods of viewing. 

A straight spotting scope may be better if you need to spot targets or follow moving animals quickly. Straight scopes are also easier to aim and may be more suitable for flat or downhill terrain. 

Ultimately, deciding between angled or straight scopes depends on what works best for your hunting style and needs. It is generally best to choose an angled spotting scope.

If you need more help with spotting scopes, check out our spotting scope beginners guide and how to use a spotting scope for hunting.

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