6 Tips & Tricks to Catch More Fish in Saltwater

Relatively new to saltwater fishing or preparing for a big saltwater fishing trip with your buddies? Aside from talking to experienced fishermen and reading on some books, you’re doing the right thing by stocking up on some knowledge before you literally test the waters!  Truth is, there is really no one right way to fish, … Read more

117 Essential Survival Tips and Tricks in 2021

Survival in an emergency situation is largely based on common sense. That being said, knowing a few survival tips can be very helpful. Here are some ideas that just might save your life. Survival strategies are largely divided into four categories: food, water, fire, and shelter. I will first cover tips for acquiring food. Acquiring … Read more

What is mountain running?

I am a mountain runner and there is nothing I would be more proud to say about myself. I have become a part of this world fairly recently, but it has become one of the deepest, core parts of me as an outdoors person and a human in general. What is mountain running? Well, it … Read more

Signaling for Survival

The four pillars of survival are food, water, shelter, and fire. However, you can easily add a fifth. Signaling for rescue in a survival situation is your fastest way to safety. It may come today or it may come a month from now, but in most cases you will have an opportunity to be rescued. … Read more

10 Essential Items for Mountain Hiking

Once, while hiking through the stunning New Zealand mountains, I met a man dragging two packs – a massive 85L one on his back and another smaller 40-50L – on his chest. When I met him again later that evening in a backcountry hut, I couldn’t not ask him about his burden – “what are … Read more

How to field dress a deer

Field dressing an animal in the field means you aren’t going to process and bag up all the separate cuts of meat right there in the field. Although you certainly could completely process the deer right there in the field, it is not common practice, and not recommended. If you live and hunt in the … Read more