Top 21 Best Rated Tents in 2021

1Camping is one of the favorite past times of people around the world hence sales for the best rated tent in the market has continuously soar.

This is not surprising since everyone camp in beaches, parks, mountains and even in rivers.

If you are thinking of joining the bandwagon of campers and dreams of including the entire family, the first thing you need to do then is to purchase a tent to use.

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Top 21 Best Tents Comparison

Here are the top 21 tents that you can find in the market today.

Tents above $500

Here are some of the most popular tents that you can get for more than $500 based on different tent reviews.

Eureka Sunrise 6 – 6 Person Tent

Eureka Sunrise

One of the best rated tents and brands in the market today is Eureka and their top of the line tent so far is the Sunrise 6 – 6 Person Tent for more than a thousand dollar. Eureka Sunrise 6 – 6 Person Tent features factory sealed main fly and floor seams.

This tent can house 6 happy campers and it has four windows and a door for optimum ventilation especially during hot summer nights. The windows of this tent have storm flaps for protection in case it rains.

For added ventilation, there are two low vents added to this tent plus two roof vents that creates a halo effect to the tent. The floor of this tent is made of Polyester Oxford Bathtub where the sides are wraps and the floor has 1200mm coating to keep it waterproof and leak free.

Eureka Sunrise 6 – 6 Person Tent is easy to set up because it is free standing and the poles are shock corded. The poles are fiberglass for added stability and strength. At night, campers can put up the lantern loop in the center of the tent to provide light inside. This tent weighs 29.6 pounds hence it is only recommended if you will be camping in areas accessible to cars.


Elk Mountain Canvas Wall Tent & Angle Kit

 Elk Mountain Canvas Wall Tent

The next tent on our list is the Elk Mountain Canvas Wall Tent & Angle Kit. This tent costs less than a thousand dollars.

This tent is highly recommended for families or group of friends who are planning to do a few days of camping near the beach or in the nearby campsite that is accessible via car.

Different tent reviews have been mentioning Elk Mountain when it comes to tents and if you don’t believe them, check this Canvas Wall Tent & Angle Kit and you will find why.

Elk Mountain promises that this tent is made of the highest quality material available in making a tent. It has two layers of canvas at all points. The body of this tent is made of canvas that doesn’t shrink or rot. A complete kit of the Elk Mountain Canvas Wall Tent & Angle Kit comes with a Tent Bag, Angle Bag, and Stake Bags and Ropes.


Wenzel Grandview Tent

Wenzel Grandview Tent

The best rated tent from Wenzel their Grandview Tent with a price tag of less than a thousand grand. This tent is made of polyester and has a floor area of 110 square feet plus 40 square feet.

This tent has a ceiling height of 82 inches hence any occupant can move more freely and comfortably inside. This tent can house up to 7 people and with its size, it weighs 28 pounds. The Wenzel Grandview Tent has a single door and 5 windows around it for optimum ventilation.

This dome tent is indeed one of the roomiest tents that you can find in the market today at such very affordable price. This tent has a dimension of 82 x 144 x 82 inches and it weighs just 18 pounds.

The frame of this tent is made of fiberglass and steel combined for added durability. This tent also features a patented pentadome structure that made it very easy to set up.  With its fast feet system, pitching this tent is not a problem at all even if there are just few hands to do it.  With Wenzel Grandview Tent, you can now put up a tent for the entire family this coming 4th of July and this upcoming thanksgiving.


Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent

The last of the best rated tents that we have is the Flex-Bow Tent from Kodiak Canvas. This tent is canvas made, a 100% cotton duck canvas that offers 100% durability, water resistant and breathable. This tent can house up to 8 people.

It is spacious enough both on the ground and with its height of 6’6 feet. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent comes with two D-shaped doors for easy exit and entry and it has #10 YKK zippers for added leak free protection.

Aside from the two doors, there are four large windows with no-see-um mesh as well so you can expect it to be fully ventilated.

Aside from these opening, there are two more funnel-flow vents for a better temperature management. This best tent from Kodiak has a dimension of 11.1 x 14.2 x 50 inches and it weighs 84.65 pounds.


Tents above $300

What is the best tent that you can find for $300?

Coleman 14×8 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 14x8 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent

For the tent from Coleman under the $300 mark, the Coleman 14×8 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent is one of the best choices we have. This tent is made in the USA and is made of 150D fabric.

This is an 8-person tent and for campers who want privacy, they can have by putting up the room divider. For is size, it can fit at least 2 queen size airbeds. This tent is a 2-room tent and although it is large, it is easy to pitch and can be set-up in less 5 minutes.

To help campers with the set-up, Coleman made this tent with pre-attached poles that comes with lock to secure it.

For rain protection and interior moisture, Coleman’s Weather Tec system will surely make you feel secure when inside it. This tent has a footprint of 14 by 8 feet and the center height is 76 inches. Form Coleman also comes a year warranty for this product.


Sportz SUV Blue/Grey Tent with Screen Room

Sportz SUV Blue/Grey Tent

One of the best rated tents that you can find with a $300 budget is the Sportz SUV Blue/Grey Tent with Screen Room.

This tent is very spacious with its 10- by 10-foot floor. It can house up to 7 people and everyone can move easily and comfortably inside with its 7 feet headroom. This is one great car tent because of its sleeve design.

The sleeve of the Sportz SUV Blue/Grey Tent with Screen Room can be easily attached to any car to serve as an additional cargo space. If you will remove the sleeve attached to the vehicle, this tent can be turned into a full ground tent.

The poles of this tent are made of fiberglass and steel to ensure strength and durability. The design of this tent also allows a single camper to set it up easily. After a good night’s sleep, you can just roll and pack this tent and put it in its carrying bag that comes for free. This American made tent has a dimension of 32 x 14 x 14 inches and weighs 49 pounds.


Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent

What is the best tent that you can get from Ozark if you only have $300 to spend? That is not a problem at all because Ozark Trail’s 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent just costs less than $300.

This is one of the top tents in this price range because of its size, the performance of the tent in any given weather condition and its comfortable design. This tent can shelter up to 13 campers and can form three rooms inside the spacious tent.

This measures 16′ x 16′ and is often referred to as a cabin tent. Inside this tent can fit three queen size air beds. Despite its huge size, this tent can be pitched in as fast as 2 minutes because of its strategic design. There are 7 windows around this tent and all of these windows are closeable.

Are you planning to do some beach party with the entire family on? Bring this best rated tent from Ozark Trail and have fun until morning with the young ones fully secure and comfortable inside your tent. The three rooms can be divided into family room or rooms based on age group. This tent has a dimension of 12.5 x 14.5 x 52.5 inches and it weighs 61 pounds. Well, it is best to have this for backyard camping, park camping and beach camping.


NTK Arizona Sport Camping Tent

Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent

The next item is the NTK Arizona Sport Camping Tent. This tent is another great tent option if you are looking for a tent below the $300 mark. This tent can house up to 10 people and it can be divided into two rooms.

There are two doors on this tent and three windows to keep the interior fully ventilated. In case it pours, this tent can surely protect you all from getting wet with its rainfly that is made of 00% Polyester with waterproof polyurethane 2000mm water column.

The frame of this tent is made of 100% virgin NANO-FLEX fiber glass rods, an assurance that it is not just huge, it is also sturdy and made of solid material. For easier pitching, this tent’s glass rods or poles are pre-setup and interconnected with inner elastic.

The interior of this tent is made of breathable and Ultra-thin polyester no-see style mesh. The mesh keeps insects like mosquitoes away while at the same time it keeps the air inside. The floor on the other hand features anti-fungus seamless polyethylene components and is made of heavy duty materials. Sleeping on the bare floor means you are not just protected from crawling insects and fungus, you are also protected from water leaks in case it is raining outside. Most importantly, this tent from NTK also passed CPAI-84 flammability requirements attesting to the manufacturer’s promise of providing quality, comfortable and safe tent for everybody.


Tents below $300

For this tent reviews list, here are some of the top rated tents you can get if you have a budget of $300.

COLEMAN Hampton Camping Cabin Tent

COLEMAN Hampton 6 Person Family Camping Cabin Tent

The first item on our tent reviews for tents within the $300 range is the COLEMAN Hampton Camping Cabin Tent. One of the things that this tent can offer is a 100% guarantee that you will remain dry even if it rains hard outside your tent.

This is guaranteed by Coleman’s WeatherTecTM System, an exclusive technology that Coleman is using for their tents. With Coleman’s WeatherTecTM System, inverted seams and patented welded floors, you can now be sure that no amount of water will touch you while sleeping on this tent’s floor.

This Cabin tent can house up to six happy campers. If you will be bringing in some camping bed, this tent can fit 2 queen size beds as well on its 13×7 feet interior.

This tent has a dimension of 8.5 x 8.5 x 45 inches and it weighs 27 pounds. The COLEMAN Hampton Camping Cabin Tent is available in red and gray.


Lightspeed Outdoors Screen House

Lightspeed Outdoors Screen House

For the best rated tent from Lightspeed Outdoors, they have the Screen House for a price tag that is less than $300. This tent is made of polyester and features an easy to install and easy to take down installation settings. This tent has built-in poles and screened pop up canopy for easier set-up.

This tent also has a compression hub system allowing users to relax instantly once they get inside the tent. This has two large vented doors and this tent is highly recommended for families or groups who loves to do camping, beach camping, tailgating or just BBQ parties in the backyard.

In case you will be using it to sleep at night, the flaps that reaches the ground can help ensure that no bugs will be crawling into your skin.

Aside from being a camping tent, the Lightspeed Outdoors Screen House can be used as a beach house where you can set a picnic table and eat, away from the direct light of the sun. When not in use, you can simply put it in its carrying case and put its strap on to secure it. This tent package comes with strap, sand pockets, stakes and guylines too. Lightspeed Outdoors Screen House has a dimension of 83 x 138 x 113 inches and weighs 20 pounds. This is available in blue.


Browning Camping Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent

One of the best rated tents under the $300 mark category is the Browning Camping Tent. This tent from Browning is made of polyester materials. It has three, free standing poles that are fiberglass made and upright steels for added support.

This tent has a unique hub design, allowing easier and faster set up. For this tent, there are steel stakes added as well. This family tent room is too large, large enough that it has dividers for a two-room set-up.

There are six windows and two large doors that add up for maximum ventilation. For your things, there are mesh storage pockets all over the tent as well. This Browning Camping Tent has a floor made of 150D polyester oxford floor with 2000mm coating while the fly is made of 75D 185T polyester fly.

This fly is UV resistant and stays taut even after regular wear and tear. For this package, there is a guy rope included. The floor seams are waterproof and leak free being factory sealed.

The zippers are also safe from leak being large and durable. Since this tent has a straight wall design, there is more room for cots or camping beds in case you are bringing in one. This tent from Browning has a dimension of 87 x 180 x 87 inches and weighs 40 pounds.


Coleman Instant Cabin

Coleman Instant Cabin

What is the best tent from Coleman within the $300 budget? If you are looking for a tent and you have at least $300 to spend, get the Coleman Instant Cabin so you can bring your family with you, anytime, anywhere and regardless of the weather condition. Let nothing stop you and your family from having a good time with the Coleman Instant Cabin.

The Coleman Instant Cabin can house two queen airbeds or at least 7 to 10 happy campers. There is a divider that can be used to create rooms inside this tent in case someone wants to have some privacy. One consideration when setting up a large tent is the effort needed and the number of people needed to put it up.

With the Coleman Instant Cabin, this is not a major issue because of its pre-assembled poles for easy set-up. The rainfly of this tent is built-in and provides extra weather protection. There is also an illuminated reflectgive guy lines to keep the tent visible at night.

For your protection against the rain and fog, this tent features the patented Coleman WeatherTec(TM) system plus its welded floors and inverted seams to make sure that it remains dry and leak free all night long. This tent from Coleman has a dimension of 50.79 x 8.27 x 8.27 inches and weighs 29.59 pounds.


Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Tent

The next item for this best tent reviews list is the Eureka Copper Canyon Tent. With this tent, you can now invite five friends to stay with you at night after a long trek. This tent is a 6-pole cabin tent that offers a floor space of 10×10 feet.

The center height is 7 feet allowing campers to move around with more ease. This Eureka Copper Canyon Tent has free standing poles that are made of combined steel and fiberglass frame. It has clips, pole sleeves plus ring and pin assembly allowing easier set-up.

The D-style door is also large enough allowing easy entry and exit while the windows on each side are large enough to offer great visibility and ventilation. The roof of this tent is made of mesh hence it is not just ventilated, it also reduces condensation.

This tent from Eureka has a dimension of 11 x 11 x 29 inches and weighs 25 pounds. This is a family tent that is great for family camping and family outdoor activities like camping in the park or BBQ nights in the beach.


Tents below $200

If you have $200 to spend on a tent, here are the top rated tents that you can choose from.

Wenzel Great Basin Tent

Wenzel Great Basin Tent

For $200, the best tent from Wenzel, we have the Great Basin Tent that can house up to ten people. In terms of size and capacity, this is indeed one of the best rated tents out there. This tent features shock corded fiberglass poles that are easy to set-up and durable to use.

Once set-up, you can appreciate the ridgepole on its fly that adds security to the tent against the different harsh elements outdoor including harsh weather conditions. Since this is a large tent, anyone who wants to have privacy can do so with the use of the hanging divider to create two rooms inside.

The only downside perhaps of this large tent is that, there is just a single door so you have to go in and out one at a time. Still, the Wenzel Great Basin Tent has more to offer with its four mesh windows for ventilation across the large tent, and one window with flaps zippered.

This package also comes with stakes, gear loft, two hanging pockets and storage duffel where you can put the tent when not in use. This family tent has a dimension of 10.75 x 10.75 x 27 inches and it weighs 29 pounds. The floor area of this tent is 79 inches and it has a maximum height of 78 inches.


Alps Mountaineering Morada Tent

Alps Mountaineering Morada

Alps Mountaineering is known for providing some of the best outdoor gears in the market today. My backpack is from Alps Mountaineering and I can say that it really handle all the stress of regular backpacking. The same thing can be said with Morada Tent, one of Alps Mountaineering’s tents in the market today.

Alps Mountaineering Morada Tent has a price tag of less than $200 and this tent is made of polyester taffeta materials with polyester and nylon no-see-um. The aluminum poles of this tent are free standing pole system made of the 7000 series materials.

There is also an extra pole that can placed in the middle to keep the ceiling higher. The fly of this tent is made of UV resistant 75D 185T polyester. Because of the pole clips and its factory sealed fly and floor seams, this tent can protect you from the harshest weather condition like heavy rain.

The floor is made of 75D 185T poly taffeta with 3000mm coating. This tent has two doors for easy entry and exit and it has zippered mesh windows for optimum ventilation. The fly can be secured with its weatherproof buckles and the extra-large no.9 zipper will definitely keep it shut even if the wind and rain is hard outside. For your gears, you can place it in the two vestibules. This tent from Alps Mountaineering features mesh storage pockets, gear loft, guy ropes and its awesome and durable 7075 Aluminum Stakes.


TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

What is the best tent that you can get from Teton if you only have $200 to spare? The TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent is one tent worth buying if you have a very limited budget for a tent. This tent is available in different sizes and the price doesn’t go over $200 for any of the sizes either.

This tent is made of micro-mesh tent with built-in ventilation technology. It offers quick and easy set up as well as fast take down so even if you are alone, setting this up is a child’s play. This tent features a reinforced heat taped corners and seams plus an Oxford bathtub floor with extra high walls.

Even the mesh seams are reinforced for added durability hence you can be sure that your tent will last for years even after the usual wear and tear. For this tent package, you will get a rainfly and a footprint plus a limited lifetime warranty from Teton Sports. Are you looking for a shelter that you and your sons can use this coming 4th of July as you celebrate with friends at the park? This tent from Teton Sports can definitely offer you that shelter.


NTK Cherokee Tent

NTK Cherokee GT Camping Dome Tent

If you are planning to purchase a tent, the first thing that you should do is read some best tent reviews. Form these tent reviews, pick at least three of the tents that catches your attention then compare them.

If you have $200 for a budget, choose the best rated tent under this price and make the comparison between those tents on the same range. One of the tents that I highly recommend at this price range is the Cherokee Tent from NTK.

The NTK Cherokee Tent is a family tent that can house 8 to 10 people. It features 2 doors and room dividers to give those who want privacy the privacy they need. This tent stands 6 feet tall while the floor is 10×12 feet wide. It weighs a bit heavy though at 18.7 pounds.

Although it is large, this tent comes with a full coverage rainfly that is made of double layer 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane. This is waterproof and can stand 2500 mm water column. The rainfly is PU seam sealed and UV protected. The inner part of this tent has a large D-style door and a full size mosquito mesh for great views and ventilation. There are utility pockets around and gear lofts for users to use as well.

The frame of this tent from NTK was made using Nano-Flex technology. The extra thick white pure fiber glass poles provided by NTK were interconnected to keep the tent durable. To withstand strong wind and heavy rain, this tent comes with high performance elastic and metal parts made of double gold plated steel. For setting it up, you can simply take advantage of the pin and ring system that NTK employed for this tent.

Are you going camping with the entire family and some kids? Bring them with you and worry less about mosquitoes because the ultra-thin NO-SEE-UM polyester mesh of this tent will keep them safe from mosquitoes while keeping them ventilated. As for the floor, this tent offers anti-fungus seamless polyethylene with inner silver coated layer floors to keep you safe from crawling animals and from leaks (in case it rains). With this tent in your possession, you can now enjoy days and nights of camping with the entire family, even if you bring the kids along!


Coleman Montana Tent

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

There are a lot of great tents from Coleman but if you are looking for one of their best rated tents within the $200 range, the Montana Tent is one product worth considering.

This tent is large enough to house the entire family or up to 8 campers. This has a floor size of 16×7 feet and a center height of 74 inches. The strength of this tent is coming from its fiberglass poles that are 11mm in thickness.

This is a modified dome tent, modified to allow users to have access to electric ports plus reverse angle windows. If you have a family that loves camping in just about anywhere, this tent will surely meet your needs.

The Coleman Montana Tent has a 75-denier polyester taffeta fly while the inner part is made of 68-denier polyester mesh. The floor on the other hand is made of 1000-denier polyethylene and from Coleman, you will get a year’s warranty. In one look, this tent has a dimension of 8.5 x 8.5 x 27 inches and weighs 22.3 pounds.


Best Rated Tents below $100

What is the best tent below the $100 mark? Is there any good tent below the said price? Here are some of the tents we found so far within the said price range that you can consider.

Sundome 4 Person Tent

Sundome 4 Person Tent

Looking for the top rated tent that the market can offer can be challenging even after reading a couple of best tent reviews online. These reviews though can give you an idea such as the best brands that are often included in the list such as the Sundome 4 Person Tent. This tent is made of polyester material.

It has a tag price of less than $100 (click here for the price) and it can house up to 4 people. This tent is a dome tent and it features a center height of 59”. The poles of this tent at made of fiberglass and the floor is made of 1000D Polyethylene materials.

If you want to sleep more comfortably, you can bring a camping mattress with you or a sleeping bag. One advantage of this tent from Sundome from other brands is its electric access port allowing users to charge or use electrical appliances with ease.

This tent has a dimension of 4.09 x 9.02 x 7.01 inches. This weighs at least 10 pounds and the floor area is 63 inches. The Sundome 4 Person Tent is a part of the Sundome series from Coleman and it offers absolute protection from rain and wind at night in a well-ventilated shelter. Can you trust it when it is raining? The coated polyester fabrics on the fly and its 1000D Polyethylene floor will surely keep you dry and well even after hours of raining!


Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent

Alps Mountaineering Lynx

Alps Mountaineering is one brand that most outdoor enthusiasts and mountaineers are familiar with. This is a known brand when it comes to backpacks, outdoor gears and accessories and of course, tents.

When it comes to tent reviews, Alps Mountaineering is a brand that is hard to miss as well. For the best rated tent that Alps Mountaineering offers for a price of $100, we have the Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent. This tent is made of polyester taffeta and is a free standing tent.

It comes with two w/7000 Series poles and pole clips, making the set-up a lot easier. The tent’s fly is made of 75D 185T polyester materials that protect it from UV ray damage. Even when exposed to extreme heat and sunlight, this tent remains taut because of the materials it is made of.

The fly is also factory sealed as well as the floor for optimum protection against leaks (the fly is even weatherproof). The floor of the Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent is made of 75D 185T Poly taffeta made durable by its w/2000mm coating. To keep the rain from coming in through the zippers, Alps Mountaineering used extra-large zippers that can block the water from coming in.

This tent from Alps Mountaineering has a vestibule that allows users to put their gear in and to keep it from being picked by other or from being wet (in case it is raining).  To keep the fly in place, there is also a fly buckle attached to it. Half part of the tent is made of mesh for added ventilation and there are mesh pockets around as well. A complete kit of the Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent comes with 7075 Aluminum Stakes and Guy Ropes. This tent has a dimension of 36 x 32 x 36 inches and weighs 4.2 pounds. This is a single person tent!


Stansport  Adventure  Backpackers Dome Tent

Stansport "Adventure" Backpackers Dome Tent

The next item on our tent reviews list is the Stansport Adventure Backpackers Dome Tent for less than $50 (click here for the price). This tent has a quick and simple design with the help of a quick-clip system and ring-and-pin locks.

This is a three season tent and although it is cheap as compared to other three season tents, this Stansport tent stands neck to neck with the more expensive ones in terms of durability and performance.

This tent has a mesh roof for optimum ventilation. If you want to sleep at night with the sky as your ceiling, you can do so with the Stansport Adventure Backpackers Dome Tent.

This tent also comes with a quarter fly to protect you in case it pours. This tent has a dimension of 6 x 66 x 78 inches and it can house an adult and two kids. This is a dome type of tent with a maximum height of 43 inches. The Stansport Adventure Backpackers Dome Tent is highly recommended for backpackers, family garden camping and beach camping.


Things to consider when choosing the best tent:

Having the best rated tent that suits your needs is very important. No camper would want to be carrying a heavy tent that can house ten people when there are only two people to use it. So before making a purchase of your tent, consider these:

  • The size

How many campers would use it? Are you going camping with the entire family or the entire gang or just a selected few? Are you camping with big people or small ones?

Would be spacious enough to house everyone or it will end up claustrophobic because you are too big? Is there a place for your dog to stay and sleep in at night? The size and the design of the tent once it is up and when not in use is very important. It will determine whether the tent is suitable indeed for your needs or not.

  • The type of tent

The type of tent refers to the seasons that the tent is suited for. There are two, three and four season tents and so far, the most popular choice is the three season tent. The three season tent is good for summer, spring and fall. Most three season tents comes with air mesh windows and doors for air ventilation while keeping insects away.

Three season tents also comes with rainfly to protect it from rain and heavy winds and heavy rain fall. If you are in a place where winter is a regular season and winter camping is a regular thing to do, getting a four season tent is highly recommended.

  • Features of tent

The best rated tent to have is the one that comes with features that you need. Say you are a tall person and most of your camping buddies are tall, getting a dome shaped tent is advisable.

If you are camping with women, it is also advisable to get a high ceiling tent to allow them to stand up when changing clothes among other things that you want to do with privacy. For families though or group of friends with partners, getting a cabin style tent is advisable because it often comes with dividers and partitions, allowing partners to have privacy.

  • Additional features to consider:

You also have to check the floor, the doors and the poles of your tent before making a purchase. If you are tall, you would want a tent with spacious floor so you can stretch your legs when sleeping. As for the door, larger tents should have at least two doors and the doors should have a zipper that silently works.

There are zippers that end up snagging and breaking so be extra mindful when checking the zippers. When it comes to the poles, the poles can make the pitching harder or easier. Do you want a free standing tent or do you prefer a tents with only poles and stakes for set up? If you are the only man in the group, you might consider going for a free standing tent to make it easier on yourself.

Finally, for your last minute check, consider as well the tent material, the vestibule of your chosen tent, the interior loops or pockets if there is any, the guyout loops if there is any and the gear loft. Most of the tents I have seen so far also comes with repair kit, seam sealer, mat, utility cord and ventilation fan. Well, these can be purchased separately too as needed.


What is the best rated tent that a camper can have? I would say it is the one that fits your needs and the one that you can use for most camping occasions.

If you are a family man, having a family tent, large and easy to set up is the best tent for you. If you are single who loves going camping with random friends, spending a fortune on the best rated one-person tent is your best option.

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