What are the Best Deer Hunting Boots in 2021?

1When hunting deer, it is not just the skills and gears or weapons that you can depend on; your best deer hunting boots is also a factor to consider.

Remember that the success of your hunting spree depends on how far your feet can go and that is because of your hunting boots. If your feet are sore or uncomfortable with your shoes, chances are you will end the hunt early. How to choose the best hunting boots for deer hunting then?

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The 3 Best Deer Hunting Boots

Here are some of the best deer hunting boots that you can check in the market today.

Irish Setter Men’s 4837 Deer Hunting Boot

Irish Setter Men's 4837 Deer Tracker 10" Hunting Boot

What are the best deer hunting boots from Irish Setter? A popular brand of hunting boots among hunters, Irish Setter has every type of shoes for every type of hunter. If you are into deer hunting, the 4837 Deer Hunting Boot is definitely for you.

This hunting boot is made of textile and has synthetic sole. It features a shaft measurement of 8.5″ from arch and 1.5″ heel. The sole of this hunting boot is RPM made. It also features Ultra Dry membrane to ensure 100% waterproof performance.

The Irish Setter Men’s 4837 Deer Hunting Boot is made of abrasion-resistant Trout Brook leather for its upper. This leather was combined with StableFlex (combination of cement and welted construction) to ensure durability that lasts a lifetime.

With Irish Setter Men’s 4837 Deer Hunting Boot, you won’t have to worry about getting new hunting shoes within the next ten years! For its performance and durability, this is indeed the best deer hunting boots in the market today from this manufacturer.


LaCrosse Mossy Oak Bottomland Alpha Lite Pull on Boot

LaCrosse Mossy Oak Bottomland Alpha Lite Pull On Boot

Deer hunting is a popular game sport and if you want to be on top of this game, you will need more than a great rifle and sight, you should also have the best deer hunting boot to wear! This is what LaCrosse’ Mossy Oak Bottomland Alpha Lite Pull on Boot can offer for less than $150 (click here for the price).

This best deer hunting boots from LaCrosse is made of rubber and neoprene in great combination. They used rubber for durability and neoprene for comfort.

This deer hunting boot comes with 5 mm of insulating neoprene to keep your toes and legs warm while the contoured ankle fit design aims to keep you comfortable especially if you need to walk a distance.

This hunting boot is 100% waterproof and for added comfort, it comes with EVA foot bed that is removable. If you need to cross swamps and muds, the Alpha Lite outsole of this boots will keep your balance rock-hard with its excellent traction effect.


Rocky GameSeeker Hunting Boots

Rocky GameSeeker Hunting Boots Realtree APG

The last item for our best deer hunting boots reviews is a Rocky boots, the GameSeeker Hunting Boots! This hunting boots is one of the most affordable shoes in the market today for less than $100 (click here for the price).

This hunting boot is made of leather and features Rocky Waterproof System. It also has EVA camo wrapped midsole for optimum comfort during long walks. While staying soft inside, the outsole of this hunting boots is made of aggressive outsole.

The upper of this boot is made of high abrasion textile and it stands 8 inches high. For its price, it is surprising that Rocky was able to make this boots insulated making it one good option if you will be hunting in cold weather.


Choosing the right boot

The right hunting boot to wear depends on the season and if you are hunting deer, you should check your calendar as to when deer hunting and antler hunting is allowed. In most states, antler hunting is open from December to January while other states open it as early as November. Get a hunting boot that is comfortable during this season.

Finding the right boot fit

Most hunting boots, regardless if that is deer hunting boots or a regular hunting boot (for all seasons), are made of leather or rubber materials. This is the reason why most hunters wear thicker socks to keep their feet more comfortable. For your hunting boots, get one that is half size bigger than your regular shoes.


Getting the best deer hunting boots that can suit your needs should be done at a store. I personally prefer doing it at a local store so I can try and check the shoes personally before paying for it. The issue with local stores is that they have limited choices on display. For more options, you can always check it online but again, you cannot try it or check for damages before paying for it. Returning items online is now easy yet I find it a hassle hence I always ends up buying my hunting boots at our local store.

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