Top 3 Best Small Multi Tools in 2021

Multi tools cannot fix everything, but it is a great tool to have for all scenarios.

Having a multi tool on you at all times is very important as you do not know what kind of situation you are going to deal with, especially when you are going on an adventure or on any outdoor activities.

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Top 3 Best Small Multi Tools Comparison

Now, let us check some of the top small multi tools in the market in 2016.

Leatherman Super Tool 300 Multi-Tool

Leatherman - Super Tool

Super Tool 300 Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel with Leather Sheath- This Super Tool 300 Multitool by Leatherman is one of the best small multi tools that you can find the in the market nowadays.

For a great value, this multitool offers almost all the tools that you could ever need. It can be used for your adventures, servicers and for every lovers of gadget. It provides the toughness and usefulness that you need to engage in a full limit of missions.

Super Tool 300 Multi-Tool is endorsed by Military Times, Popular Science and the Scouting Magazine.

It incorporates several kinds of the most generally operated tools. The Super Toll 300 features Awl with thread loop, 9-inch / 22-centimeter ruler, bottle and can openers, saw, wood/metal file, 4 screwdrivers and electrical crimper.

It also includes needle nose and regular pliers, wire stripper, 3 wire cutters, 420hc sheepsfoot serrated knife and clip point knife. This multi tool is really great and its capacity is on top on handling a variety of normal uses.

Leatherman Super Tool 300 is constructed for longstanding security, comfort and compactness.

To make sure that it will give you the best comfort and control, handles are created with a rolled slope-top.

Made of a stainless steel, Super Tool 300 gives comfort so you will never get tired of using it. It is also works great when you are wearing gloves. To keep all the tools safe, Super Tool 300 has a locking system. This multi tool also comes with a leather and nylon sheath.

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Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier [22-01471]

Durable, easy to handle and trustworthy, the Suspension Multi-Plier by Gerber is designed to face works on every circumstances you can think of.

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier is built of a stainless steel. It features a smooth butterfly pattern and Gerber patented a Saf.T.Plus element locking system.

This inexpensive multitool loads 11 useful tools that will immediately attest indispensable.

Lanyard ring, awl, saw, can opener, bottle opener and scissors are the features of this mini multi tool.

It also offers large and medium flathead screwdrivers, Philips screwdriver, serrated blade, straight blade, wire cutter/stripper and needle-nose pliers.

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier is dependable and is very easy to use. It is also safe and has a user friendly construction. Further, utilization is fast and simple.

This multi tool has also a sheath which is built with nylon ballistic- material.

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SOG Specialty Knives & Tools B61N-CP PowerLock Scissor Multi-Tool

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools B61N-CP PowerLock Scissor Multi-Tool

One of the best small multi tools in the market nowadays is the SOG Specialty Knives & Tools B61N-CP PowerLock Scissor Multi-Tool. It is bundled with twenty two important gears for personal care, gripping, cutting and the unforeseen. Despite of the different tools it features, this tools is still compact and very light to carry.

Moreover, components of this multitool are smart and heavy-duty which promises easy use for years.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools B61N-CP PowerLock Scissor Multi-Tool is made of a 420 steel with an eye catching black oxide appearance.

This multitool is loaded with nylon carrying pouch, lanyard ring, 1/4-inch driver, fuse well spike and rulers.

It also comes with spring-loaded scissors, bottle opener/medium flat-head screwdriver, can opener/small flat-head screwdriver, awl and phillips screwdriver.

Not just that, SOG Multi-Tool also includes large flat-head screwdriver, three-sided file, half-serrated blade, double-toothed wood saw, crimper, hard wire cutter and pliers or gripper.

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What is the best small multi tool? 

Before you go to a market and buy your own multi tool, you may want to consider some of the factors in choosing the most reliable product. Below are the things you need to consider in buying a great small multi tool.

Price and Quality 

Always think through examining the quality of the design of the small multi tool. Of course, the best quality always come with a higher price. Depending on how you may want to use it, you may consider buying a lesser quality with lesser price.


Always choose and look for a tight assembled stainless steel multi tools that gives a reliable execution.

Functionalities or Purpose

Always make sure that you will buy a multi tool that has all the functionalities and parts that you need in whatever purpose you might think of. Find the best multi tool that gives needed functions for your interests or hobbies.

Ease of Use

Always look for a user friendly multi tools. Do not forget on trying to use all the functions of the tools.

Small multi tool reviews

Customer reviews and feedbacks are very important. For guidance and assistance in buying the best small multi tool, always check small multi tool reviews in the website.


At present, there are lots of multi tools that is being offered in the market. At first sight, lots of these tools look the same. They are far, however, from being comparable. Multi tools always hide a chains of dissimilarities that are not at all times noticeable. Aside from examining the listing of the tools and corresponding them to your requirements, always consider checking the quality if its design.

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