Top 5 Best Night Sights

1Having the best night sight is indeed a treat especially for someone like me who started practicing with iron sights. When red and green dot sights were introduced, I thought those were the best that the technology can give to help us get more accurate. I was wrong. Night vision goggles and night vision sights came after and now no one can really miss a target.

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Advantages of having a night sight

For those who are in the law enforcement job that needs to stay on their job 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere, having a glowing, night vision sight is very important. Imagine running after a criminal in the dark and still being able to point your gun and accurately hit the target! It is indeed great to shoot without accidentally hitting any innocent civilian. In addition, stalking of prey is easier at night when the prey is sleeping or resting. If I have a sight that will allow me to see them even in low light conditions, then hunting life is a lot easier.

Top 5 Best Night Sights Comparison

Here are the five top night sights that you can choose from in the market today.

Eotech EXPS3-2 Sight Reticle

Eotech EXPS3-2 Sight Reticle Pattern 65MOA Ring/(2)1MOA Dots

What is the best night sight that you can get from Eotech? The Eotech EXPS3-2 Sight Reticle is one expensive night sight and it is for several reasons. For one, this is one of the very few night sights that have 12 brightness settings. With this sight, you can also aim and shoot with both eyes open with missing.

The Eotech EXPS3-2 Sight Reticle is water resistant of up to 33 feet deep. This sight has auto shut off and on system that you can set based on your needs. Say you want it to turn off automatically after 8 hours of inactivity, just program it and it will do it for you in order to save batteries. This best night sight from Eotech features a parallax free lens with a 3.5 eye relief. This weighs 11.2 ounces only and it is fog proof and waterproof.

The Eotech EXPS3-2 Sight Reticle has a battery power that can survive 500 to 600 hours of continuous use while in level 12 of brightness settings. In total, there are 30 settings to choose from on this sight including 10 settings for night vision. This sight also has a battery indicator so you would know if it is time to charge up or just replace the battery.


Smith and Wesson Trijicon M&P Shield HD Night Sight

Smith and Wesson Trijicon M&P Shield HD Night Sight Set

One of the best night sights from Trijicon is the Smith and Wesson Trijicon M&P Shield HD Night Sight.

This night sight is available for less than $150 (click here for the price). This night sight is specifically designed for Smith & Wesson shield 40 and 9mm models. This was created for shooters who need to keep on being accurate even at night.

The Smith and Wesson Trijicon M&P Shield HD Night Sight uses Tritium-filled glass lamp that gives it its strong illumination effect when being used at night (when in low light conditions).

The said green glass lamps come with a 12 year warranty from Trijicon. The only downside of this best night sight for Smith and Wesson is that you will need a professional installer to set it up for you.


Aimpoint Micro T-2 2 MOA Sight

Aimpoint Micro T-2 2 MOA Sight with Standard Mount

What is the best night sight that you can get from Aimpoint? Aimpoint is one of the most expensive brands of sights in the market today that you might ask why it costs a lot.

For one, the Aimpoint Micro T-2 2 MOA Sight is not your ordinary sight, it is a night sight. The T-2 features a super advance optical lens that provides better light transmission. This comes with a front flip up lens cover plus a transparent rear flip up lens cover.

Aimpoint Micro T-2 2 MOA Sight also has a reinforced protection of the turrets for added durability. The good thing about this night sight is that it is compatible with multiple firearms such as rifles, carbines, shotguns, submachine guns, and handguns.

This sight weighs 105g with the mount on. The sight alone is just 84g. The optic of the T-2 is parallax free and it is a non-magnifying lens. The good thing about this sight is that it is compatible with any generation of night vision devices or NVD.

The Aimpoint Micro T-2 2 MOA Sight has four night vision settings and 8 bright light settings. There is also a setting for those who use laser protection glasses and a setting for in bright desert sunlight. The sight settings can be turned off as well. This sight comes with an Integral Picatinny-style base so it can be mounted with any type of rail. This sight is powered by a single battery that uses ACET technology, allowing it to last for 50,000 hours.

This sight also gives two MOA dot sizes and it has anodized non-reflective finish. For a price of less than thousand dollars (click here for the price), you got a sights that can be submerged up to 80 feet deep.  This product has a dimension of 2.7 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches and weighs 7.2 ounces. Although it is expensive, its features and performance makes it my top night sight so far.


Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight

Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight

What is the best night sight that you can get for less than $25? Although it sounds impossible, there is a night sight that you can get for this amount – the Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight.

This sight is a front sight only. Despite being affordable, this sight promises great performance under low light conditions. This sight comes with a 12 year usable illumination warranty to original purchaser.

The Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight uses tritium light sources to make it self-illuminating. Titanium doesn’t require any maintenance or external source to work but once incorporated on a sight like the Meprolight Glock Tru, you can expect it to work for up to 15 years.

This night sight has a dimension of 9 x 5 x 0.5 inches and weighs 1.6 ounces. If you are looking for an affordable and great night sight that you can use anytime at night or when it is dark, this night sight from Meprolight will do.


Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA LED Red Dot Sight

Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA LED Red Dot Sight

For the best night sight that you can get from Trijicon, you can have the Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA LED Red Dot Sight for a little over $600 (click here for the price).

This sight from Trijicon s available in different style such as sight with mount and sight with no mount or sight with ACOG Mount and sight with Bosses and without Bosses.

Regardless of the style though, the sight that comes with this package features a 6.5 MOA Led RMR. It means that it can adjust automatically based on the light condition around you.

The Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA LED Red Dot Sight comes with a CR2032 battery that can last up to two years. When it is not regularly used, this battery can last up to five years.

This sight is enclosed in its unique housing that is made of forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum-alloy. The shape of the housing helps protect the lens from the force of impact every time you fire your gun.

This night sight also features a true color multi-coated lens giving users the ability to see their target with less change in color. This night sight is also adjustable against windage and elevation.



What is the best night sight that you can have for your pistol or rifle? There are a lot of options when it comes to night sights and most of them cost around $70 to $300. If you are going to use a night sight for most of your hunting or shooting needs, investing in it is fine. If you are planning to get one for target shooting practices at night, getting a cheaper night sight is just practical. The main point is, if there is no real need for a night sight, don’t spend your money on it but if you will use it to get better at what you are doing, invest on it. Go ahead and find the best night sight for your money!

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