Top 5 Best Night Sights for M&P Shield

It will always be an important thing that you have a good night vision sight if you are working as a law enforcer or avid sportsman. There are times that you have to run after criminals late at night, thus making it hard for you to shoot your target.

This is the reason why searching for the best night sights for m&p shield is necessary, so you can be able to point your gun directly to your target and prevent hurting other people around.

Making use of the best night sights is not only advantageous to law enforcers but it can also be used for hunting because it makes it easier for hunters to catch their prey.

The Top 5 Best M&P Night Sights Compared

So, if you don’t have any idea about night sights for m&p shieldshere are some of the top in the market for you to choose from.

1. Eotech EXPS3-2 Sight Reticle

One night sight by Eotech is the EXPS3-2 Sight Reticle. It is considered to be one of the few night sights with 12 different brightness settings.

No wonder why this night sight can be purchased at an expensive cost. It is resistant to water up to 33 feet deep and can automatically turn off and on depending on your needs. This will allow the users to save battery and use the night sights for a long period of time. 

The EXPS3-2 Sight Reticle has a parallax free lens that is resistant to water and fog. With its battery indicator, you will have a signal for when you need to charge the battery. This is easy to install and has solid elevation and windage adjustments. 

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2. Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols

If you are searching for a night sight that you can have for under $150, then you better look no more because the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield HD Night Sight from Trijicon is a great choice for you.

This is designed for shooters who want to maintain accurate shooting even at night. With its glass lamp filled with Tritium, it is easier for users to use their rifles in low-light conditions. The glass lamp of the night sight has a 12-year warranty.

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield can guarantee durability because it is fully constructed in metal. With the space between the sights, hitting your target will be easier.

It helps you transform your shield into an efficient defense tool. The only downside of this night sight is that you will require the help of a professional to install it on your weapon. 

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3. Aimpoint Micro T-2 2 MOA Sight

If you want a great sights for your m&p shield from Aimpoint, then you have to consider purchasing the Micro T-2 2 MOA Sight.

This is not just an ordinary night sight because it has an advanced optical lens with a flip-up lens cover on front and also a rear lens cover that serves as protection against severe conditions.

This improves light transmission without using too much energy. You can use this night sight for any generation of night vision devices.  

The optic of the Micro T-2 2 MOA Sight is free from parallax. It has a total of four night vision settings and 8 for the light setting. You can turn off the sight setting that uses a single battery.

It can last up to 50,000 hours because the battery is powered by ACET technology. The sight functions even when used at a depth of 80 feet. With the features and performance of the Micro T-2 2 MOA Sight, you will no longer have to wonder why it is an expensive night sight.

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4. Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight

The Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight is another affordable night sight that can promise you excellent performance even in low light conditions.

With its tritium light sources, it can light up itself which is perfect for daytime and night time use. It doesn’t need external sources of energy and can provide light up to 15 years.

It can be installed easily so there is no need to acquire help from the professional to set it up, making it an ideal night sight for a novice.

This night sight works perfectly for all light environments. It produces the exact amount of light you need that is not distracting. 

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5. Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Sight

If you are searching for a great night sight from Trijicon, then the 3.25 MOA LED RMR Red Dot Sight is another good option. There are different styles that you can choose from, like a sight with a mount or a sight without a mount.

As like the name of the sight implies, it has a 3.25 MOA Led RMR that allows you to automatically adjust the sight depending on the light condition in your environment.

It uses a CR2032 battery that can be used for up to five years. It has its own housing that is made up of aircraft aluminum alloy. This will protect the lenses from the impact that is caused when you’re firing the rifle.

You will notice that there is no change in the color of your target because of its multi-coated lens. The 3.25 MOA Led RMR is a lightweight night sight that features an adjustable windage and elevation.

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No matter how good you are at shooting, it will surely be hard for you to hit your target in situations with low-light conditions.

If you are on duty for 24 hours, it is necessary for you to have a night sight for your m&p shields so you can see better at night.

This will make it easier for you to focus on your target and prevent hurting innocent people. Our reviews should help you determine which is the right night sight that will suit your gun. Aside from the features, you also have to check the price if you don’t want to spend much for a night sight. 

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