What is the Best Clover for Deer?

When you start doing your research on clover there are many varieties out there. Nevertheless, what is the best clover for deer? You need a clover seed with nutritional qualities and needs to be flexible in food plots. When you look at the different forage types for deer clover still stands out as the favorite treat. 

The only problem is that it is difficult to grow and if you are prepared to put in some work and effort your clover patch will keep you more than content as a hunter, farmer, or a manager. Stay a while and find out how you can grow the best clover for deer.  

Top 5 Best Deer Clover Reviewed

You can use clover seed in both dry and cool seasons to attract quail, turkey, and deer. The seed is normally not that expensive and with the right care taken into consideration, it is easy to plant and grow. Here we have some deer clover reviews to help you make the right decision when buying clover seed. 

Imperial Whitetail Clover Seed

If you need the number one food plot, we can highly recommend Imperial Whitetail Clover Seed. Genetically designed for whitetail deer and one of the best deer clovers you can buy on the market. It is high in protein that is critical for the antlers bone, muscle growth and helps them to thrive during the cold, warm, and dry climates. 

You can buy the Imperial Whitetail clover seed in packs of 4 pounds, 18 pounds, or 36 pounds. The manufacturer recommends that you select an area with medium to heavy soil that keeps moisture. They also prefer that you do a soil pH test and you can buy the test kits directly from the institute or you can buy one here!

You can add fertilizer according to the soil test as recommended for the best growth results. The best time to plant, the seed depends on the zone you are living in and can view the seasons according to the different zones available here.


  • Imperial Whitetail Clover Seeds packed with antler-building protein,
  • Helps fawns to grow as antlers have a healthier produce of milk,
  • Grows well in heat if taken care of and great for colder weather,
  • Coated with RainBond to help the seedlings survive and lasts up to 5 years, and
  • A recurrent seed

Pros: Grows well, some customers found their clover plant recurring up to 6 years if you take care of the forage plot

Cons: Complaints of weeds growing in between always make sure to treat both the soil, rid it of the weeds, and keep the plot maintained. A bit more expensive than other brands, but worthwhile.

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Ladino Clover Seed

Ladino Clover Seed is a brand that is inoculated, Nitro-coated and sold through Outsidepride. For each seed type, the Nitro-Coat Rhizobium specifically chosen and is a key to the early development of the seed. They used natural water absorbent to attract soil moisture to the clover seed.

The clover seed contains ± 34% coating. Once it grows, you have a giant white recurrent clover that grows rapidly while spreading and could reach 12 to 15-inches. It has a long-lived lifespan in the Northern U.S but has a short-lived lifespan in the Southern U.S. if you want to add more forage to your clover feed plot you can grow orchard and RYE grass with it as they go well together. 

Plant it in fall or in early spring for the best deer clover field!


  • You can buy the Ladino Clover Seed in packs of 5 LBS or 10 LBS,
  • It is a white recurrent clover and needs no inoculation,
  • For deer, it has a high nutritive value,
  • It is not drought tolerant and needs watering, and
  • The seeding rate: ½ lb – ¾ lb per one thousand square feet or 20 – 30 LBS per acre

Pros: Affordable to buy, required no inoculation, sprouts nicely, great for those who need bees around for pollination

Cons: Minor complaints that the clover stayed short but did not fill the feed plot – this could happen for different reasons from not having enough moisture to grow especially in dry areas

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Red Clover Seed By Dirty Gardener

The Red Clover Seed by Dirty Gardener is more than just a food for animals and has many other purposes as well. You can use red clover as a wild plant for your animals and used as an herbal remedy to stimulate your immune system to help prevent sickness. Even if you are growing the clover for the deer, you too can benefit from the health benefits at the same time.

The red clover seed is a recurrent plant and many people dry the red flowers for therapeutic use as it has chromium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and more. The clover seed available in one-pound bags and the typical lifespan is 3 – 5 years. They grow 2 – 3-inches tall and are rapid growing. 

You can plant them all through the year, depending on where you live from spring, summer, and in the fall. It grows well in acid soil with a pH 5.0 – 6.0 and grows boundless during frost seeding. 


  • Has a red flower with many beneficial functions,
  • The seed produces a small reddish flower and helps to loosen soil while boosting the nitrogen levels,
  • Grows well in well-drained soil, but not that great in dry conditions

Pros: Not expensive to buy, comes inoculated, grows fast, great to help the bees as well

Cons: Complaints of not growing and best to make sure to look at the soil and following the proper steps when planting

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White Dutch Clover Seed by Outsidepride

The White Dutch clover seed by Outsidepride is Nitro-coated so there is no need of inoculation. It is a recurrent seed with a white flower. In addition, you can use it for ground covering, to cover crops, for erosion control, or as a pasture mix making it one of the best clovers for deer. 

However, if you are only planning to use it as a lawn covering you can look at their Miniclover as it works better for lawn covering. They grow well during cool seasons and you can broadcast the seed into prepared soil lightly. Germination of the seed normally takes up to 14-days.

You can buy the seed in ¼ LBS, 2 LBS, 5 LBS, and 10 LBS bags. 


  • The White Dutch clover seed is a recurrent seed with a Nitro coating so no need of inoculation,
  • Can use it as a lawn alternative but deer love it,
  • Can use it for erosion control and grows well in USDA Zones 3 – 10, and
  • Has a seeding rate of ¼ lbs – ½ lbs per 1,000 square feet or eight to ten LBS per acre

Pros: Inexpensive, have an excellent germination rate, forms a lush green carpet, no need of inoculation

Cons: Some clients had disappointment as the seed did not grow – before planting make sure, the product that you receive is from Outsidepride, and not from some overseas company you do not know.

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Pennington Rackmaster Durana Clover

Pennington Rackmaster Durana Clover is one of the best clovers for deer, especially whitetail. It grows well under grazing pressure and competes quite well with weeds. It tolerates acidic soils, but you still need to keep your food plot maintained.

It is a white clover and grows a medium size leave with a density from the ground up to the leaf. It has a high stolon density and is pre-inoculated and lime coated for ease of seeding. The turkey, deer, and even rabbits love this clover. You can buy the seed in 5 LBS bags.


  • This is a white clover seed that turkey, deer, and rabbits enjoy eating,
  • Contains more than 90% stolon per square foot,
  • Works well with combination planting to attract game,
  • Available in 5 LBS pack,
  • The clover grows 12 ½ -inch height

Pros: Great feed for even goats and other animals, add a huge amount of nitrogen to the soil, take on a mossy look, affordable

Cons: Some minor complaints about the product, as the seed, does not grow and mostly grown in spring, however, no mention of how well they had taken care of the soil and watering

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Before Planting The Clover

Before planting the clover, you need to adjust the pH before planting the seed. The seedbed preparation needs thorough disking. Disking is working the upper layer of soil with things such as a shallow plow or disk harrow and the first most important step. 

If you buy a clover seed product that has no inoculation, you need to inoculate it with live bacteria to help it grow. With proper immunization, it improves the productivity of the plot and increases the forage production. The reason for doing this step is that clover is able to use the nitrogen from the air if the bacteria Rhizobium is present. If it is present, you do not need to inoculate the seed.

This is done before planting the clover seed and the inoculants must comprise of an adhesive to hold the inoculants to the seed. It is best to use a sticking agent as it betters the chance for the clover seed to withstand dry conditions. If you, however, have already had a food plot growing and plan to plant clover it requires less rigorous applications. 

Always remember to use the sticking agent sparingly and moisten the seed lightly and mix it with the inoculants until all the seeds covered. Leave the seed to dry and spread them leaving them for a few hours before planting. Make sure that the ground contains sufficient moisture when planting the clover seed. 

If not done correctly and planting the seed in a dry soil, the bacteria dies before the seed germinates, leaving you with a poor feed production. 

Buy Pre-inoculated Seed

If you do not want to go through the whole process mentioned you could buy the clover seed pre-inoculated from different online stores. These seeds have a lime coating that sticks to the clover seed. The only problem is that the bacteria may not remain alive for long periods. Sometimes buying these seeds do result in frustration. 

Always store the fresh seed in a cool place until you plant them. Always look at how long the seed has been standing on the shelf and if you do order online and receive an old batch of seed make sure to ask them for a fresh pack.

Plant the seed evenly over the food plot and after seeding cover them with lightly harrowing. You will see that the clover seeds small and best not planted too deep. Cover it ¼ -inch and not more than ½ -inch of soil. Many hunters bypass the harrowing and go straight to the Cultipack and sometimes a mistake as the soil moisture and rains important. 

Now you can sit back and watch it grow, giving the best deer clover-getting ready for hunting season.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what is the best clover for deer it is time to get out there and start preparing that plot with the best-treated soil, ridding it of all those horrible weeds and getting to work before you head out and buy your choice of clover seed. All the deer clover reviews we have here will help you to make the right choice when buying the clover seed. Always remember to look at the package expire date of the seed you receive and with some care and upkeep of the forage plot you will find different animals scrounging around for food. This is great for the farmer or the hunter as there is no need of going into the field looking for your next trophy. 

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